Forbidden Birds

Again, just messing around with ideas.


1. Chapter 1

I feel so detached. I can feel Daniel's jutting elbows as he shivers and presses into me for warmth. But I can't muster up any heat of my own. My lips feel frozen and my throat scratches "Are you okay?" I croak to him. He just nods slowly, squeezing his eyes tightly. Seeing him in this state scares me and I let out an icy tear of fear, regret and sorrow. How did I, a 16 year old, end up like this? How did I drag Daniel in this with me? ...What have I done? 


2 months and 15 days prior


"Class. Look at the screen." the teacher; I don't care to remember her name, demands. I fix my gaze onto the images that are there but not there at the same time. There are diagrams and letters and numbers and I cannot for the life of me understand. But I'll get a detention if I give this away. I've developed this habit now, of staring at various images on various screens like I understand perfectly when in fact, I hardly ever have a clue. A finger taps my shoulder. I turn around and catch Daniel grinning at me.

"Piss off." I mouth. 

"Calm your face." he whispers back "I only wanted to ask if you have a buddy for the trip."

Of course I haven't. We don't even use the buddy system anymore. But he knows all that. 

"Are you asking me out, Daniel?" 

He pulls his brow down and pouts his lips "Whatever you want, baby." he says, in a deep rumble. I look away to stop myself smirking but it's too late. The teacher has seen me.

"Is something...funny, Miss Kane?" She's come to stand in front of my desk. My smile instantly disappears and I blush a furious red as I look down.

"No, miss, not at all."

"Actually miss," I turn sharply to see Daniel talking "She was just laughing at my offer." 

"Oh." she doesn't look amused "What offer?"

"I want to take her out on a date." I choke on air and several people snigger and make suggestive sounds "At your husbands restaurant, of course. I've heard it has the best food ever."

That made her smile "Really?"

He nods solemnly "I would never lie, Miss."

Her smile widens "Well perhaps, he'll give you a discount then." She seems to finally acknowledge she's in a classroom and turns away, her stern expression making a comeback.

"What are the rest of you gawping at? Look back at the board, I don't need any of you falling behind. Again." 

I look incredulously at Daniel "How...the hell did you get away with that?"

He leans back casually in his chair "Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit."

I shake my head "Unbelievable."

And that was the start of the day.


I'd never been to a museum before. Least to say, I was burning with intrigue. The huge building towers above our class as we chatter animatedly, waiting for the teacher to get the admission. Holographic signs hover above different doors and displays and relics and I grab Daniel's hand. 

"Aren't you excited?!" I say out of teeth gritted with barely contained excitement. 

He looks down at my hand "Calm your face. It's a museum."

"Would you stop saying that?"

"What, calm your face?"


"Okay, calm your tits."

I scowl "You're disgusting."

"And handsome."

The teacher comes back to the group and orders us to start taking notes. Everyone simultaneously takes out their screens and their fingers fly over the holographic screen. Once we've taken the initial notes, everyone splits off. I drag Daniel with me around the museum, marvelling at the artefacts and relics. They seem so ancient but so intriguing, like a connection between our civilisation and the people that lived decades, centuries ago. I'm staring at a statue of an old man with a thick moustache pointing to something in the corner. This is definitely different. No-one makes statues anymore. Whenever we want to see people, a hologram appears on our screens. It all seems so much simpler but the likeness of the statue seems so real that I can't help but be fascinated as to which artistic hand built such a beauty.  

"Elise." Daniel whispers, a hand on my shoulder "Look." I turn away reluctantly to where he's looking...and stop. That's when I see it. Encased in a holographic shield, it rests. Words on paper, bound. Actual, physical words. I follow Daniel and lean in closer. The words are beautifully written in black, like paint. This hand must  have been even more artistic than the hand of the statue. There aren't just words on the solid sheets however, there are images, again drawn in hand. 

"They're beautiful." I gasp. "Can we touch them?" I reach a finger down to try, but Daniel grabs my wrist, motioning to a sign. No touching. Disappointment washes through me, I desperately want to touch it, the fact that I'm not allowed to, that something this precious cannot even be touched makes me yet more fascinated. 

"What are you thinking?" Daniel says softly. I can tell through his voice that he's just as enthralled as me.

I don't tell him. I can't, not yet. I just smile briefly at him, returning my gaze to the book. That's the day I decided. The day it all started. The day I realised I wanted to create a book of my own.

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