Secretly Straight.

"I hate how he has control over me. I hate how he makes me go crazy at times and I absolutely hate how much I fell for him."

Kayden just moved in with her father for her Senior Year and is not excited for school. After a horrible pass, she has built walls around her causing Kayden to be distant and ruthless. Will the resident bad boy, Caylen , be able to change her mind especially when she's insisting that she's a... lesbian?


1. Prologue

                                                   I tapped my foot against the smooth marbled floor.  I was waiting for my flight to be called out.  I looked up and gave myself a few more minutes before looking back at my phone.  I guess she didn't want to see me leave.  I plugged out my earphones from my ears and kept them in my bag.  "Flight 209A , flying to Florida, please proceed to Gate 9.  Thank you."  I stood up, my vans squeaked against the floor's smoothness.  As I walked towards the gate, I heard someone calling my name.  Once or twice, I don't know but none the less I still heard it.  "Kayden!"  I turned around, my black hair flying around.  There she was, standing with my step brother who was holding onto her soft hands, teary-eyed.  She mouthed a sorry before they disappeared. And just like that, I was all alone again.  


                                                    "C'mon dad, pick up your phone..."  I muttered under my breath.  I was sending him the 15th text in which he was not responding to.  The wind was gushing around, playing with my black wavy hair.  Getting frustrated, I tied it up into a messy bun and looked around hoping my dad's car would somehow magically appear.  But of course, this was reality and shit like that don't happen in real life. I have been standing by the taxi stand for about 20 minutes and I'm one impatient girl when it comes to waiting.  I finally made up my mind though, I should get a cab and get over to dad's.  But suddenly a honked stopped my cabbing thoughts.  I looked around, my eyes scanning over the area.  My dad's Range Rover drifted to the side.  I smiled, a real smile for once, glad that my dad made it.  I ran over to him as he got out of the car.  "Munchkin!"  He yelled as I hugged him tightly.  "Daddy..."  I felt like I was 5 again, playing tea party with him in my small tree-house.  Eating tons and tons of freshly baked cookies that my dad made.  "I missed you so much dad."  I mumbled against him.  He may be 40 but he looked as if he hadn't aged one bit.  I guess that's the perks of having a Marine dad.  

                                                          We got into the car as he asked me how was the flight, torture of course.. I had to sit beside girl around my age who would complain about the air quality of the plane and the food.  "Well, how is your mother?"  He asked feeling uncomfortable.  "She's alright..."  I said looking out of the window.  "Stefan?"  he asked, "He's good, getting cuter by the day."  The trees were much more interesting than this topic.  "Let's get some ice-cream!"  I said, cutting him off from saying HIS name.  "Yeah, Ice-cream sounds good to me!"  He said, smiling again.  


                                                     We sat in a booth near the door and was presented with big bowls of sundaes.  We dug in, happily enjoying the sweet taste of creamy vanilla. "So, how's the business back at home?"  I asked dad.  "It's good, in full swing.  I had to hire manager to help me run the bar now.."  My dad owns a club and it looks pretty cool.  Since we email each other and skype each other I got to see the house and the bar beforehand.  It was real cosy and nice.  "Munchkin, you do know that you'll have to go to school right?  I enrolled you yesterday so you'll have to start this Monday." He said smirking. My eyes widened,  "your kidding, why can't I be home-schooled again?"  I whined stomping my foot.  "Cause, it's way too expensive to get you a home tutor and plus it's your senior year.  Give this a chance Munchkin... please? "  My dad said, gobbling up his ice cream.  "Fine, but I promise you, it'll suck."  

Oh goody, I'm starting school in 2 days and am I excited? Hell to the no. 



Hey everybody!  I'm Roshini Jeinel, a brand new author on Movellas!  I hope you enjoy this Prologue and I know it's a little boring but the good part will come pretty soon! I really hope you would spread this to all of your friends and Read, enjoy and drink your hot chocolate!

Ohh and the picture, the girl wearing blue is Kayden 



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