Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


4. Talking alone


Days already passed and harry is till thinking that I'm this Jessica girl, all classes were closed because its pouring and there is lightning, dani had to go back to her hometown for a while because she said something about her dad but, I'm not sure, it's pretty scary because I'm alone. Trees were falling down and it was pouring with lightning... Yeah, I'm sure it's pretty scary. 

I say on my bed looking at my pictures I took on my phone from Home, I heard a little knock from my door "Jessica! Open up" of course, harry had to come when I'm alone. I opened my door and he was soaked and his hand was bleeding "oh my gosh! Harry why would you go out and hurt yourself" I say pulling him in and closing the door behind me "I wanted to come here and a tree fell and scratched me" he says holding up his hand I grabbed my luggage and took my first aid kit out "your lucky I brought this" I say opening it "who brings first aid kits to summer camps?" Harry laughs "I do" I say and wrap cloth around his cut "why?" He asks "uhm.... Because I get hurt" I say  "by what? There really nothing to get hurt from unless your in sports" he says "I get hurt by people" I say and give him a towel to wipe himself because he was soaked "by who?! If they touch you again I willl kill them" he says "so you would kill yourself" I say "what?" He asks "don't hide it harry, your a bully" I say "how do you know?!" He asks "because  I know the person you bully very well" I say "you know Rozelle?" He asks "yeah, we're close" I say "so you know how she feels like when I bully her" he says "yeah" I say "if you were here, then why didn't you stop me"harry asks "she knows you can act better then that when you hurt her, sure she hate it when you do that but she kinda likes you for some reason, but i don't know why, she won't tell me"I say "how do you know" he asks "because I am Rozelle" I say and "so all this time, you were Rozelle" he says "yup" I say "how do you look different? Your style, did you do surgery?" He asks "no, my glasses and braces are gone" I say "ohh, I didn't really notice your braces or glasses" he says "really? Then why did you bully me?" I ask "because I promised mica to bully you, for some reason, I'm sorry" he says "it's ok"I say "I'm just jealous because your diferent from other girls your not too Girly, or too boyish I kinda like it" he smirks 

The space in between us got smaller and smaller and next thing you know, we kissed

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