Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


7. sharing

Harry's POV I still liked rozelle, but mica threatened me to break up with her and be mean to her, i dont even know why mica is doing this to Rozelle, I walked through the hallways to get to my next class but then I suddenly bumped into someone, and it was rozelle all her books fell and I was going g to help pick it up for her but mice sent me a death glare. I really wanted to help her but I just walked away to be mean to her for mica, "mica I don't want to do this anymore" I whisper to her, she was looking at someone behind me, I turned around and saw Rozelle walking towards us, mica quickly pulled me down to her height and smash our lips together, it hurt, her lips were sharp and no excitment to it, rozelles lips were soft and I feel sparks fly every where in my body every time I kiss her. Mica slaps me out of my thoughts "what are you are you taking about? I need to or I will send a gang to beat you up" she says and I sigh walking away to music class, she is so irritating! She can't tell me what ever she wants me to do! I walked into the music class and saw Rozelle, she was talking to the teacher "OK class this is Rozelle and she will be monitoring our class today, and going to observe things for a tuition scholarship"the tea her says, wow I didn't k is you can get scholarships for monitoring classes "harry, its your turn to pick a song to sing in class while the rest of you guys use the instruments" he says and I get up on the stage and grab the microphone, Im going to sing a song that me and niall were assigned to write a week ago" I say in the microphone "okay, so what is it called?" Mr asks "irresistible" I say and I starts singing "don't try to make me stay, Or ask if I'm okay, I don't have the answer..." Rozelles POV The song touched my heart, it felt like he was singing it to me, but I doubt it, its probably for mica. I started to write about what they did in class and how it was like being in this class, "Okay class, now pick an instrument were going g to have a little play around time to make your own tunes! Even Rozelle can pick one" Mr says and I went to the instruments, every one took the piano and other cool instruments that I'm really good at, there was between the flute or the trumpet, the flute looks pretty easy, I grabbed it but someone else grabbed it the same time as me, I looked up to see the curly headed boy that I always seem to bump into, harry styles, "its mine, I grabbed it first" I say "no its mine, everyone saw that it was me who grabbed it dirst " he say tugging on it I started tugging on it too and we started pushing each other smashing into the other instruments and breaking them, harry fell on the drum set and I fell on the piano causing it to make a loud noise, the flute was between us and we both crawled to get it but a person stood in front of me and another in front of harry, it was the principle and coach auso "office, NOW!"coach says and we stand up and follow them to their office "this is the third time, we are going to call your parents, kick you out, make you guys pay foe the cost of food, paint , and instruments you guys wasted" the principle says "no!" I say and harry just sits down looking at the ground, coach started to whisper to the principle and he started to of while looking at us "okay, change of plans you guys have to pack your bags, and come back right when your done" he says and we nod walking out of the office ** We went to the office with our luggage and coach handed us a key "you guys are going to share a room, we are too fed up with you guys fighting too much" coach says and we look at eachother... Yuck!! "Don't worry, if you guys share a room, then every thing will be the same, OK?" Coach days and we nod "now get to your new room" she says and we head out walking awkwardly together, the key said D567 wow, the fifth floor. We get in and it was the same like the other rooms, but there's one I hated to most, there is only ones bed.
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