Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


8. Last night

Rozelles POV 

I sat on bed taking this all in. I'm sharing a room with harry, and a bed. I closed my eyes in the quietness but harry opened the door from the bathroom on the phone, I openedy eyes and looked behind me, he only had a towel around his waist , ugh! I opens my suit case and was about to grab my pajamas but harry grabbed my light pink shirt that was cutted in the back in a shape of a heart. "Hey!" I say trying to snatch it away from him but he pulls it away. "You should where this at the party tonight" he says "I'm not goi-" he cuts me off "yes you are, I'm going to make you, since you haven't been coming to the other ones" he says "no" I say I skipped about 4 parties this month, I heard it was fun but I don't like to go to party's, they make me hyper, and I don't want to be that girl that is fun to go with to parties, not anymore anyways. "I didn't know you were that kind of person before, why did you stop?" Harry asks oh no, did I just say that ours loud?! "Just cause" I say "you're coming, I want to see your other side" he says "no" I say he grabs my light washed jeans, a buch of make up and a bow and shoved me into the bathroom and closed the door "you are not coming out until you change into thoes"I hear him through the wall. I looked at my stuff and changed into the clothes and put on eye liner then red lipstick, I braided my hair to the side then places the bow at the top of the braid then came out "you look good, now lets go!" He says pulling me as I quickly grab my phone, we walk down to where the party is and I see dani and was going to run up to her but harry grabbed my hand pulling me back to him "harry! Thank god you came! I thought I was alone" mice says taking harry away. alone? Mica, the most popular girl is alone? Shes a bad actor "dani!" Yell through the music "oh hi, Rozelle how's your new room mate?" She says pointing to harry "horrible! We have to share a bed!" I say "ooh that sucks" she says "but how did you know I was sharing a room with harry?" I ask "ummm. Every one Is talking about it" she says ugh! I felt a hand grab my hand and pull me into the crowd of people dancing and I realized it was harry, he gave me a bottle of beer and opened it for me to drink it "umm. No thanks" I say backing away "c'mon,I didn't bring you here for nothing" he says and I grab it from him and drink a sip of that bitterness o-oh a sip already make me hyper, I felt the beer sink intoy system and my eyes shot open and I started going crazy, I danced with different other boys and drank more getting drunk,  but then dani gave me water and I drank it it helped me cool down a bit and I was pretty calm after. I saw mice and realized that she was wearing the same shirt as me and a different colored jeans and she had a bow in her hair! No fair she copied me, I checked the time and it was 12:00 it's valentines day! I saw couples kissing and I saw some one toward me and kiss me, I felt sparks fly and I kissed back for a long time. We both let go and I saw harry, he kissed me I hear a gasp and I see mica looking right at us and ran away crying, but harry didn't see it, does he know it's me he has a beer in his hand, of course he's drunk he opened a new bottle and gave it to me, here we go again I drank it a little and started to drink more to get the fact that I kissed harry and I liked it, I got drunk again and hyper, harry was talking to a girl and I grabbed his hand going to pull him but he let go but he looked behind me and noticed it was me, he smirked and we started dancing, swaying to the music while holding our bottles up in the air. 


i woke up and my head was pounding like crazy, I realized that I was sleeping with harry, I got up and I was still wearing the same clothes from last night, everything I did lastnight sunk into my head, that's why I didn't like going to parties, I do stupid stuff, that I regret doing the day after, I washed my face and drank water, I checked the time and it was 2:00pm!! Oh my gosh! This is the first time I had ever woken up this late! The latest was 8:30am! But lucky today was Saturday, and valentines day, no classes! Yay I felt so yucky so I grabbed a white tee and swet pants and headed to the shower

Harrys POV

i woke up and Rozelle wasn't there, my head was so sore! I drank a cup of water and remembered all the stuff I did lastnight, I loved it! Rozelle was crazy lastnight, she was fun and now she's, her old self, mature and she restrict her self from things, she came out if the bathroom in a towel, "I for got something" she says and grabbed shampoo and a bar of soap from her luggage. then went back into the bathroom. I wonder if she saw me kiss mica at 12 lastnight, it was weird because I actually felt sparks flew in my body, maybe I'm slowly falling for her,  Rozelle came out of the bathro and went into the bed sheets and turned the computer on, she started to talk on there, maybe she's talking to some one. I went by her and saw 2 girls they looked like twins "oh, this is harry I'm sharing a room with him" She says and they both say hi to me as I say hi back I walk away and started to shower

rozelles POV

i turned on my computer and started to Skype with Louis, I saw everyone "hi!" I say "hi! Now I've got to go to work now, see you in 2 weeks!" Mum says and leaves with dad so there was just Louis, Lottie, and the two twins "I'll be back I'm going to make some coco because its freezing here" Lottie says and leaves "so how's the cam?" Lou asks but his papers fall and he went to go pick them up, harry came bye me and I introduced the twins to him. "Ok I'm back" Lottie says with a cup if coco, Louis comes back and harry leaves to the bathroom, "you didn't answer my question" Lou says and I laugh, "oh sorry, I forgot" I say and I tell them everything about harry and mica and what happened lastnight when harry kissed me 

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