Secretly Straight.

"I hate how he has control over me. I hate how he makes me go crazy at times and I absolutely hate how much I fell for him."

Kayden just moved in with her father for her Senior Year and is not excited for school. After a horrible pass, she has built walls around her causing Kayden to be distant and ruthless. Will the resident bad boy, Caylen , be able to change her mind especially when she's insisting that she's a... lesbian?


2. Chapter 1 - Cause you're sitting with the hottest guy in Deland High

I stood by the school gate. My nervousness was showing off,  I felt beads of sweat trickling down my back and  I felt dizzy.  “Go on Munchkin, people in Deland High are really nice, I promise.”  My dad assured me before giving me a slight push towards the gate.  “Wish me luck..” I muttered as I rolled my eyes.  Giving him a quick hug, I walked towards building I’ll have to unfortunately call, School.  People were staring at me as I walked into the school.  Was it my outfit?  I wasn’t wearing anything flashy though.

I wore what normal girls would wear.  But I shouldn’t care.  I’ll have to be Kayden, the girl who didn’t give a shit of what other’s thought of her.  A smirk crept to my face as I walked through the long winded corridors.  Guys were sending me flirty smile and girls were just glaring away, like I was some sort of evil witch that descended from Hell.  A pretty blonde girl caught my eye, she was standing by her locker deep in thought.  ”Hey Sweet-cheeks,  do you know where the main office is?”  I smirked, sending her a wink as well.  A blush crept onto her face.  Nice going Kayden, you just made a girl blush.  “Y-y-yes… “  She managed to stutter out from her rosy lips.  “Can you take me there babydoll?”  I asked, my smirk never leaving my face. She nodded quickly and turned around.  I got her wrap around my finger and I’m just a girl!  After turning here and there, we finally reached the Main office.  I muttered a thanks before walking in leaving her stunned. The office looked pristine and well it reflected an office.   I walked up to the front desk and saw a lady typing away.  “Um, excuse me  I’m Kayden Jacobs and I’m the new student from Washington.”  I said in a monotone.  “Ah, yes Kayden,  here is your timetable for the semester and a map around the school.  Oh and here’s your new locker number the current locker combination is on this slip of paper.  You can change it after putting your books in. Welcome to Deland High Miss Jacobs!”  She ended off cheerfully, handing me my stuff before she continued her typing.

Seeing Deland High, I’m honestly surprised to see people being stereo type.  But tell me, which school isn’t?  I walked past countless people as I found my locker.  Placing in my books that aren’t needed for today, I’ve organized everything in my locker and was satisfied with it.  Closing my locker I was startled to see a guy with sultry brown eyes staring at me.  He had curly black/brownish hair and looked hot, honestly.  But I couldn’t tell him of course.  “How may I help you?”  I sighed, changing my expression.  “Well, a pretty girl like you should meet a hot guy like me.”  I rolled my eyes, really now? Really?    “Your ego is pretty big for that small head of yours.”  I said smirking.   “Well, you know how I do..”  He grinned.  “I’m not into guys honey but hey you tried…”  I replied before walking away from him.  I didn’t want to see him anymore. But I guess fate was up to something for he was walking behind me.  “C’mon!  I’m hot, you’re hot and we could make hot babies together!”  He exclaimed.  “Nah, maybe next time.”  I smirked.  “By the Way, You sure you’re walking to the right room for Chemistry?”  I stopped on my tracks and turned around to see him smirking.  I checked my time table and sure enough I had Chemistry on the other side of the hallway.  Bitch.  “Now, let me lead the way Mija.”  So now he’s Spanish?  “Yes, I’m part Spanish Mija.”  He replied.  I blushed, realizing that I said that out loud.  Thank goodness there weren’t much people hanging around here.  “Will you stop calling me Mija?”  I asked raising a brow.  He stopped and turned, facing me.  “Nah, maybe next time I’ll stop calling you Mija.” He smirked quoting my previous sentence.  We then silently walked  towards the Chemistry Lab.  Yes, I practically ignored him.

“Here we are Mija!” He said happily as  he opened the door for me and I was greeted by a class full of curious eyes and of course a teacher who was glaring at the both of us.  “Sorry Sir, erm I’m Kayden the new student?  Am I interrupting something?”  I asked sarcastically.  “Being 20 minutes late is unacceptable Miss Jacobs!   But since you’re new, I’ll let you off the hook!”  I rolled my eyes.   “Yeah yeah whatever”.  He instantly changed his facial expression.  “Take a seat at the back Miss Jacobs.”  I ignored him and walked all the way to the back and sat down.  “And what is your excuse for being late Mr Cortez?”  The old man asked.  “Is it wrong to help a fellow school mate Sir?” He smirked causing the class to snicker.  “Just go to your seat.”  He sighed, feeling defeated.  Mr Lee continued his lesson.  I felt the table shift a little and realized HE was sitting beside me.  “What do you want Cortez?”  I asked looking at him.  “I just happen to sit here.”  He said grinning.  I let out a sigh and listened to the old man. “ And by the way Mija, It’s Caylen.”  He whispered.  “I’ll just call you Cortez.”  I replied grinning.  If he calls me Mija, I shall call him Cortez. 


20 minutes into the lesson, I was on the verge of falling asleep.  Could this class get any boring?  I suddenly felt a ball of paper hit me.  “What the…”  I looked up clearly agitated,  Opening up the paper ball, there was a small note in it.  Wait for me outside of class-Jessica J . I looked around wondering who was Jessica.  I scanned the classroom but everyone was listening to old faggot talking.  I looked beside me and saw that Cortez was asleep soundly.  He was snoring softly which looked cute on him.  But of course, I’m not straight.    


As class ended, everyone left the classroom except Cortez who was still fast asleep.  Flicking him on the forehead, “Wake up dickhead.”  I walked away from him,hoping that this was the only class we’ll be in together. I soon met up with the Jessica girl who was surprisingly the pretty blonde girl I semi-flirted with.  It fitted her well.  “So what’s next?”  I asked her as I handed her my time table.  “I have Math while you have English, it’s opposite mine.  C’mon!”  She said smiling.  I found out that Jessica was on the cheer squad but didn’t join their clique and her friends were in different classes thus not being able to meet them.  “See ya in Homeroom Kays!”  She said before walking into her class.  I walked into mine and the teacher got me settled down.  She seems nice.  “Mrs Taylor! Seems like you have a new student sitting over there!  May I sit beside her to help her if she has problems?” Mr Big-ego asked as he walked into the class with a lopsided grin.  “Sure!  You’re so nice Caylen!”  Mrs Taylor smiled at him as he walked towards my desk.  God, I am sorry for whatever mistakes I have committed in the past, please just please not let him sit beside me!  I guess god didn’t receive my plead cause Cortez placed his sexy ass on his chair.  Girls were sending me death glares.  “Why are girls staring at me like that?”  I whispered to Cortez.  “Cause you’re sitting with the hottest guy in Deland High.”  He smirked, propping his feet on the desk.  “Stop staring Jacobs, you’ll be able to see more of it later after lunch.”  he winked.  “Like I said Cortez, I ain’t straight.”  I said sending him a wink before looking back in front. 


It was finally lunch and everyone was bustling about chatting and laughing.  I met up with Jessica’s friends who were really fun and nice to hang around with.  There was Nicky who was the genius, Ashley the player and Stephanie who was the conservative one.  They were really friendly and well they made me feel like we were bestfriends for such a long time.  Suddenly, the cafeteria grew quiet.  “Why is everyone quiet?”   I asked.  Jessica pointed over to a group of guys behind Cortez.  They were clad in Jeans and Leather Jackets and they looked well built with nice amount of muscles on their arms.  “Who are they?”  They looked scary to be honest.  Their faces gave off the ‘you shouldn’t mess with us’ vibe.    “Their friends with the ever so famous Caylen Cortez, and the guy beside Caylen is Aiden.  His best friend.”  Jessica said in awe.  I looked at Cortez.  He looked sexier in the light.  Okay, eww I sound like Bella from Twilight.  But, he does look sexier.  His muscles were showing and they sat about 4 tables away from us which was pretty near if you asked me and I think I’ve been talking for quite a long time. I also think I’ve done the most idiotic thing ever,  I made eye contact with the guy who actually, well partially annoyed me. 



Hello everybody!  Omg, I had to rewrite this because I got scared that it will be boring.  This is kinda my first time writing proper stories online so please give me a chance.  I would love it if you guys could give me feedback!  I'm trying to make this a little funny.  Tell all your friends and family and cats and dogs to read this! :)  Read, enjoy and drink your hot chocolate!

Ohhh, and I don't really know who to pick for my Caylen... So here are a few of them.  

Okay, I decided that models were alright to be the main lead but idk hahaha! I actually pictured the last guy as my Caylen cause he looked idk Spanish? I DON'T KNOW THOUGH. ALL DA GUYS LOOK YUMMY. So guys vote! :D <3 

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