Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret is a 2-3 series. This series is the beginning where it's about Kim and Louis who are a year apart meets each other at summer camp. Louis had slept with Kim during camp and soon then school started in the fall and they attend the same high school. Kim later meets Zayn and is in love with him, but kept a secret from him that she is pregnant with Louis's child. Louis soon hears about it from rumors around school and confronts Kim. ((FACT: The baby being used in this series WILL BE baby LUX, so don't send any hate, it's just a story))


2. 1.2

Zayn: Hey beautiful. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Zayn. 

Zayn: How are you? 

Kim: I'm feeling good and you? 

Zayn: Perfect now because I'm with you. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* 

Zayn: Listen, I heard people talking about you. 

Kim: *in her head* Oh no. 

Zayn: They said you were pregnant, it's not mine right? I mean all we did was kiss and if it is my child I will take responsibility for it. 

Kim: Who, who said that? 

Zayn: I don't know, it's a rumor going around school. 

Kim: I have to go. *walks off* 

Adrianna: I can't believe she's pregnant. 

Arianna: I know, she's so young and she's having his baby at this age. 

Louis: Who's having a baby at what age? 

Arianna: You! 

Louis: *chuckles* Me? I'm not having any kid. 

Adrianna: Everyone knows about it Louis. 

Louis: Knows about what? Eleanor and I aren't having a kid any time soon. *smiles* 

Adrianna: Kim's pregnant and it's your child.  

Arianna: *gasp* You didn't hear it from us. *walks off and pulls Adrianna along* 

Louis: *confused/concerned/shocked* 

Kim: *walks pass Louis* 

Louis: *grabs kims arms* Hey. 

Kim: *moves her arm* What? 

Louis: What is this rumor that's going on around school? That you're pregnant and it's my child. 

Kim: It's not a rumor, it's true. 

Louis: How do you know it's my child!? 

Kim: You're the only one I ever had sex with Louis. *crosses her arms* I never had a boyfriend and you were the first person I kissed and did it with. 

Louis: You can't have that baby. 

Kim: And you act like I want it either? So what? We're just gonna get an abortion? Give it away to foster care? Adopt it? 

Louis: I don't know. 

Eleanor: *upset* Hey. 

Kim: *walks off* 

Louis: Hey babe. 

Eleanor: Was that the girl? Kim Delta! 

Louis: What you heard is not true Eleanor. 

Eleanor: You got her pregnant at camp!? How could you Louis! 

Louis: Look, yes we had sex, it was like a 2 minute thing only. We didn't even go for 3. 

Eleanor: I can't believe this is happening right now. Out of all girls, you get her pregnant?! 

Louis: I didn't mean to babe. 

Eleanor: It's over between us. *walks off hurt* 

(Early in the morning) 

Kim: *sitting in the kitchen in the dark crying* 

Mary: *gets a drink of water* 

Kim: *looks at mary* 

Mary: *turns around and sees kim* Honey. *chuckles* You scared me, why are you sitting here in the dark? *turns on the lights* 

Kim: *wipes her tears* 

Mary: Honey? What's wrong, why are you crying? 

Kim: *softly* I'm having a baby. 

Mary: What? I just got up, I can't hear you clearly, speak up Kim. 

Kim: *speaks louder* I'm having a baby. 

Mary: What? Is this what you guys are learning in school? 

Kim: I'm pregnant mom. *cries softly* 

Mary: *heart drops/shocked* Who told you, you are pregnant? 

Kim: Dr. Cole? 

Mary: Dr. Cole? Dr. Cole said you are pregnant? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Mary: How did you, I don't understand. Kim, you're only 16, you can't be pregnant. *sits down next to kim* 

Kim: I had sex and I'm pregnant. 

Mary: *sighs* I can't... 

Cassie: What's going on? 

Mary: Cassie, did you know your sister is pregnant? 

Cassie: *runs* 

Mary: Stop! 

Cassie: *turns back around* No, I didn't know. 

Kim: Cassie knows, she's the first one I told. 

Mary: Ok, you can run now. Kim, we're gonna have a long talk when your father gets back. 

Kim: *cries* 

Yaser: So your girlfriend's pregnant? 

Zayn: What? *chuckles* No, I only kissed her. 

Yaser: I heard. 

Zayn: It's not my child dad; I only kissed her I said. 

Yaser: So she's carrying someone else's child while dating you? 

Zayn: Sounds clear to me. 

Yaser: Well, what are you gonna do? 

Zayn: I'll marry her if that's the right thing to do. 

Yaser: It's not your child though son. 

Zayn: But she is my girlfriend and I love her dad. 

Yaser: Get ready for school. *leaves* 

Kim: *opening her locker* 

Eleanor: How could you? 

Kim: I'm sorry? 

Eleanor: Why would you sleep with my boyfriend at camp?! You should be ashamed of yourself! 

Kim: Ashamed of myself, I am ok! Maybe you should ask him why he lied to me and said he was single! If he had said that then maybe I wouldn't have slept with him. 

Eleanor: He would never lie and say he's single. We have been together since the 8th grade. 

Kim: Then I guess you still don't know him well enough. 

Eleanor: *walks off mad* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* 

Zayn: Hey girlfriend. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey boyfriend. 

Zayn: *hugs kim* Are you doing anything? 

Kim: No, I don't think so why? 

Zayn: I want to take you to the park and get something to eat. 

Kim: *smiles* That sounds nice Zayn. 

Zayn: Would you love that? 

Kim: I would love that. 

Zayn: Ok, let's go then. *puts his hand out and smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and takes zayns hand* 

Zayn: I made your favorite food for you. 

Kim: *sits on the bench* Really? What'd you make me? 

Zayn: Hot wings. 

Kim: *chuckles* It looks delicious. 

Zayn: Try them. 

Kim: *grabs one and eats it* Mm, it's really good Zayn. *smiles* Have one. 

Zayn: No, it's ok, it's all for you. I know you love to eat so... 

Kim: *smiles big* Well thank you. 

Zayn: Can I ask you something? 

Kim: Yeah? *smiles* 

Zayn: *gets on one knee and takes out a ring* Will you marry me? 

Kim: *shocked* Zayn, what are you doing? 

Zayn: I'm asking you to marry me. 

Kim: Zayn, this is wrong.  

Zayn: You're having a baby, and I just want to take responsibility. 

Kim: It's not your baby Zayn. 

Zayn: It's Louis's, I know that, but we can lie to everyone that it's my child. I'll be glad to be your baby's father. 

Kim: *cries* Zayn, you are nothing, but nice to me. I don't want to put you in this situation and have you regret it later on. 

Zayn: I will never regret this life decision changing Kim. I love you and I am willing to do everything for you and to be with you forever. 

Kim: Please don't do this to me Zayn. 

Zayn: *hugs kim* I love you Kim, I really love you. 

Kim: *crackles in tears*  

Louis: Kim. 

Kim: *closes her locker* Yeah. 

Louis: Wow, you're really starting to show now. 

Kim: Yeah I am only 4 months pregnant Louis.  

Louis: Four? *looks away* 

Kim: Look, I'm going to get the sex checked out today, did you want to come with me or no. 

Zayn: *enters the scene* I'll come with you instead. 

Louis: No, it's my child, I'll go with her. 

Zayn: She's my girlfriend. 

Louis: I'm not interest in your girlfriend, I'm interest in Eleanor. 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Well the baby is yours and I think you should go with me to check it out.  

Louis: *scared* Ok. 

Zayn: So I'm not going? 

Kim: No. 

Zayn: *upset* Ok then. *walks off* 

Dr. Cole: Congrats, it's a girl. 

Kim: *smiles and looks at Louis* 

Louis: *fakes a smile scared* It's great news. 

Dr. Cole: *talks to kim* 

Louis: *waits outside* 

Kim: Ready? 

Louis: Yeah. 

(Later that night) 

Kim: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hello? 

Kim: Hi Louis, it's me Kim. 

Louis: Oh, hey Kim, what's up? 

Kim: So, I talked to my parents and they are asking what we're gonna do with our daughter when she gets here, but I'm already considering that we put her up for adoption. 

Louis: Adoption?  

Kim: Yeah, why you don't want her to be in the adoption center or what? 

Louis: No, well I mean, it's my daughter too, I don't want to throw her away just like that. 

Kim: We're not throwing her away; we're giving her away to the adoption center. 

Louis: No, I don't want to give my daughter away like that without getting to know her. She could be the key to our heart, the key to our future, the key to our life. 

Kim: *kind of gets hurt* It's my baby and I'm carrying her. 

Louis: And I'm the father Kim! You can't just do anything you want with her without my approval! I have the option to speak for her as well! 

Kim: I didn't call to argue with you, bye Louis. *hangs up* 

Louis: *throws his phone mad* 

Kim: *opening her locker* 

Louis: I'm really sorry about last night. 

Kim: Yeah, how? 

Louis: I shouldn't have been upset with you or yelled at you like that. I'm just as responsible as you are and if I didn't lead you on at camp, this would have never happened. 

Kim: *tries not to cry* Yeah, maybe. 

Louis: I'm really sorry. *hugs kim* 

Zayn: *turns the corner and sees kim and Louis hugging* 

Eleanor: *opens the door and sees Louis hugging kim* Louis! 

Louis: Eleanor. 

Kim: Zayn. *walks to zayn* 

Louis: *looks at kim walking to zayn* 

Eleanor: What the hell was that?! 

Louis: It was just a hug Eleanor. 

Eleanor: A hug? Well I didn't like it ok. 

Louis: What don't you like Eleanor! You don't ever like anything!  

Eleanor: *shuts up* 

Louis: You know maybe if you weren't so mean and jealous, I would love you more! Kim's a nice girl and I respect her for that!  

Kim: *looks at Louis with zayn* 

Eleanor: Respect?! You want respect! You didn't respect me Louis! You went and slept with her at camp! 

Kim: *walks up to Eleanor* You know something Eleanor. Louis is right, if you weren't so rude and maybe jealous, maybe Louis could love you more. You should try to control your temper more, then more people would want to be your friend and Louis could love you more. *walks off* 

Eleanor: *gasp* 

Louis: You know she's right Eleanor. 

Zayn: *puts his arms around kim and walks off* 

Eleanor: *leaves mad* 

(5 months later) 

Kim: Cassie, can you get mom for me. 

Cassie: Why can't you? 

Kim: I think the baby's coming. 

Cassie: *runs* Mom! 

Mary: What? 

Cassie: The baby's coming! 

Mary: *runs to the room* Honey? Are you ok? 

Kim: *cries* Mom, I think this is it. *takes a deep breath* 

Mary: Ok, I'll get you to the car right now. Cassie, call your father and let him know Kim is having her baby. 

Cassie: *calls joe* 

Joe: Hi Cassie. 

Cassie: Dad, Kim's having her baby; mom wants you to meet us at the hospital. 

Joe: Right now? Ok, I'm on my way. 

Cassie: Dad says he's on his way. 

Zayn: *out of breath* Hey, I came here as fast as I could. Are you ok? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I'm ok.  

Zayn: Are you sure? Is the baby ok? 

Kim: Yeah, the baby's fine, I'm fine. Tonight could just be it. 

Zayn: *smiles* I'm happy. Did you call Louis? 

Kim: Louis? 

Zayn: Yeah, he is the father of the baby. 

Kim: *grabs her phone and calls Louis* 

Louis: Hi Kim. 

Kim: I'm at the hospital and I think you should come. 

Louis: Are you ok? 

Kim: *looks at zayn* The baby's coming and I think you should be here when she arrives. She is your daughter. 

Louis: I didn't know if you wanted me to be there or not, but I'll come right now.  

Kim: Ok. *hangs up* 

Cassie: Dr. Cole is looking for you, they have a room for you. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: *smiles* Everything's gonna be ok.  

Kim: *hugs and kisses zayn* 

Zayn: I'll be right here. 

Kim: *smiles and walks off with cassie* 

Eleanor: Where are you going? 

Louis: I have to get to the hospital. 

Eleanor: Why? 

Louis: My daughter could be born any second Eleanor.  

Eleanor: So? 

Louis: I wouldn't want to miss the chance of seeing my beautiful daughter. 

Eleanor: *crosses her arms upset* 

Louis: *gives Eleanor a quick kiss* I love you, I'll be back later.  

Eleanor: Don't bother to come back again. 

Louis: *leaves* 

Eleanor: *cries* 

Kim: *laying on the bed*  

Louis: *walks in* Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Oh, you're here. 

Louis: How are you feeling? 

Kim: Pain, my back hurts, and I just want to give birth already. This is killing me Louis! 

Louis: I'm sorry. 

Kim: *cries* I shouldn't had let you lead me on that far and into that abandon building. 

Louis: *feels bad* I know and I'm sorry I let that happened to. 

Kim: *crying* No! No you don't! You had it all planned didn't you! 

Louis: Not the getting you pregnant. 

Kim: I can't believe this happened. 

Louis: At least we got to experience it together right?  

Kim: Experience it together?! It was my first time Louis! 

Louis: I meant... having a child. 

Kim: *upset* I wish you weren't the father. 

Louis: You can stop criticizing me now. 

Kim: No, I have a reason to be upset with you Louis!  

Louis: Yeah, I know and I'm sorry. 

Kim: No, you're not! 

Mary: Hey honey. *smiles* 

Louis: Yeah, I'm not. 

Mary: Not what?  

Louis: *looks at mary and then kim* 

Kim: For getting me pregnant. 

Mary: It already happened honey just let it go. 

Kim: *upset/cramps* Ow mom. 

Louis: *panics* 

Kim: Get out! 

Louis: *leaves the room* 

Nurse Krista: Well, you're almost there, just another and it's time. 

Kim: Get her out now! *crying* 

Zayn: So you came. 

Louis: What? You thought that I got her pregnant and well just abandon her like that? I'm not! That kind of person Zayn! 

Zayn: It should have been my daughter. 

Louis: But it's not. 

Zayn: I can adopt her. 

Louis: Keep dreaming because she'll never be your daughter. 

Zayn: Like I said Louis, I can adopt her and I will adopt her to be mine and Kim's daughter. 

Louis: You'll never be her biological father. She won't love you. 

Zayn: Yes she can, all I need to do is be around her 24/7 and she'll get use to me. 

Louis: I'm sure Kim doesn't even want to be with you neither. She must be miserable with you caring my child for nine months! 

Joe: The baby's here, it's a girl. 

Zayn: *smiles and takes off* 

Louis: It's a girl you said. 

Joe: Yes dad, it's a girl. 

Louis: Look, I'm really sorry that I got your daughter pregnant. 

Joe: Why are you apologizing to me? You should be apologizing to your daughter's mother. 

Louis: Yeah, I did. She still wasn't happy. 

Joe: And she has a reason to be Louis. You took her happiness from her, her freedom before she even got to it. 

Louis: Yeah, I know. *looks down* 

Joe: *gives Louis a serious look and tone* Are you gonna keep standing there and talk to me or go see your daughter? 

Louis: *heart beating fast/looking at joe scared*

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