Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


15. never

A/n I am very sorry that I haven't updated in what, almost 2 months? Thanks for waiting and hope you enjoy this chapter ------------------------------ Rozelles POV We all went out for dinner since me and felicite came back home and we are talking about... Spoons,no.. cats? Spoons to cats wow "I actually miss dusty" Harry's says "my cousin in Hawaii had a cat that looks like dusty" Dani says "guys, have you noticed that 5 minuets ago we were talking about spoons" I say "I don't like them! There evil" liam says and I laugh "so.. felicetie, how was your traveling class?" Eleanor asks "over cool, I got really cute out fits and a lot of accessories that bought for you, Dani and Rozelle" felicite says and Lottie stands up "what about me?" She "ugh, here we go again" my and Louis both say and start to laugh "well, I bought thing s for you too" felicetie says "and never bothered to say my name?" Lottie says "guys can we just leave it already" I say "we're not guys!" Lottie and felicitie both yell "geez, don't have go yell. I'm right here!" I say "stop talking when I talk" Lottie says "no, you stop talking when I talk!" Felicetie says and they start to argue "I have hand cuffs for them when we get home" Louis says "where did you get that?" I ask "well..." Louis says pausing and spazing at the ceiling "its a long story babe" harry says and Louis looked right at me waiting for my reaction or something, then he gave a confused look... Which is making me confused "guys were leaving now, stop arguing and apologize, now" Eleanor says very nicely "were not.. oh its Elle" Lottie says and they both smile and apologize to each other "why don't you guys listen to me?!" I ask "because your mean and your my sister and we look up to Eleanor" Felicetie says and I cross my arms "that's mean" I scoff ------------------ We get back home and we start to watch a film 'grown ups' so halarious , the twins didn't really under stand but that's good that they dont.I snuggle by harry and Louis just stares at us in confusion.. am I missing someone? The movie was over and every one was already asleep daisy and phoebe went to their room while Lottie and Felicetie went to their room, "let's go out side and watch the stars" harry says and we both walk out of the house placing a big blanket on the grass and laying down watching the stars "nice" I say "feels calm" Harry's says "and quiet" I add "not until now!" He says and tickles me "h-harry stop!" I say and he goes on top of me and tickles me more "stop!" I say and I try to tickle him back but he blocks me then stops and nuzzles his noise with mine and we kiss but I heard someone cough akwardly. We both stop and look to our side Louis, harry quickly got off of me and I stood up "I'm so confused" Louis says "what do you mean?" I ask and Louis gestures me to talk inside, "you tell me that you want me to help you get him away from you then you start to kiss all over him?!" Louis yells after he closed the door "what are you talking about?! Harry and I are together" I say "harry told me we just got together as an couple when I woke up in the hospital" I say and Louis tenses up "well he lied, he was your enemy! Remember?! Try and think" he says and I get a flash back ** I was wearing my favourite shirt Until mica pushed me in the mud, every one started to laugh, including harry, then another time when harry and I accidentally bumped into each other making mine and his food fall all over me, every one laughed, I looked at harry "well, sorry, he says and leaves me in the middle of people pointing and laughing at me . "you just a cry baby!!" His voice echo's in my head *flash back ends I start to sniffle a bit them every thing just came out of me, Louis hugs me "h-he is m-my enemy!!" I sob and Louis rubs my back "its okay" he says "I'll fix it" he says and runs out the door, I ran following him Louis was about to throw a punch at harry but I yell "Louis no!" He looks at me "Rozelle, he deserves it" Louis says "I would want to talk to him privately" I say and Louis steps back and walks away "how dare you!" I say "what?" He asks "how dare you tell me that I am yours!" I say "Rozelle you need to understand that it was 2 years ago and that it was all mica, she has been the one controlling me these years" he says and I look down "how should I believe you? You told me that I was your girlfriend at the hospital" I say "look, I'm sorry OK, just trust me" he says and I look away "never" I whisper and walk away
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