the adventures of durkenshnall (derk-an-snall)

a girl named durkenshnall ran away to a magical forest after she had a fight with her brother turkenshnall


1. the forest

once upon a durkenshnall, there was a girl named durkenshnall and she lived with her brother turkenshnall one day she got mad at her brother and ran away into the forest. she met a unicorn named charlie.she tried to pet charlie but he bit her so she said "ouch charlie, that really hurt!" then his wife sharleen came. then charlie said "spa spa spoon!!!" when charlie saw that durkenshnall was holding a spoon because when she ran away she knew she was going to get hungrey so she brought a spoon and cornflakes for a snack. she started eating the spoon when sharleen said "charlie are u still afraid of cornflakes?" "no stupid, im afrain of your face and...........spoons!!" a random angry bird attacks sharleen because she is a pig of course. why else would a angry bird attack sharleen?

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