Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


9. just a cry baby


i went back to my room after art and sat down on a chair, "yeah, well its over!" harry says while coming in "why didn't you tell me that i kissed you at the dance?" harry says sitting by me "i thought you knew" i lie "no... but did you like it?" he asks "eww no" i lie again "then, why did you kiss back?" he asks, dang it! "i-i" i stutter "ha! you fancy me" harry says, "no" i say looking down "don't hide it" harry says taking his shirt off as i roll my eyes "i don't have feelings for you anymore, after you cheated on me" i ssy and harrys smile turned flat "i didn't mean to"he says and i grab my bag &quotq;yeah right" i say and open the door "where are you going?!" he asks "away from you" i say and walk down to dani's room

i opened the door to niall and dani kissing on the couch, then let go and looked at me "uhm, sorry if its a bad time, i just wanted to get away from harry, so i came here" i say "its okay, me and niall were planning to head out to the game room, do you wanna come?" dani asks "well, i don't want to get in the way" i say "its okay, just come" niall says and stands up. * Dani's POV We were wrong, Rozelle was getting in the way, I thought it would be fun with the three of us, but I guess it isn't, most of the games are two players and she is always taking Niall's turn or playing with niall, I just can stand it, Niall's POV I can't stand it!! We should have never invited her! "Uhm, Rozelle... We kinda want to be alone now" Dani says wow, she read my mind Rozelles POV "oh. I was right, I should have never came, you guys are the one that invited me anyways" i says "well, it's your fault for coming to my room" Dani says "I only came to get away from harry" I say "why don't you forgive him and be friends?!" Dani says "it's not that easy! What if your bully moved into your room!" I say "just forgive him and it wouldn't be that bad" she says "I made that mistake before!" I say and run off to my room and start to cry. Its not that easy Days passing~ Dani was ignoring me the whole day, every one kept on teasing me. Its all from mica, because she said that I made harry break up with her, I just can't handle anything anymore, I just kept on crying. (Omg little things came on lol. OK just jeep on reading -AN) Harry's POV I can't stand that girl! She so emotional, I don't like her anymore. She Cry's every dang day! I finished my plate and I bumped into her again. My food went all over her, not again! Her mouth was open looking right at me. Tears formed in her eyes when everyone started to laugh at her. Ugh! Crying again. I shrugged my shoulders at her and threw my plate into the trash and walked out of the door. She deserves it! She Cry's to get attention. 2 days later•°•°•°• Rozelle's POV I just got a call that my grandmother past away and that she is having a funeral in two days so I'm getting picked up tomorrow. I started to pack while tears stream down my face, I've been so emotional with things going on in my life right now. Harry came in the room and went on his phone. I finally finished packing up and stood up "are you moving out of the room?" Harry asks "no, I'm leaving" I say "yeah, me too. In 5 days.. Well everyone is leaving..m summer camp is almost done" he says "I'm leaving tomorrow, and this is my last month of summer camp" I say "but you have been coming here for so long, and you are leaving early?" He asks "yup" I say and he smiles "you know, I don't even know why you start to bully me all of a sudden" I say and he laughs "its because youre a cry baby, you cry every dang time I see you" he says "its because my life is hard right now" I say "you just a cry baby!" He says

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