Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


5. I thought we had something


Sorry for not updating for a while i was too busy having fun in summer :)


Rozelle's POV

i woke up from the sun shining in my eyes "good morning!!" Dani yells from her bed "morning" I say and get up "so what did you do yesterday, when I was gone? I heard there was a really bad storm" dani asks "yeah, it was really bad that I had to help ha-" I stopped myself because dani would get mad that he came here and we kissed when she was gone "help who?" She asks "Nevermind"I say "you should come outside, it's really bad! I think we are free for a week because its that bad" she says and I open the door. She was right there was trees knocked down and all the flowers were destroyed and a tree fell right in the middle of the cafeteria "more like the whole month" I say "attention to everyone! We will be joining in with an other camp nearby due to the storm that apparently destroyed our camp! So please pack up!" Coach Auso says with her microphone "aww! This would've been the best camp if we were off for a month!" I whine "I know right! It going to be embarrassing that we have to join in with a different camp!" Dani says and we start to pack up 


me and dani grabbed our stuff and walked to the bus, me and dani were talking so much that I bumped into someone "oh sorry!" I say and dani starts to laugh, the person turned around and it was harry "oh hi Rozelle!" He says and leans in to kiss me "not now" I whisper and he smirks. Dani pulled me and looked at me "what was that?!" She yelled "I'll tell you when we are in the bus, okay" I say and we go on the bus and sit at the very back chair where three people can fit on. Harry sat in the very from then looked back at me, grabbed his stuff quickly and started heading towards us "tell me!" She says and and harry sits right next to me "get away from her! You bully!" She says as she was about to get up and hit him "no! Dani it's ok!" I say while pushing her way from him "what? He bullied you since mica left, and you are letting him sit by you?" Dani asks and I nod "it was when you were gone.."I started to say everything about last night and how we kissed.


"were here!!" Coach says as we all start to bran our things and stand up "so now you guys are like, together?" She asks and we nod "don't worry, I'm not going to make you the third wheel" I say and we get off the bus looking at the camp we were going to stay at for a while. This is a rich camp, because everything here is in different rooms , it was so big that each student could have a party in there room "woah!" I say "wow" harry says as we follow the line, a lady with blonde hair about our age welcomed us and is going to show us a tour around the place, they had a pool, game room, theatre, and a lot of things, they give you free things you need for the class we are doing in camp! Best camp ever!! I swear everything is indoors, we were so amazed that we weren't even listening to the girl talking "are you even listening?" I ask "nope" dani says "I think no one is" harry says and holds my hand. We walk around for along time "pick a partner you are going to share with!" Coach says and harry was about to grab me but dani was quicker than him and grabbed me first "I'm not going to let you guys share a room, because of the way you guys look at each other" dani says and we laugh there was an odd number of people and harry was left out, "where's your partner?" She asks "I'm left out" he says "then your lucky!! You get your own room" she says and winks at him "no fair!" I say and he smiles "so I'm free any time you need me" he says and I roll my eyes "here you go!" The blonde girl says with attitude, excuse me?! You just smiled and winked at my boyfriend then you give me attitude?! "Thanks" I smile then walk away but then go up to her and tap her shoulder as she gives me stink eye "um you know the guy you just winked at before us? Well he's taken! So yah, back off" I say and go to harry. We walked to dani and my room first, it was big! And we get comfy beds!! I put my stuff down and went out "where are you going?" Dani asks "going to have fun on the only day we will be able to be free at this camp"I say while going to Harry's room and knocking, the door opened and harry was there at the door with no shirt on "hey! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for today" I say "sure, let me put a shirt on" he says and quickly comes out with a shirt. We started to walk to the cafeteria to see what foods there are because we are starving! He grabbed on to my waist bringing me more closer to him when we walked. 

We headed to the cafeteria and the food was amazing!! It was like a Buffet! Me and harry started to pick what foods we wanted then started eating quickly after we say at a table.  I saw Niall have 3 plates in front of us and ate it all before me and harry even ate ours all. 


the day gone by and I was in my room talking to dani while un packing "can't wait to see the art room" I say "I like this place, I just hate the mean people here" dani says and I nod. I look out of the window and see harry talki g to a girl that looked familiar then pulled her close to him and kissed her I ran out of my room and down to where they are and I see them still kissing "harry?!" I say and he lets go "I'm sorry!" He says and I look at the girl "oh! I Haden's noticed you! Rozelle" she says and I look at her closely, of course!! It's mica! She planned this I know it!! "I thought we had something!" I say a

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