Black Marias and White Witches

Black Maria is wagon for transferring witches during the medieval witch hunts.Eleanor's father is the wealthy Lord William and her mother is an accused witch. Knowing that her mother is innocent, Eleanor disguises as a young lad and joins the crew which escorts her mother to the trial in London. Along with her demented mother and other witches, she meets a mysterious boy who is strange in many ways. He told Eleanor there are two kinds of witches in the world. The black witches destroy love and lives, and the white witches heal and create love and lives. However, mankind cannot tell them apart and burn the white witches too. If Eleanor can only save one prisoner from being executed, who will she choose? The woman who gave her a heartbeat or the boy who makes her heart beat...


1. Eleanor as Ethan


  "You're Ethan Smith?" A thin soldier frowned at this boy in front of him.

  "Yes sir." Eleanor deepened her voice.
  "How old are you?"
  "Eighteen, sir." Eleanor secretly crossed her fingers because she had just turned sixteen.
  "We shall be needing strong fighters, not unexperienced boys. This is a holly mission that we are performing." That man said contemptuously.
  "I can fight sir. Small ones move quicker." Short Eleanor had always been a tomboy. Instead of learning how to dance waltz, Eleanor would rather learn how to fight from her father's knights and soldiers. Her father didn't care, he didn't care about Eleanor at all, probably because she's a girl. After Eleanor was born, her mother had lost the ability to give birth to another child. Eleanor could feel the coldness of her father towards them grow stronger and stronger everyday. Four years ago, he sent the them away to countryside and separate them. And when she got back from boarding school, her mother was taken away by the witch hunters.

  "Catch!" From nowhere appeared a sword that was flying towards her forehead, but she managed to catch it.
  "Not bad. Show me what you've got other than catching swords."
  Eleanor tried him a few times and found out his weakness. She attempted to stab his legs when he swung the sword down to defend himself. And that next thing that he saw is a sword pointing at his throat.
  "You can at least beat Albert." He panted and rolled his eyes to a fat solider reading beside him who didn't notice what was going.
  "If that means a yes," Eleanor was so excited that her voice sounded almost girly. "Ahem. It would be an honor to be a part of your crew sir."
  "Our journey starts tomorrow. And our mission is to escort those damned witches to London, where the head of the Protestant church will judge them upon what harm they have done. Our crew has four people, now that you've joined us, but soon we'll meet with another bigger crew on our journey. My name is Patrick Bannerman. There's Albert, and also our new leader Wagner Stone.You'll meet him tomorrow."

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