Secretly Straight.

"I hate how he has control over me. I hate how he makes me go crazy at times and I absolutely hate how much I fell for him."

Kayden just moved in with her father for her Senior Year and is not excited for school. After a horrible pass, she has built walls around her causing Kayden to be distant and ruthless. Will the resident bad boy, Caylen , be able to change her mind especially when she's insisting that she's a... lesbian?


3. Chapter 2 - I’m away from that Spanish speaking asshole.

     After a day filled with curious assholes and jealous sluts staring at me, I was officially doomed for the rest of my senior year.  I was currently ranting over the phone to my dad about being the centre of attention.  “Honestly, it sucked big time!”  I said getting frustrated.  So far, the only comforting thing my dad has done was chuckle.  Literally chuckle when I was in the middle of an important rant!  “Seriously dad?” I asked, getting agitated.  “Did I forget to mention that this Spanish dude tried to ask me out and he was annoying as hell!  I think Satan wanted him to ruin my senior year!”  I yelled, opening my fridge to grab a can of soda.  “Munchkin, if he annoys you, he clearly is interested with you!  He sounds a lot like me when I was in my high school days…”  My dad replied.  “Okay dad, save the talk for later yeah?  I have to finish my homework.”  I quickly added.  “Bye, see ya later!”  I hung up and headed up to my room. 


          My room was almost completed, I just have to move some cubbies to the corner and I’m all set.  It has the 70’s vibe in it with the blue lava lamp and old band posters.  I opened my drawers to retrieve my sweats and T-shirt.  Changing out of my clothes, I felt comfortable with the soft oversized clothes over my body.  I let out a sigh thinking about my old school and the many friends that I have made.  I also thought about my mom and Stefan.  I let out another sigh, feeling bad for leaving them.  Shaking my head  I went down to finish up my homework.  I looked over my organizer and took out all my homework.  Starting out with Chemistry, I opened my textbook and realized that Cortez brought me to Chemistry.   “By the Way, You sure you’re walking to the right room for Chemistry?”  I don’t want to hurt him.  It’ll just leave me a trail of broken hearts and for one,  broken hearts and I don’t work well together.  After an hour through my work, I heard the doorbell ring.  I furrowed my eyebrows.  Who would want to pay a visit?  I walked to the front door and opened it to see the ever so famous Cortez.  “How did you know I live here?!”  I shrieked.  I’m telling you, if Satan planned this,  I’ll go to hell and sear his ass before flying back up to heaven.  “Well, I have my ways…”  he smirked.  I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.  “What do you want Cortez?”  I more of demanded than asked.  He shrugged, pushing me to the side so that he could get in.  “What the..”  I closed my door knowing he wouldn’t get out soon.  “Just wanted to annoy the hell outta you.”  He said propping his fancy ass onto the sofa.  “If you don’t mind, I have work to do…”  I said my face straight.  I heard the Television switch on to the sports channel and the volume was considerably high.  I groaned, getting back to my homework. 

 “Could you turn it down a notch?”  I asked getting frustrated.  It has been 20 minutes and I have not finished any of my homework.  Of course the idiot would turn the volume up.  It was logical.  NOT.  I banged my head on the dining table in defeat.  He barges into my house and sits on the sofa like he owns the place.  “Wait till my dad gets here you asshole.”  I muttered against my breath.  Aluminum is a stronger reducing agent than copper. What is meant by the term stronger reducing agent? “It’s Species that more readily loses electrons.”  I turned around to see Cortez looking down at my paper.  He was right.  He was bloody right, and I was stuck on it for awhile!  “How did you-“  I was cut off, “I’m pretty good in Chemistry.”  He replied before taking a seat beside me.  I’m impressed honestly.  I thought he was more of a “Badass? Yeah I am but I don’t wanna end up in KFC now do I?”  he smirked.  I honestly got to stop saying things out loud.  “Whatever…”  I replied going onto the next question. 

After awhile I heard someone open the door.  Must be dad.  “Munchkin, what do you- Caylen you’re here!”  My dad grinned putting down his things on the counter.  “haha yeah Mr Jacobs!”  He replied happily.  “Wait, dad you know this evil creature?”  My eyes were wide as I looked at both of them in disbelief.  Their kidding right.  “He’s not evil munchkin, he’s just cheeky.  And Yes, I do know him.  His dad and I are best friends.  Caylen comes here every day to help me build something.  And it’s almost done!”  He exclaimed.  I banged my head once again.  Not only do I have to see his face during school but at home as well!  And it’s in my solitary confinement.  “What are you building?”  I wondered as I closed my books.  “It’s a surprise for you!”  He said, his eyes shining with excitement.  I sat there confused.  I looked at Caylen who was smiling sheepishly.  Well, that asshole won’t tell me so I’d rather not know yet.  I shrugged, “Well I’m done with my homework.  What are we going to eat?”  I asked them.  “Caylen is staying dinner so I guess I’ll order Chinese.”  Dad replied before ushering Caylen out  to the backyard.  At least I’m away from that Spanish speaking asshole.


It was finally dinner time.  We sat down at the dining table with many variety of Chinese packed in cute white boxes.   “So, Caylen how’s school?”  My dad asked while I was groveling on my pork ribs.  Damn this are real good pork ribs.  “Well, I met this girl and she was the first girl to ever turn me down.  So it sucked.”  My dad looked at him in confusion.  “Was the girl pretty?”  My dad asked.  “Very.”  He replied, while he stares at me with a smirk.  I rolled my eyes as I ate my ribs in peace.  “I heard from this girl that you call her Mija.”  I said acting casual.  I glanced at my dad who was still confused as ever.  Sad... “Well, that girl is a hard nutshell to crack then.”  My dad said out of the blue.  I nodded agreeing.  “Well, then I’ll have to find a way don’t I?”  He asked, his smirk never leaving from his face.  That smirk is as annoying as ever right now.  If I could, I’ll slap that smirk off his face.  “I guess you do.”  I finally said a smirk making its way onto my face this time round.  I mouthed a good luck to him before excusing myself from the table.  I need a plan fast. 


“C’mon Jessica! Just act like my girlfriend and I’ll get the Aiden guy to go out with you.”  I bribed.  “I don’t know Kays, I mean have you seen any lesbians showing PDA in school?”  “No, but hey it’ll make the gays less scared cause I know how afraid they are to be seen out.”  I pleaded.  Ain’t no way am I letting this opportunity go.  “Okay fine I’ll do it.”  She finally said.  “Oh my god, you’re serious?”  I yelled jumping up and down.  “Yes, now will you stop screaming Kays?”  I immediately covered my mouth from screaming.  “Thank you so much Jess!  You don’t know how much this means to me!”  I said.  I was really glad Jessica agreed to do this for me.  Now that’ll teach Cortez that he can’t always get what he wants.  


Hey everyone!  I know I kinda disappeared but that's because my laptop was being a little shitty to me.  I re-read this and I actually liked that this was a filler! hahaha yes, I don't do drama on every chapter ya know...  Anyways, Share this to your greatgrandmother and greatgrandfather! Remember to Read, Enjoy and rink your hot chocolate! And I've decided to choose Francisco as my Caylen! 

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