The Piano that Played by Itself

En historie jeg skrev i engelsk c:


1. The Piano that Played by Itself

I sat by the doorway at my friend Emma's house. I kept ringing at the doorbell but nobody answered. I didn't know why she didn't answer. She was probrably out shopping with her family, and her dog. It was raining, and I were standing with my umbrella over my head that was covered with the hood on my raincoat. I didn't know what to do since Emma wasn't at her house, and my parents were visiting my Grandma and Grandpa. I decided just to sit on a bench and enjoy the sounds of the rain softly hitting the asphalt. It reminded me of my fingers softly hitting the keys on my piano at home. I really enjoyed playing the piano. I felt free playing piano. I just felt I could let everything go and forget every problem in my mind. It almost felt like I didn't think at all, I just felt that my fingers played by themselves. It felt wonderful, enjoyable, fantastic, lovely, amazing, good, no I can't describe it. I just wanted to run back to my piano. I looked around me, closing my eyes while hearing Beethoven's 5th symphony inside my head. The sounds of the rain perfectly fit with the tickling sounds of a piano. I started to walk home, listening to the sound of my rubber boots hitting the hard asphalt. I plugged my headphones in and started to listen to some classical music. By the time the song was finished, I was in front of my house. I knocked on the door, by nobody answered. It was locked.

I unzipped my pocket and got my keys to the house. Before I put the keys into the keyhole, I noticed something. I heard music. Piano music. I wondered in a while about how it could be possible since there was nobody in the house, and the front door was locked. Then I realized that the song I heard on the way home was probrably just stuck in my head for alittle while. But still, even though I forgot the song pretty much I could still hear piano music. I unlocked and opened the door. I put my rubber boots on the shoe shelf and my jacket on the coathook. I just stood there, listening. I sneaked into our living room were my piano stood, but nobody was there. The light was shining bright through the window, making my navy blue t-shirt stand out much brighter than it really was. I walked a few steps closer, looking at the keys. But when I looked, I was both amazed and scared at the same time. I rubbed my eyes, since I couldn't believe my own eyes. The piano really played by itself! It was amazing. I just enjoyed the music. Dancing, playing with it. It was so funny and beautiful at the same time. It was really enjoyable.

Now I were only excited to tell my parents about the funny piano experience I just had.



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