Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


13. Party pt. 2

I Fixed my self up and went down stairs its so packed! I shoved through people then I felt some one pull me towards them, Dani "where have you been?!" She yells through the music "in my room Why?" I ask "I was looking for you" she says and niall comes next to her drinking a bottle of alcohol "what number is that?" I ask him "7th" he said "oh my gosh and your not even drunk" I laugh and he smiles, "you get used to drinking" he says and I nod, I look around and I see liam dancing with a girl, "isn't liam with Danielle?" I ask still looking at him "they broke up, because they didn't have time for each other anymore" she says "where's louis, I need to apologize for yelling at him" I say and niall points behind me, Louis was smiling at Eleanor while talking to her, they are such a cute couple I walk towards him and Eleanor looks at me then talks to Louis then walks away, Louis looked at me and turned away... He is probably mad right now. I walk up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, he turned his head away from me "Louis I'm sorry for yelling at you" I say, but he didn't seem to buy it, he hates it when I yell at him. He gets all grumpy after "you don't deserve to talk to Louis Tomlinson from what you had done to him earlier" he says.. Why is he talking for himself in a third person? "Lou I'm sorr-" he cuts me off "security!" He yells and Paul holds my hand behind her back "now you know how it feels to get cut off!! Paul, kick her out of my house!!" Louis says "what?! I live here!! Louis I let you have this party!!" I yell "out" Louis says he has got to be kidding me! He is so sassy, "sorry, Its my job to protect them" Paul says "I'm his sister" I say and he laughs "I know, Louis can get really bossy some times, but you know what I'm just going to let you in" he says and let's me go "thanks" I say and he bids and goes back into the corner. I think I need to drink a bit, I grabbed a bottle "its about time" harry says and I smile "I know" I say and open it, I took a sip and I just sat down by people who were making out, Yuck! I just sat drinking, until it just hit me. I stood up and started to dance a bit. Harry came up to me and gave me another drink, we started to dance together then I stopped because I noticed that my bottle was empty, I went over to the kitchen to grab on in the fridge than everything turned black Louis POV I went to get another drink and noticed that there were girls talking I stopped by the door and listened "help me take her body away!!" A girl said "but Mica, your the one that hit her head with the bat" the other girl said "well that's what she gets for taking my harry away from me!!" The mica girl says... Mica, sounds familiar... Mica, mica, mica... Oh my gosh I know!! Its that girl Rozelle was talking about! This makes a lot of sense the two girls walks out "hello girls" I say "OH EM GEE!! IYS LOUIS TOMLINSON" they fan girl and I roll my eyes "Paul!" I say and he comes in seconds "I know what you did to my sister" I say and they stand there in shock "Rozelle i-is y-you-r si-sister?!" Mica asks and I nod "yeah, now I'm calling the police" I say and look at Paul as he nods and holds the girls while I call the cops "Lou, why are the cops here?" Eleanor asks and I look out side "dang.. That was fast" I say a lot of teens that weren't supposed to drink yet ran out side which was 2/3 of them. So basicly the whole party was over and other people started to leave "aww. Party's " harry says "these two girls" paul says and started to talk to the police about it "guys clean up while they take the two girls away and Rozelle to the hospital" Paul says and we nod "so what happened to Rozelle?" They all ask "these two girls hit her with a bat because one of them named mica was jealous that Rozelle was with harry" I say "wait.. You know one of them, why are they jealous? Its not like they are together or something" they all ask except harry "mica? The one-""yeah, that mica" I say cutting him off and he looks at the ground. They all gave us confused looks "long story" I say "well I think we got time, since we will be cleaning these up till morning" liam said and I nod and start telling them about Rozelle's life
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