Just one of the guys

Summer is a tomboy. Always has been, always will be. At heart, because when Zayn accidentially says the wrong thing she decides it's time for something new. Something different.

"Summer is not a girl, not a real one anyway..."

Harry is Summer's best friend. Always has been, always will be. He is handsome - with luxurious, dark brown curls any teenage girl would kill for, and shining green orbs - he is charming - with a smile that brings out the deepest dimples - he is what every girl pine for and sadly - he is taken.

"Adi is my girlfriend, Summer, I can't do this to her..."

Summer is in love with him. Always has been, always will be.

"I love you!"

With a new girl, a makeover, unfidelity and a new perspective thrown in the mix it is not to say what will happen.

A story about growing up and realising that it is never to late to make a change.


1. Prologue



"I'm over my head and I know it, I know it. I'm doing my best not to show it."

Me, myself and time -Demi Lovato



Loving someone is hard.


It's so goddamn freaking hard, that even my mother told me to hold off on it until I found a guy I knew loved me back.


Even then, she said, it would be difficult.


But no one, not one single person on this planet thought to warn me that, as hard as it is, loving someone who loves you back, it is so much more difficult (and painful) to love someone who doesn't.


Love you back I mean.


And when I finally started to notice how goddamn painful it was, I realised how dreadful it is when the person you love doesn't know you exist.


That sucks, so much.


But what truly bites is when you have that absolutely cliché of a situation.


You know the one I'm talking about.


Girl, as in me, Summer Winthers (original, I know), is in love with her best friend.


Yeah that scenario is the story of my pitiful life.


Truth is I'm not even sure if he sees me as a girl.


I've always been just one of the guys.


Which sucks because you know, he's not gay.


He even has a girlfriend.


And she's tall blonde and beautiful.


And nice, so I can't even hate her.


She's bloody perfect.


And hers name's Adara.


See even her name is perfect and original and cool.


It's Greek, like her dad, and means most beautiful, she told me once.


She probably is.


Most beautiful I mean.


She practically has to fight boys off.


I seriously don't know why she chose him.


Or maybe I do.


Considering I love him and all that.


I just kind of wish she hadn't decided on him.


Because maybe then we'd have a chance.


Or I just wouldn't have to give up hope.


They're always smiling and laughing with each other.


Even Niall noticed it.


They're in love.


As his best friend I should be happy for him.


They always say when you're so far gone you're just happy that they're happy.


That's bull.


I want him to be happy.


But I want him to be happy with me.

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