The Chosen One

This is about a girl named Skyla Witchard. She was a normal teenage girl. Loved one direction, listened to music, wasn't popular, had only 2 friends that didnt give two shits about her. But that all changed when her ex-boyfriend left her to die in an ally way. Will she stay alive? Will she die? Find out in 'The Chosen One'


2. Chapter 2

Harry POV 

i kept staring at her body. It was perfect. She was perfect. I have a mate. I can feel the bond. It's so strong. So I just wolf whistle at her with Ed staring at her breasts....oh how I would love to kiss them! HARRY STOP YOUR SOUNDING LIKE A RAPER!! 

Skylas POV 

i saw harry looking at me in awe "harry? Your really starting to creep me out now!" I say walking towards the staircase. I walk up them and into the room I was in before "once upon a December" I sing softly un wrapping the towel making sure I locked the door. I find a shirt and some joggers. I put them on and walk out. I'm not the kind of one that is really shy about things. And I'm not that easy to embarrass. I go into the living room where everyone still was sitting "hey, are you wearing my clothes?" Harry asks. I shrug plonking onto the couch 'she is so perfect!' I hear a voice pop into my head "give me one good reason why I'm perfect" I say with my eyes closed 'because you are take a look in the mirror, beautiful curves, beautiful body, beautiful personality, perfect face everything about you is perfect Sky!' The same voice says again "harry did you just say that all?" I ask standing up opening my eyes "ugh erm yeaaaahhhh" he says "okay" I say walking to the front door "where are you going?" Harry says not in a mean way "for a run" I say casually "oh. Let me come then!" Harry says running to the door. We run into the woods and I hear so many voices 'the chosen one is here' 'she's gorgeous!' 'Change' so I take my shirt off while running not caring if Harry's watching, I take my pants off in the air and change into wolf form growling. I look at myself in a puddle. Golden hair with a  silver lining from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail 'gorgeous' harry thought "are not" I growl  'the chosen one is here' I hear a voice. A branch snapped and harry turned wolf form growling as well "we'll well well who do we have here?" Chase says coming out of his hiding spot. I growl and bark "get away from me" backing up as he nears me. I charge bit knowing what I'm doing and rip his head of with my canine teeth dropping his head on the way landing down "DICK!!" I bark. 

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