When Forever Ended

❝She was my never, forever and everything in-between.❞


2. ©ⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ ⓞⓝⓔ Chasing Cars

ღ Harry's POV


I knocked on the door and peered through the open window, everything was pitch black. I shivered as a frosty breeze picked up, tugging my trench coat around me while juggling the two filled paper cups in my other hand.

“Hello?” I yelled through the darkness. Strange, she should be home by now.

I walked around to the side of the house to find the gate unlocked and as rusty as ever.

“Trust Val to keep the back-gate open,” I muttered to myself, preparing my future-lecture in my mind. I walked in side-wards pushing the gate open in the process and stepped down onto the pebbled pathway, heading towards the grassy yard.

“Valerie? Where are you?” I shouted, words echoing off the side of the house. I reached the yard after a near catastrophe of dropping the scalding hot drink on myself. Phew! I thought, adjusting the dark gray beanie on my head. I saw Valerie lying on the grass in her fluffy baby blue night gown hands behind her head, appearing to be asleep. I walked closer to realize her eyes were wide open and gazing at the stars as she wore the white ear buds, its wires travelled to the iPod in her hand. She hummed absentmindedly to the tune playing as she stared at the glittering stars. Only after I had laid myself beside her and tapped her shoulder did she turn to me.

“Harry?” she gasped in pure surprise with wide eyes. I half expected her to sit up and hug me and the other half expected that she was going to cry in happiness, but as usual, I was wrong. “W-when did you arrive?” she stutters still unable to comprehend that I was actually there in person.

“Well if you actually read my emails, you would’ve known we finished tour a few days ago,” I replied, eyebrows raised and a smirk painted on my lips. “Oh,” she responds awkwardly staring at the sky or house, everywhere but my face.

“So why exactly are you doing this?” I asked, genuinely curious to why someone would even consider to just randomly lie on their lawn on a freezing March night. “What do you mean? Oh, right, this,” she says, “erm, ya know, um, chasing cars.” I took a few seconds to realize before I burst into laughter. “You, haha, lay here, haha oh my god, haha, that’s so funny.” I managed to spit out between fits of laughter.

“Hey!” she exclaims pouting, “it’s not funny you meanie poop.” She hollered crossing her arms, sitting up and turning her back to me. “Val, sorry, but,” I managed to voice between pants before I burst into another row of fits. “Hey sorry Vallie, I’ll make it up to you.” I finally say seriously and placing the now not-so-hot chocolate paper cup on the grass before her. She gasped instantly picking up the cup and examining its contents. “Freshly brewed hot chocolate with white marshmallows, shaved chocolate and a squirt of whipped cream, just the way you like it,” I tell her with a grin knowing that the perfect hot chocolate made with exactly what she liked would obviously make her give in. She chanted words of gratitude after taking a sip of the heaven-in-a-cup. I lifted my own paper mug to my lips as the sweetness of the beverage coated my taste buds.

We finished our drinks and continued to lie admiring the magnificent full moon and gazillion stars. The edges of the sky were starting to cloud over yet it was still all the more magnificent. The stars were just sitting there and sparkling as if they were created to be admired. I was starting to get restless, shifting my eyes to the girl beside me. Her eyes shone in the moonlight, you could no longer see the blue but, instead, a cool silvery obscurity. Her hair was mussed with frost and dead leaves. She looked like an ice queen. Her lips were moving and curiosity won out as I not-so-stealthily stole an ear bud, much to her disappointment, and listened to the song only to realize it was the song of the night: Chasing Cars, and on repeat might I add.

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

And we were there. There in the song. There in the garden. there in the world. As if sitting on a cloud of air, as if we were floating and just feeling somehow that everything and forever was right then, everything in the world stopped for us, and only us. There was not a single worry or care inside us. Actually, there seemed to be nothing inside of me but love. Love for this night, for the song, for you. We were just there, together, side-by-side and imagining a world above and among the stars and clouds that now seemed to be closer than it possibly ever could.

“I just love them,” she whispered, reaching out towards the sky as if to grab a handful of shimmering stars. “How they sparkle and shine, day after day without fail.”

“They are beautiful,” I agreed, looking down back at her again.

“Just there, all the time, but when morning comes you can’t see them, but you know they’re always there.” She glanced at me for a second, meeting my stare, before averting her gaze to the above.

I didn’t answer.

Just by those little words and that small turn of the head, I felt absolutely guilty. I knew my job would take me places all over the world and for me to meet all the different people imagined, but I also knew I’d be leaving my family that had always been there for me, and my Val. I tried to reassure myself that it wouldn’t be that bad, that nothing bad could possibly happen over the duration of a tour, but at that moment I realized. I was so very selfish. Had I once thought of Valerie? The answer was no, I didn’t. I had spent so much time reassuring myself that my life was going to be fine. That I’d see Valerie again and that’s she smile her loveable smile and everything would just be good and right. I had been thinking, worrying for myself when Val was missing me, I was in her life one minute and gone the next.

I thought, all along, that I could be her starlight. I thought that even when she couldn’t see me, she would know I was there. But in reality, I wasn’t there, and she knew it. Clouds had started coming in, clouds that were beginning to cover some of the stars. It was as if I was a star and Valarie was Valarie. She couldn’t see me even if I was there, ever. Not at day, not at night, never and forever.

Silence blanketed us and I hid underneath it, not being able to form words in reply to her simple statement.

“What happens after we die?” she asks suddenly turning her body to directly face me, almost seeming as if she had forgotten the previous conversation.

“Val? Are you… You’re not gonna…”

She breathed, “Harry! How could you think that?”

“I have way too much to live for,” she continued searching for an answer through my expressions.

“You, my family, my brother, he’s getting married next week, my studies at u.n.i and the rest of the life I’m bound to live! I still need to complete my bucket list!” she rambled on.

I reached for hand and enclosed her fingers with mine, chipped nail polish and all. Her pulse was like a butterfly’s heartbeat and her fingers were as cold as her ice queen-like eyes.

“But I was wondering, is there a heaven?” she declared curiously, looking at the then cloud-covered sky, “or perhaps a world where our souls just float in the sky? Or do we become ghosts who hang around the earth watching everything happen with our ghost eyes? Is there a second life or another chance to live? Or are we simply swallowed blackness, just becoming nothing?”

To be honest I was surprised how serious and wondering she was about this.  

“I-I don’t know V.”

She sighed as if almost expecting the exact response.

“Forget it, let’s pretend I said nothing.” She states closing her eyes.

Silence took over us again. It wasn’t an awkward silence but not comfortable one either. It was just silence. Chasing Cars played softly in the background as we shut our eyes and really, tried to forget the world.

But in that moment, fate had brought the beginnings of rain. And not just rain, but a hard downfall as if the clouds that had quickly appeared throughout the night were bawling their eyes out.

“Val! What are you doing?” I yelled to her over the pounding of the sudden heavy downfall. She was still, lying on the cold grass. I had scrambled up, picking up the remnants of the drinks and hurried into the house. “You’ll catch pneumonia!” I shouted looking at her as if she were mental. But I knew she wasn’t, she was just the craziest person ever.

“Come out, it’s great!” she spluttered as the rain seeped through her dressing gown and the water flattened her dark hair against her cheeks. Valerie slowly got up, her drenched clothes weighing her down, and she spun right there, in the middle of the lawn, with her hands above her head and laughter almost louder than the pattering of rain against roof.  I sighed having experienced a scene with Val’s love for rain before. She called it liquid stars. I ended up in bed for a week with a cold but she was absolutely fine and visited me every day with chicken soup and freshly brewed hot cocoa.

I pondered over the consequences for a few moments. Ah, it ain’t gonna hurt anybody. Before I knew it I was running towards her figure. Her hands were cupped as if trying to catch star-like droplets from the world above. I chuckled and grabbed her hands taking them in my own. We spun amidst the downpour, her dressing gown flying around her like a dress fit for the ice-queen she was as I mussed her dark hair into a frizzy mess. That was what we were, a mess, but the happy kind. We were a mess, happy, free, wild, and intoxicated by the liquid stars, but a mess nonetheless. She squealed while I laughed as we danced like nothing could stop us. We were a happy, drenched, forever kind of mess.

That was what I felt when I was with her. I felt as if I were really alive. I felt as if every other day not spent with her was me not alive. With her I was the epitome of real, of alive, of me. I felt unstoppable. I felt forever.


hope you enjoyed :D

This (short) story will last for about 3-5 chapters.

Hopely you guys will hold on to this story, next chapter will be action packed i promise. This one is more like a filler. Tragedy will strike!


most of it will take place in Harry's POV, actually, i think all of it will.

Have an awesome day and i'll see you next time!


Adios :)

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