Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


3. Summer camp


I woke up from my alarm and got up.  I went to my suitcase and checked if I got everything


✔First aid kit (when I get beaten up again)

✔Toothbrush/ tooth paste



ive got everything, I went to the bathroom and washed my face and tied my hair into a bun "tell me when your ready so I can drop you off" Lou says and I nod and go down stairs 3:30 am "it's so early" I whine "don't you get used to it? We've done this every year. It's starts at 7 and I takes us 4hours to get there so you will be able to get there on time"Lou says and mum comes down "you ready?" She asks and I nod grabbing my things as Louis grabs them and puts them in the car "your father will take care of the kids, c'mon" mum says and I walk out "bye house" I say as we drive off



"bye mom, bye Louis" I say and get out of the car "we love you, bye"mum says and kisses me on the cheek "bye Rozelle, have fun!" Lou says and I smile. I take my things and they drive off "hello, you must be new" coach Auso says smiling, "oh no it's actually me, Rozelle " I say smiling "oh my gosh! I didn't notice you, you look different with out braces and glasses!" She says smiling "thanks" I say "oh and here's your key to cabin number 36" she says handing my key as I grabbed my things and walked to my cabin


harrys POV

i waited for Rozelle so I can get ready to ruin her outfit today by pushing her into the mud. I sat in my cabin number 35 with a geek. I the gorgeous most familiar girl I've ever seen walk past me and I tap on her shoulder as she turn around and looked at me frightened "haha sorry, you must be new here, I'm harry"I smirk holding my hand up to shake hers "what are you talking about?

I'm not new here"she says "really? I haven't seen you before, but you do look familiar... You have to be new here" I say "yeah, like 8 years ago" she says what? She has to be new,  she walks away and I run up to her "wait! What's your name?" I ask "guess" she says and goes into her cabin and shuts the door on me.


Rozelles POV

i can't believe harry didn't notice me!!  Yes!  I saw my friend, dani, she has always been on my side protecting "oh my gosh! We're sharing cabins!" I yell in excitement "um.. Do I know you" she asks "it's me, Rozelle" I smile "noo! I can't believe it's you!" She says and huggs me  "yeah, I got my braces off and got contacts" I say "I didn't notice you" she says "I get that a lot" I say and we laugh.

I start un packing and we go outside "ok every one, gather up" coach auso says its funny cause auso in Filipino is dog but shes a nice coach, her and dani are the only ones close to me. we gathered up and all the boys were staring at me for some reason "okay, those of you are doing sports, go to the field, those who are doing technology, go to the computer lab, for science, to the laboratory, for art/music/ acting go to the cafeteria."that's me"i say and go to the cafeteria "I remember you now! you were in my kindergarten class, your name is Jessica, right?" he asks "sure" I say "yes!" he says and holds my hand and I let go "don't touch me!" I yell "but I want you to be mine" he says and pushes me to the wall and kisses me but he was too strong "let go of her" dani says and pushes him off "Jessica" harry says "Jessica?" dani whispers "ill tell you later" I say and run away

I get to the cafeteria and the art teacher smiles "hello please take a seat anywhere" she says and I smile and sit on a seat that had a canvas and paint on the side, we were facing the stage and harry came in and started looking for me, I ducked down and hid behind the canvas "ok today we will be painting the people on stage, who ever you think has the best voice, paint them!" the teacher says and we looked at all the people and harry came up, woah! he has the best voice ever all the girls started talking and painting him, nahh. I wont paint him because everyone is already falling for him, the next persons name was niall, and he had a pretty good voice, ill paint him.


the activitie was over and our teacher wanted us to give our paintings to the person we painted, and of course harry got most of them I gave mine to niall and he thanked me "your welcome, you have a really good voice" I say "thanks" he smiles, hes irish! I know who loves irish people, dani! "hey niall, are you single?" I ask "uhm... yeah, why?" he asks "because I know someone that will like you" I say and he blushes and I see dani "hi" I say "hey, who were you talking to?" dani asks "why?' I smile nudging her "because he looks cute" she says "haha I know you will love him, hes irish, has a great voice and single" I say "oooh" she says and harry comes up to me "see you later 'jessica' Im going to talk to him" she says and walks away "hi jess" he says while I walk towards my cabin "don't call me that" I say and he grabs my waist and starts to sing to me "stop!" I yell and walk away "wait up, don't you like me singing a special song for you?" he says "no,its not 'special' you sing it to every girl at this camp so they can fall for you, but too bad its not working on me" I say "please just give me a couple of days" he begs "for what?" I ask "so I can show you hat I don't flirt with a lot of girls at this camp"he says and I go into my cabin "no thank you, go find a new girl to be with, and stop bothering me!" I yell and shut the door on him.


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