Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


12. party pt. 1

"What?!" Louis says "well, he is" I say crossing my arms "I'm so sorry Rozelle, I didn't know, I'll try to keep him away from you" Louis says and I hug him "thanks" I say and lou smiles "since I just found out that dad and mum went on a trip to Hawaii, were throwing a party tonight" he smirks "Louis no, you know how I am when I'm at a party! Besides your parties are like clubs, Lottie, phoebe, and daisy cant stay" I say "well they I can just let perrie watch them" Lou says "as in... Perrie from little mix?!" I ask and Lou nods "yeah, I already asked them so, they will be here in 5 mins to pick them up" Lou says and I scream "oh em gee!!" "oww! you scream louder than phoebe" Louis says and I laugh 'knock knock' "ill get it!!" zayn says and opens the door to perrie "hey babe" zayn says and kisses her "phoebe, lottie, and daisy!!" lou yells and they come down stairs "what do you want?" lottie says and phoebe screams "oww, never mind, phoebe screams louder" lou laughs and daisy screams a couple seconds after "shush!" lottie says "hey girls, I will be baby sitting you for the night with my band mates" perrie says and lottie turns around  "oh my gosh, hi perrie" lottie says and hugs her and we all gave a puzzled look on our faces "what? I went to her concert the other day with my friends and hung out with her back stage" lottie says "yeah, because you are known as Louis sister from one direction" I roll my eyes  "because of Louis, im popular" she laughs and hug Louis "aww, now go, we need to get ready to set the-" lou gets cut off "party, right? you always make parties when mum and dad aren't home" lottie says and we laugh "haha yeah, we actually need to get going, our limo Is waiting out side" perrie laughs and we say good bye to them, and start to set up the party


"im guessing it is going to be packed in here, you guys are one direction, famous boy band all over the world" I say and niall laughs "that's why paul is going to be here to watch us" he says and I nod "lets get this party started!" zany says by the dj stuff... haha that's why they call him DJ MALIK, this is awesome, I went upstairs and changed into jeans and a regular shirt and went back down stairs, a lot of people arrived already and the music was pretty good. I passed through the people and felt a hand grab me, harry gave me a bottle of beer "care for a sip?" he asks and I back away "no thank you" I say "c'mon, just one sip" he says "a sip can change me in seconds, so...  NO" I say and harry pulls me closer to him, I looked into those eyes again making me crush on him, I let go and tried to walk away but harry was too strong "let me go" I say "not unless you take a sip" he says "no. let me go" I say "harry, I want you to meet Dani, nialls  girl friend" Louis says and he walks away. thank you i  said using lips as lou nods. wait didn't lou say dani was here. oh my gosh i haven't seen her i a while "dani!" i yell and hug her ans she hugs back "rozelle!" she says back "i haven't seen you in forever!" i say and she laughs "yeah its because you never told me that you were leaving early, plus im sorry about what happened in the game roo-" i cut her off "you don't need to be, that was so 2 years ago" i laugh and she comes in "nice party" she yells through the music "oh and i would want you to meet Eleanor, Louis girl friend and my best friend" she says and i nod "i know, lou talks about her all the time" i say and she laughs "hello" she says and i hug her "nice to meet you, louis is excited that you came by the looks of his face" i say and look at him, he was smiling more than when he got tickets to see the fray, harry came by me and put his arm around me " hey harry, are you guys together" Eleanor asks and i no while harry says yes at the same time "we are not together" i say after and dani looked confused "but he said yes" she says "he doesn't know what he is talking about" i say and they nod


me dani and Eleanor were dancing, but lou and niall took them away so i was alone i felt 2 hands tun me around and of course, it was harry he kissed me for a very long time but what made me surprised  that i kissed back, his lips tasted like beer, he is drunk. "harry no!" lou says and takes me with him "why did you kiss him back?! i though-" i cut him off "i know! i do hate him, but i cant control my self when he kisses me!" i yell and go upstairs i go in my bed room and lock my door and just laid on my bed crying. why? i have no idea "kissed harry back again and i cant stop looking into those green eyes... what does this mean?!" i whisper to my self and sat on my bed.... he is just irrisistable. i cant stop from doing any thing with him

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