Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


11. in charge&confessions


   I woke up right next to liam while the rest of the boys were scattered all over the ground knocked out. I stretch to the bathroom and wash up a little, then come out and headed to the door, I was trying to open it but harry was in the way "you are not leaving until you tell me who you are" he says and I roll my eyes "who do you think? im Louis tomlinson's sister" I say "not that, I meant about what your name is and your age and stuff" he says sitting up "why do you care? its not like im important to you or something, now let me out or else" I say trying to open the door but I slip and tripped on zayn causing me to fall right on harry, we gazed into each others eyes, I haven't noticed that they were green, his face looked innocent and perfect NO rozelle,  I cant fall for him again, he will never catch me, I say in my head, I noticed that harry was still lokinh at my then pushed me away and laughed "oh my gosh. I know who you are, youre rozelle!" he says and laughs "how did you figure it out? you hardly look at my face" I say " I could tell from the way you look at me, like youre falling in love yet hating me a lot" he says that Is exactly how I feel about him. I noticed that he wasn't by the door so I stood up quickly and ran out of the door with out letting harry stop me.

I reached down the stairs and saw mum and dad holding luggages "where are you going?!" I ask "Hawaii, for a month or two" mum says and my jaw dropped down "its our 15 year anniversary, its your fathers idea" mum says "you guys cant leave me!" I yell "oh, im sure that it will go by fast" dad says "im staying in a house with 5 boys that I cant even restrain and 3 of my young sisters that fight every hour with out having an adult to be in charge?!" I ask "you will be in charge" dad says "you are an adult, a very young one" mum says "but-" I get cut off by dad " sorry, our ride is here, bye" he says and kisses me on the cheek "take care of every one for me, especially Louis, you know how he is if he doesn't get what he wants" mum says and hugs me "have fun" I whisper and she smiles and walks out of the door. im in charge...

every one came down yawning, stretching and talking. I stood in the same place looking out of the door "uhm.. rozelle are you okay, you look overwhelmed" Louis says "im in charge" I whisper to my self, "what?" phoebe asks and I laugh "I mean that, im okay and.. why were all of you guys in my room and why was I sleeping next to liam?" I ask "oh sorry, niall scared us last night and lottie wouldn't let us in so we went to your room" zayn says and niall laughs "I decided that you can sleep with liam because I think it would be more safe" Louis says and I nod 


 harry has been irritating me and teasing me all the time! "he grabbed my glasses and used it "oh my gosh! you are so blind" he laughs this is it! I went to Louis in the living room. im glad that he is by himself "Louis! I cant stand harry" I say "why.. aww I wanted you guys to get together" lou whines "that's never going to happen after he cheated on me, I fell for him but he didn't catch me" I say with tears in my eyes "wait what?" lou asks "lou, harry is the harry that bullied me during summer camp" I say

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