Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


2. What if

9th grade is ending and summer camp is beginning but today is the day I get my braces off!!  Yeah! I got contacts yesterday and I had a lot of compliments today, and it will get better because no one can tease me about anything anymore! Or what if they still do? Or what if they tease my more? "Are you ready to get your braces off?" Lou asks when I walk into the house "oh my gosh YES!" I say and run to mum "mum can I get my braces off! Lets go to the dentist" I whine "you need to wait another hour for your apt." She says "soo loonng!" I whine more "or maybe we shouldn't take them off because you're whining to much" she says "sorry mum" I say and walk up stairs as I hear Lou laugh a little "shut up" I say and go into my room and just sit there, waiting nothing to do... I grabbed out my water colored art pad and started drawing things "Rozelle it's time to go" mum yells from Dian stairs "YES!" I yell while running down, out the door into the car "woah, your really want to get them off  huh" lou says while getting into the car "Louis you can't come, you need to watch the girls till we come home" mum says "aww" Lou pouts "haha" I tease him  


hours past and they just finished taking my braces off, it feels weird because there's nothing on my teeth anymore, yes! I get to eat as much as popcorn I want now. "How was it?" Mum asks "it didn't really hurt" I say "try smile" she says and I smile wide "wow, your teeth are strait now" mum says and we get into the car, while mum was driving I was looking at my teeth in the mirror       When we got home, I went into the house and Louis was trying to make eggs for the little ones "how's the dentist?, I wanna see your teeth" lou says and I smile "cool, you look different now" he says "becareful with the eggs, you know what happend last time" I say and lou nodds, because last time lou was talking to his friend and caught the stove on fire because he totally forgot about the eggs, he got serious lickens after that. 

I went upstairs and looked at myself in the mirror smiling "what if they tease me more? Or what if harry isn't there anymore? Hmm I doubt it" I say to myself


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