Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


10. weeks/ months/ years.. staying for a month

weeks had past and school is about to start in 5 days, I was just sitting on the couch watching telly,at home

"so, he just started to bully you again?" lou asks "yup"i say and he sits right next to me "daisy give it back!!!!" I hear phoebe yell and I see daisy running away with phoebes favorite toy, phoebe tailing behind her, "shush!" im trying to talk here!!" lottie says with a phone in her hand, me and lou looked at eachother and walked to the back yard sitting on the grass "oh guess what!" lou yells and shows me a flyer that the xFactor is having aditions "oh my gosh, you should sign up! lou you have a great voice" I say "that's why we are driving all the way there tomorrow" he say and I squeal "oh my gosh!!" and he laughs "you know, ive always wondered why you look different from your sisters, besides me" I say and lou tilts his head "you really don't know?" "no" I say "well, my dad divorced mum when I was young then re-married to our dad now" he says "but shouldn't you have a different last name?" I ask "I decided to use Tomlinson then Austin for my last name, because I hate my real dad... but doesn't Tomlinson fit me better?" he asks "hmm, Louis Tomlinson or Louis Austin...your right Tomlinson sounds better" I say and we start to laugh, "ahh!" I hear  daisy and phoebe yell running out of the house "next time, be quiet when im on the phone or else" lottie says from the back yard door "Louis, can we play castle again?" daisy asks "sure" he says and goes back In with them I go up stairs and sit on my top bunk while lottie has the bottom, daisy and phoebe have to share a room too, while Louis got his own, mum said that when Louis is gone, I get to have his room, but Louis failed his last year of school, so I would have to wait a little longer "no way... of couse...yes!!" lottie says loudly talking on her phone

months passing by***

yes! mum and dad said I could have Louis room since Louis got in a band and was making and album, I went into the room and looked at the photos he had on his shelf, it was mostly him and his friends, I noticed that 2 frames were missing, maybe he took it with him, I miss him, now im the one who has to play castle with the twins and it is not fun having pillows thrown on your face. I put his stuff in the box and replaced it with my things, more space for me, Louis roo- I mean my room is bigger than anyone elses, now lottie can bring her friends over for a sleep over, she was afraid to show her friends that she is sharing a room with me, I don't know why,

Louis pov

I took two frames with me, the one with every one at my 18th birth day and one with me and rozelle, I knew that I would miss her, we were so close to each other "whos that" harry says pointing to rozelle "my sister " I say "she looks familiar, is her name Jessica?"he says sitting on my pillow "no! now get off of my pillow" I say "were doing a video diary today, then do a twit cam" harry says "I thought we were going to the gym?" I ask "yeah, were doing it at the gym" harry say ... well this will be interesting

2 years passing by***

 I finally get to go home! the management said that since my hometown was closer to us, we have to stay on break at my place for a month or so, im excited, I want to make harry and rozelle fall in love, because I think they are perfect together,

** rozelles pov

I just graduated and I am having a graduation and 18th birth day party today, mum said that she is going somewhere to pick up my surprise that she has for me, she said that there was five of them.. I wonder what it is. lottie was doing my make up while daisy and phoebe are picking out my clothes and dad was setting every thing up "you need to look perfect for them" lottie says putting red lipstick on me, "who?" I ask "uh, your audience, yeah that's it, you need to look good for your your audience" lottie says and daisy and phoebe takes out a floural dress and nude wedges, "cant I just wear jeans and a nice shirt?" I ask "no, itssummer, so you need to wear something that would match it, jeans are for winter" she says "not" I say and she puts a little blush on me and turns me around facing the big mirror she has in her room, pretty good I stand up and change into my dress and heels,

 it was already 7pm and I went down stairs, the livingroom Is where the after party is and out side is where every one I eating and where you slow dance and stuff, I walk out side and everyone cheers and throws confetti and blows bubbles at me, and I smile there was a stage with 5 mics on It and of course speakers, why 5 mics how about just one? mum and dad were doing a toast for me and everyone started to eat.

every thing went went well and now it is the time to have a slow dance, every one was with there mate and started to dance with then while im just sitting down looking at then smile at eachother, if only i had a soul mate, i heard girls scream and thought it was just phoebe but it was pretty loud. "can i have this dance?" a familiar voice said and i turn around and see Louis "oh my gosh Louis" i yell and literally jump on him hugging. "ah, happy birth day rozelle and concrats" he say and takes me to the floor and started to dance with me, "i missed you so much" i say "me too, i thought i would never see you" he says "it sucks to play castle, they are so aggressive" i say ad louis laughs "i know, but for me, i find it fun" he says and brings me to his band mates "this is niall, liam, zany, and harry" he says and i wave at them as they gave me smiles i never really looked at them that much but i realized that Louis said harry, that name. i hate it! he made my child hood a living hell, i looked at him and... it was harry, he didn't really seem to notice me, he caught me staring at him and have a cheeky smile "they will be staying with us for a month or so" lou says "a month?!" i scream and i see old people giving me weird stares "why? whats wrong?" Louis asks "oh, im just surprised" i say and they all smile "come with me" lou says and pulls me to a chair facing the stage. then a familiar tune came on,

dum, da,dum, da, dum, dum, dum... the one with plaid strted to siang "your insecure..." wow



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