A poem about moving on. :)


1. Wings

She spreads her wings,

Ready to taste the world,

But something holds her back,

The undying memories of her past love.


Thunder fills up the sky,

Raindrops fall drop by drop,

She still waits for his return,

The clock ticks and tocks.


She looks up,

Despair filling her mind,

She feels her wings,

Ready to fly.


She jumps from above,

But something pulls her back down,

Not ready to let go,

Her lover’s mesmerizing sound.


She wriggles out of his touch,

Her voice breaks down,

But she struggles to hurt his feelings,

Still wants to feel his love.


Another thunder,

Another roar,

She walks away,

More and more.


Her lover calls her name,

Hoping she would come back,

But when she spreads her wings,

His tears are right on track.


He hurt her, more than he should have

But her love was too strong,

She never let anything get between them,

He always had been very wrong.


She finally flaps her wings,

Hoping to free herself from the pain.

She flies up above,

Not returning to her lover's embrace.


The angel finally did move on,

Her life was now a beautiful place,

Letting go of her first love wasn’t easy,

But sure she’ll find another along the way.



Author's note!

Guys please make sure to like and favorite and try to give me some CC? It helps me a lot!


Aparupa :)

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