Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


14. back

Harry's POV We went to the hospital to visit Rozelle.. "she can only have 3 visitors at a time" the doctor says and we all nod "me, Dani and whoever else will go in" Louis says to the doctor "I'll go" I say raising my hand "uhmm.. okay" Louis says and we go in and see her on a bed.. her head wrapped with something "in 5 minuets we are going to bring her to another room to finish her head surgery" the docter says and we nod. Louis went next to her and started whispering funny kind stuff to her while Dani was on the other side saying that it is going to be okay and I was just standing by the door not knowing what to do, so I just sat on the chair next to Louis and just stared at her until she had to go to the other room for surgery.. -------------------------- I woke up still on the chair and noticed that no one was there.. I felty phone vibrate and I took it out of my pocket From: Louis Hey, Niall and Dani went to eat out while the rest of us went home to rest, I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't listen to me so we all left you.. he he sorry.. Dani will be coming over after so you wouldn't be alone.. xx I stood up and stretched then I noticed that Rozelle was back into this room. She looked pretty fine. Like she hadent even went to surgery... I went next to her and stared at her for a while until I felt her move a bit. Then her eyes fluttered open I ran to the door and called the doctor "hello Rozelle" how are you feeling?" The doctor asks her Rozelles POV "Hello Rozelle, how are you feeling?" The doctor asks... "W-why am I here?" I asks "you got hit with a bat very badly" he says and I look over to a boy that was very attractive "uhmm.. who are you? Where's Louis?" I ask and he pauses looking very shocked at me "I'm harry, you don't remember me?" He asks and I shake my head Harry's POV She doesn't remember anything but Louis? "What is the last thing you remember?" The doctor asks I just came back from summer camp" she says "and you don't remember me?" I ask and she looks at me "uhmm.. should I?" She asks "how about mica! And Dani or someone whoafe your summer camp horrible?" I ask "uhmm.. well the only person that made my summer camp horrible is mica, and Dani is my best friend?" She sh Days and I nod "no one else?" I ask "nope.. unless there is someone else" she says and I sat down on the chair and sighed "sir.. she might not be able to remember things so you are going to have to bring her places or show her pictures to help her get her memory back" the doctor says and leaves the room... So if she can't remember me.. then I can make up anything... Muahaha "Rozelle.. its me harry.. your boyfriend" I lie and she looks at me surprisingly "y-you are?" She asks and I nod "yeah.. I want you to remember me.. we were best friends at summer camp and just recently we got together" I lie more "I wish I could remember but I can't.." she says and we lean in closer to each other nose to nose almost kissing until Dani opened the door along with Niall laughing hysterically "rozelle"!! Your awake!!" Dani says and runs up to her.. "we got you food since you were left here" Niall says and I smile "really?" I ask "but I ate it all when we were heading here" Niall says and I frown "nah.. I'm just kidding, here!" Niall says and gives me a bag of fries and a burger from nandos "yess!!" I say and start to eat --------------------------- "Rozelle is home!!" Dani yells once we get into the house but no one came down.. WS all gave confusing looks and we went into the lining room.. Felicite was giving out stuff from her luggage to every one "hey guys, Felicite is back from her traveling camp!!" Louis says "and Rozelle is too" I say and every one looks up at me and rush up to Rozelle and started to hug her while felicite gave a puzzled look
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