Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


10. what!

Louis's p.o.v I heard Audri yell in the garden. I walked out there with a sad look plastered in Niall's face. "what's going how about we calm down yeah?" I said Niall looked at her then said something and walked inside "lets get you inside" i guided her there nut but she fought back a biylt but finally giving up. Everyone was doing well inside talking and laughing. Niall was quite silent though. Poor mate i know things will get better.even if she is stubborn. Audri's p.o.v- Im mad at myself for letting my guard down. Wrapping my arms around his neck what's wrong with me. Deep down inside though i keep getting this feeling that I liked it, his touch, the sparkle of his eyes when they boar into me soaking me all in, the tingle and warmth i felt when i touched him, they way his lips moved when he spoke to me. Oh god stop it Audri stop! Everyone was chatting and preoccupied with something even Niall with his silence.and thoughts. I walked into the kitchen and got the be hidden from me liquor shelf key. I walked over to the shelf unlocking it. I grabbed the first thing i saw which was vodka. It will do. I took a short swing letting the burn go down my throat. It relaxed me and made me forget. I took a longer swing letting it settle in my throat before swallowing. Im aready quite gone from what i was drinking with zoey and it just makes my forgeting easier. Im nearly half done with the bottle and i start hiccupping and laughing and stumbling like a lunatic all over the kitchen. Zoey walks in mouth wide open. "god dammit Audri hand it over!" She yelled at me. I guess the boys heard because the came stumbling in followed by Niall who walked in more slowly. "No!" I said taking another sip. "Really Audri you should listen to her." Liam said with pleading eyes "Errr no you not my father." I said stumbling into the fridge. "Audri really yo-" louis started i cut him off "Hell no" I took a long swing. "Really just please give it." Harry said putting his hand out. I just smirked and took another long swing. "Audri really stop before you hurt yourself." Zayn walked toward me. I took a step back and fell on my ass. Zoey stormed out if there looking furious Harry followed her calling her name. Liam shook his head and walked over to me and snatched the bottle out of my hand and poured it down the drain. "Nooo!" I was mad now. I started cursing little nothings under my breath. Niall sighed and helped Zayn pick me up to my feet. This time I didn't fight back. Then i felt my throat warm up and a swirl at the pit of my stomach. I pushed pass the boys and ran to the bathroom and hunched over the toilet. Everything came up from my hatred and worries to breakfast. Suprisingly Liam was holding back my hair and Zayn gave me a warm towel. I sat there in the bathroom for at least 10 minutes. I walked back into the living room they were watching toy story. Harry handed me a cup of coffee and told me to drink up. I examined everyone on the couch Niall was hunched over a bowl of popcorn he looked a little more happy then before. It made me smile the louis eyed me with a smirk. New text message: louis :): I see you looking at him!! To: louis:) : how did you get my number? From: louis:) : Zoey and she put mine in your phone and the rest of the boys numbas she said you wouldn't mind. To: louis:) : no i don't but keep whatching the movie and not me lol. From: louis:) : fine but sit next to me.. And niall I looked at him and he winked at me. Oh god.they have serious problems. I walked sliding my feet on tje floor and plopped in between them. A perfect fit. I looked a Niall and he looked at me. I don't know if it was the guilt in me or the way he looked at me but I mouthed him "im sorry" and he almost dropped his popcorn. He looked at me wide eyed and nodded. We whatched the movie till i heard a knock at the.door. I opened it up a pizzaman stood there struggling holding at least 5 pizzas. I helped him grabbing hold of 2. I turned and looked at the boys and Zoey l. Harry got up and paid the man and Zayn grabbed the rest of the pizzas. I closed the.door with my foot and strode off to the kitchen with the rest of them. They all started eating picking up random peices. Ughh i grabbed plates and handed them out. They said thanks. "Im sorry guys about earlier." I said looking down at my hands. " Its fine it coulda been worse" Zayn said they all nodded in agreement. Zoey came over and gave me a hug. "Eat something" she said i just shook my head " im notbhungry" i said and walked to my room. I sat on my bed and looked out the.window. I heard a knock at my door. "come in!" I said turning around Niall walked in with a plate of pizza handing it over. I took it without hesitation. " can we talk." He said i looked at him and patted the space next to me. " sure" he walked over and sat down. I felt tingley and warm like in the garden. "why did you say sorry?" He said his turned serious "i don't know but i know i needed to." I said playing with strands of my blonde hair. " hmmm i guess but why do you push me away." I was taken aback by that what did he mean I.pushed him away. He sighed. "you look at me like you want me but then you get mad" he said inching closer to me. I shrugged my shoulders not making any eye contact because if i do i might do something stupid. he lifted my chin turning my face toward him. He looked at me in my eyes. His eyes took my breath away I blinked thats all I could do. He inched closer to my face I was paralyzed. Dammit Audri fucking move this cannot happen. Oh but i Want to but i just can't . His lips softly touched mine I breathed in and he pressed harder. i.could't resist i kissed him backrunning my hand through his hair pulling him closer. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and I let him in. Our tounges danced together fighting for domimance. I pulled back catching my breath i looked at him wide-eyed and bit my lip. " im sorry" he said and he walked out the room I heard his footsteps go down the steps. " don't be." I whispered. Oh god what did i just do.
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