Black Marias and White Witches

Black Maria is wagon for transferring witches during the medieval witch hunts.Eleanor's father is the wealthy Lord William and her mother is an accused witch. Knowing that her mother is innocent, Eleanor disguises as a young lad and joins the crew which escorts her mother to the trial in London. Along with her demented mother and other witches, she meets a mysterious boy who is strange in many ways. He told Eleanor there are two kinds of witches in the world. The black witches destroy love and lives, and the white witches heal and create love and lives. However, mankind cannot tell them apart and burn the white witches too. If Eleanor can only save one prisoner from being executed, who will she choose? The woman who gave her a heartbeat or the boy who makes her heart beat...


2. Mother?

  "Allow me to show you where the damned souls are kept. Never ever underestimate them!" Wagner warned as they walked towards the two wagons, or Black Marias, as they like to call it. Albert said it's a sarcasm and insult for the witches. Ave Maria is the symbol of good and faithful women but those witches are covered with blood and sins. Albert loves to talk about the religion. Eleanor was expecting Wagner to be worse than Patrick, but he turned out to be almost nice, for a witch hunter.
  Inside the first small rusted wagon, there were seven dirty women squeezing together. They all had scars or bloodstain on their clothes and they looked very sick and hungry. Her mother was not in there unfortunately, or fortunately...
  "Aren't there supposed to be eight witches?"
  "A witch who lost her mind was put to the other Black Maria, the one I escorted from Wales, it's also the more dangerous one..."
  When they arrived the second Black Maria, the first thing that caught Eleanor's eyes was a crazy woman dancing and humming a familiar tune. It was the lullaby that her mother used to sing to her when she tugs her to bed!

  Eleanor's heart stopped when she realized this crazy woman was mother! Her mother's neat and noble hair is now filthy with fleas. Her loving and beautiful eyes now looked demented and lost. Eleanor wonder if her mother still remembers her. Will she go with her if there was a chance to escape? Like if there ever was a chance to escape at all... The other witch hunters, the keys, the timing, the other prisoners in the wagon, everything stands in the way of her naive plan.
  Eleanor was too upset to notice that she someone was watching her.

  When she got on the horse, Eleanor looked at the Black Maria that holds at mother and signed.
  The wagon seemes quite magnificent actually. Unlike the other wagon, it's very grand and new and strong, with an iron roof on top which made the inside of the Black Maria very dark. Eleanor wonder what's it like to be crouching or squatting in there.
  Eleanor scanned through the other prisoners and she suddenly found someone staring at her. It looked away swiftly the moment their eyes met, leaving her an obscure impression of a pair of grey eyes and a figure in the shadow of the Black Maria.

  "Who's that?" Eleanor asked Albert who rode next her.
  "A condemned body with a devil living inside." Albert didn't care to know who she was asking about. "The body must be burned to ashes so that the evil spirit cannot come back. Foolish people used to hang or have the witches beheaded, but the evil spirits did come back. It has been accounted more than once..."
  Albert didn't stop talking but Eleanor stopped listening a long time ago...




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