Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


6. Busted 2x in a day




Me and harry haven't been talking for a while, he is apparently going out with mica right now, and Niall and dani are together too, I'm such a loner. I went to the couch and sat where dani and Niall were. I turned the tv on and there was nothing good to watch, I looked in the fridge and there was literally nothing to eat, I should go to the cafeteria to eat, "you guys wanna come with me to the cafeteria?" I ask "nah,we'll just stay here" dani says and I nod, I quickly changed into my black DC shirt and my favorite light scruffed jeans and converse. 


i grabbed my tray after I paid for it and turned but bumped into someone which cause their food on their plate to spill all over me, so gad I was wearing black, I looked up to see that it was harry, mica was laughing hysterically and every one else followed, by now I would be crying but I'm not like that anymore, I'm tough! I shoved my plate on harry, opened my milk carton and poured it all over him "I guess we're even now" I say as people were saying "ooh" I turned around but harry started to pour orange juice on my head down to my jeans.. My jeans!!! Oh it's on! I grabbed apple sauce and threw it on mica and she screamed and tried to throw a apple at me but misses and hits another person "food fight!!" Some one yells and everyone in the cafeteria started throwing food every where "what is all this ruckus!!!" The principle says and coach Auso comes in "who started this mess!" Coach Auso yells and every one points at me and harry "Rozelle and harry follow me, the rest of you are dismissed" she says and we follow their principle and Coach Auso to their office "take a seat" the principle says with a serious tone and we sit on the two chairs that was facing him and his desk "Rozelle?! I can't believe you would do such a thing! I've known you since you came here, and you start a food fight with harry, you changed a lot this year" coach says "it's all her fault!" Harry says how dare you! "How did it all start?" Principle says "she poured juice all over me for no reason so I put apple saise on her face and she got mad and threw everything at me and then everyone started to throw stuff at me th-then I t-tried to fight back but you guys ca-came in" harry lies "what!! That did not happen!!" I yell standing up "sit!!" Principle says and I sat down "then what did happen?" He says "we bumped into each other causing his food to spill on me, then everyone laughed so I shoved my plate on him then it all started, I'm the victim here?!" I say "harry, is this true?" Coach asks "no!!" Harry says "it did!" I say standing up "no it didn't I'm the victim!" Harry yells standing up too. We started to hit eachother but coach and the principle tamed harry "haha, you're not aloud to hit a girl!!" I yell and he gets really mad "stop this non-sence!! You guys need to clean the cafeteria up before class starts, so I suggest that you start now" he says while coach handed us supplies. This is so not fair 


After we finished, I went up to my room and showered in hot water, and changed into freash clothes. "I heard about the food fight"dani says "yeah" I say "you should've told me! I want to be in it" dani says and I laugh ""can't wait to get out of this prison! Summer camp will be done in 3 weeks!" I say and the bell rings "bye" I say grabbing my painting stuff and headed to the paint room. I hate this room now, cause mica takes this class, I walked into the classroom and sat at my seat taking my things out, I look up to write was was on the white board but then saw harry, what is he doing here "hey Rozelle, mind if I stay here for the day?" Harry asked and I rolled my eyes "ok, every one take a seat, today harry is going to stay with us for the day to earn his art badge so he can be the leader of arts which can get him a scholar for collage, oh and he will be observing you and talking to you for tips and things" she says ugh! I don't want him anywhere near me!! Today we will be painting to happiest moment of you life" she says and everyone starts to think what to paint, I know what to paint! It's the only happiest thing that happened to me for these past years. 

I was almost done, I was just touching it up a bit "what's this?"harry says grabbing the canvas "give it back!" I say "what is this?" He asks "what does it look like?! I painted two people on a rock looking down at the city when the sun is setting" I say "ohh, it's so beautiful" he says "who's the two people?" Harry asks "my best friend" I say smiling "ooh, I would want to meet her" he says "it's a guy" I say "oh. Prshh! I knew dat!" He says and I just looked at it smiling with eyes that filled up with tears, "so... Tell me the story of this" he says "well, it was on my birthday jay, my bestfriend brought me here to watch the sunset then we kissed it was the happiest day of my life untill two days after, I found our that he was in a car accident. I rushed to the hospital and saw him on the hospital bed and his last words was I love you" I say then tears went down my face "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry" he says about to hug me but I pushed him away "I still hate you" I say but then I realized that he got pushed on paint and it went all over my painting "my painting!!" I say and grab paint and squirt it all over him "oh no you didn't" he says and grabs neon pink, blue, and green and splashed it all over me. I grabbed yellow paint a squirted it all over him "harry and Rozelle!! To the office NOW!!" The art teacher yells and we then realize that we had  just ruined the art class.

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