Secretly Straight.

"I hate how he has control over me. I hate how he makes me go crazy at times and I absolutely hate how much I fell for him."

Kayden just moved in with her father for her Senior Year and is not excited for school. After a horrible pass, she has built walls around her causing Kayden to be distant and ruthless. Will the resident bad boy, Caylen , be able to change her mind especially when she's insisting that she's a... lesbian?


4. Chapter 3 - Meh, guys in my old school are good kissers



“Okay, you ready?”  I asked Jessica.  She nodded.  I placed my hands on her waist like we were a couple.  We were currently a block away from school and no one can see us.  I was clad in a semi-boyish outfit while Jessica wore her cheerleading uniform.  “Let’s go.”  She said getting nervous.  I nodded as we walked towards the school.  Everyone’s eyes were on us.  We were both smiling with confidence.  I pulled her closer to me as we walked into the school. 

“Oh my gosh, she wasn’t kidding when she said she ain’t straight.”

“Jessica is a lucky bitch, she has the hottest girl as her girlfriend.”

“This can’t be happening..”

“Let the PDA roll in.”

“This is wrong!”

“Ewww, they go for pussies.”

We heard their whispers but we didn’t care.  We walked towards her locker and she placed her arms around my neck acting all sweet.  “People are buying it for sure.”  I said smirking.  “Wait till Caylen gets here.”  She said grinning.  We were flirting aimlessly until we both heard his voice.   “What do we do?”  Jessica whispered panicking.  Then, right there- I did the most unthinkable thing ever.  I crashed my lips onto hers.  She pulled me in closer.  Our tongues were battling for dominance causing a scene.  My arms were wrapped around her waist while we have a little make-out session.  “I can’t believe this..”   We both then pulled away to see a shocked Caylen.  “I told you, I ain’t straight.”  I smirked before grabbing Jessica’s hand as we made our way to Physics.  We let go of our hands and squealed.  “Did you see his face?”   I asked as we jumped around.  We didn’t care if there were people glaring at us.  “Yes!  He looked like a goldfish!”  She exclaimed.  “You’re a good kisser..”  Jessica proclaimed.  I shrugged.  “Meh, guys in my old school are good kissers.”  I replied smirking. 

You’ve got to be kidding me right?  Can Physics get any more boring?  I wish someone could get me out of here.  “Miss Jacobs!  The Principal would like to see you.”  My Physics teacher bellowed before continuing her lesson.  I stood up, grabbed my things and left the classroom while everyone else were snickering.  As I walked through the quiet hallways I was pulled into the janitor closet.  “Don’t scream Mija.  It’s just me.”  He whispered into my ear causing my the hair on my neck to stand.  “What do you want?”  I turned around to face him.  His brown eyes were filled with lust and cravings.  “I still don’t believe you.  One way or another, I’m going to win you.  And when I do, you’re going to be the one telling everyone in Deland High that you were secretly Straight.”   His voice sending shivers.  “You’ll regret every single thing you’ll do to win me.”  I whispered into his ear before placing a soft kiss on his earlobe.  “You’ll find out that I’m not worth winning.”  I moved down to his neck.  “You’ll realize that I’m not like the other girls.”  My lips trailed up to his nose.  He shivered against my touch.“And you’ll realize that falling for me is a mistake.”   I placed a soft kiss onto his lips before pulling away.  “that’s where you’re wrong Mija.”  He whispered gruffly before opening the janitors closet to let me out.  I walked away from him, hoping to never see him ever.  But of course, God has his ways. 


I joined my new friends at the usual table as we chatted about what happened earlier.  “I didn’t know Jessica would do such a thing honestly!  The most craziest thing she’s done is well, threw her milkshake on one of the football’s player!”  Ashley exclaimed staring at us in wonder.  We shrugged at the same time.  “I knew Caylen would ask you to get out of the classroom.”   Jessica said as she ate her salad.  Before I could ask why, “He has his ways Jess.”  Stephanie replied, reading a book.  I hated how he had his ways.  Asshole.


Many other lessons rolled in as the time flies past.   I haven’t seen Caylen for English and it actually was a relief.  But when Chemistry started, Caylen sat beside me giving me a small smile before completely ignoring me.  “If I were you Mija, I wouldn’t open something.”  He whispered out of the blue.  What was he talking about?  Open what?  This guy knows how to confuse people.   “Whatever Cortez.”  I replied.  The bell rung and pretty soon, it was the end of the day.  I was at my locker when I saw a group of Caylen’s friends standing opposite me.  They were snickering and it was pissing me off.  I turned around and glared at them before opening my locker to see that there were mud inside.  Some fell onto my top.  Everyone was laughing and I felt embarrassed.  Who wouldn’t.  “Told ya Caylen has his ways.”  Someone yelled out loud.  “Where is that asshole?!”  I yelled and everyone grew silent.  I walked up to Caylen’s groupies.  “ WHERE. IS. HE” I pulled down the guy’s collar.  He must be Aiden.  “I don’t know you crazy bitch!”  He yelled out before earning a punch from me.  I pushed him away and glared at everyone with so much hatred.  How could he do this to me?  If Mr Caylen Cortez wants a war, then I shall give it him.  You’ll be in for a huge surprise Caylen.  Better watch it.  I saw Jessica getting all my books out of my already muddy locker.  I’ll thank her later but for now, I’ll have to find the asshole.  I walked out of the school and saw Caylen standing by a tree smirking.  “YOU ASSHOLE!” I ran towards him and hit him on the chest.  He held onto my wrists smirking evilly.   “You want war Cortez, I’ll give you war.  We’ll see who will be begging for mercy.”  I all but yelled at him.  “I’ll be waiting Mija.”  He said before letting me go roughly. I officially despise Caylen Cortez.


Two chapters in one day I know.  I just had to get that filler chapter out cause I want the real action to come.  I know how y story will end and what's gonna happen next so please stay with me.  Like I said, this is my first story-ish.  Please give me a chance!  And If you want to know how everyone else look like, I might put a small section of the characters and their names. :) Read, Enjoy and drink your hot chocolate guys! :) 



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