The Chosen One

This is about a girl named Skyla Witchard. She was a normal teenage girl. Loved one direction, listened to music, wasn't popular, had only 2 friends that didnt give two shits about her. But that all changed when her ex-boyfriend left her to die in an ally way. Will she stay alive? Will she die? Find out in 'The Chosen One'


1. Chapter 1

skylas POV 

"CHASE STOP!!" I screamed at my psycho ex boyfriend, Chase "HA NEVER!!" He said pushing his length into me making me bleed and scream "STOP!! IT HURTS!" I scream trying to push him off of me "NOT HAPPENING HOTTIE!!" Chase screams thrusting hard in and out making more blood come out. He takes a dark golden dager out of his trousers and stabs it into my heart as he thrusts faster "sex toy" chase whispers in my ear "n-never" I say before I start to see red drops everywhere. Chase pulls the dagger out an walks off "BYE BITCH!!" Chase says. I hear a loud thump seconds after. I look in the direction to see Chase I the floor with a pile of blood around him "hello sweetie" a kind and handsome boy says "h-hi" I say coughing blood out "this may hurt a bit" he says. I close my eyes for a split second and hear a growl. I snap them back open and see a brown wolf in front of me. I don't react because I have 3 white wolves and 289 dogs at home. The wolf bites my side and I black out. 


I wake up in a small blue room with a desk and a chair in it. I try to stand up and fall creating a loud thud. I hear footsteps and immediately become frightened. The door opens and a very charming young boy comes to my side "are you alright love?" His deep British accent booms "yes" I say getting up but failing as I fall but get held up by the man "thank you" I say as he puts me on the bed "what's your name love?" He asks "Skyla Witchard. You?" I ask "Harry styles" he says smiling "where am I?" I ask looki g around the room "in London" harry says "WHAT!??! HOW THE FUCK AM I IN LONDON!! I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA, PERTH!!" I scream "I know I know, but we had to take you away from your boyfriend and family because try we're planning on killing you! Which your boyfriend had done already!" Harry says with worried and sorrowness in His eyes "sorry Harry, wait if Chase already killed me wouldn't I be dead??" I ask curiously "well I turned you into a monster! I turned you into a wolf" he says seriousness over taking him "haha your j-joking right?" I ask in between giggles "does this answer it?" Harry asks angrily and stands up suddenly turning into a big brown wolf "oh. I'm soo sorry" I say backing away of fright. Harry comes closer and I fall off the bed. He comes around the side and backs me onto the wall. He sniffs me and backs away and shifts to human again "you smell like dogs?" Harry asks "yeah I have 3 white wolves and 289 dogs" I say like it was normal "oh" is all harry says "come. You need to meet the rest of the Pack" he says lifting me up from my arm. Being able to walk I follow him into a big living room where 7 people were "this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, Cher, Ed and Eleanor" harry says as I hide behind him as he points to each of them "HI!!" I hear a chorus of 'hi's' "hi" I mumble "okay we need to see your wolf form so we know what you look like as a wolf so we can recognize you" Cher say "okay" I say "just say hello to your chest" Louis says "ugh hi?" I say making it sound like a question 'hi' a little voice says "AHH!" I say 'girl don't worry  your wolf form. Don't freak! Anyways just think about me and ill be out. Of course your still in control' she says "alright" I mumble thinking about her voice. I close my eyes and open them after 2 minutes. It hear a lot of gasps 'what?' I asks "your the chosen one Skyla!" Harry says kneeling in front of me making him smaller then me. He stood up and was still shorter then me "wow!" I bark "okay you can shift back now!" Niall says. I do and I am fully naked. Cher covers me up and all the boys were looking at the short towel I had around my fragile body "stop staring perverts!" Eleanor says. I earn a wolf whistle from Ed and harry 'pervs' I thought "are not!" Ed says looking at my D sized breasts "PERV!!" I growl getting self-concious. 

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