Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


29. What Next?! Find Niall?


Audri's pov;

I changed out of my clothes and sat on my bed while Liam unpacked my things for me. I just managed to stop crying and was thinking about what to do, it was really late, and I was starting to get worried about Niall being out. "Do you think he will be okay?" I asked Liam as he finished unpacking and sat down on the end of my bed. "Once he has calmed down, he will come back...things wont be fine for a while though Audri..he's hurt" Liam tells me giving me a sympathetic look.

Someone knocks on my door, and I feel my stomach turn funny. I wasn't ready for yet another argument, I just wanted to be alone, or be with Niall. Liam opened the door and Zoey stood there, her hair up and tear stained eyes. "I just want to talk to my best mate Liam..please" She choked out as Liam looked at me and I gave him a slight nod. 

"I'll just be in the room next door, call me if you need me" He tells me as he leaves the room and Zoey stands staring at me. I look towards her and feel the tears start to fall again. "Whats wrong with you?" I ask as I see tears in her eyes as well she walks over to the bed and lays next to me. I put my arm around her and she begins to cry on my shoulder. I'm confused because I thought she was still angry with me.  "Zoey..whats happened?" I ask. She wipes her eyes and picks a teddy up from my bed.

"I've just missed you, and I feel like all this is my fault. I made you come to the concert, I made you hang out with us and see Niall and Louis more" She whispers, her eyes finding something else to focus on. "well none of its your fault Zoe...and I know that isn't the reason or if it is, there's more" I tell her. I could tell from the way she was acting she had problems going on that were as big as mine.

"It's Zayn" She muttered as I sat up and crossed my legs getting ready to listen to her. "He told me not long after you and Niall left..that he really liked me" She said quietly glancing towards the door. 

" you feel the same at all" I ask. She shakes her head violently. "Of course not Audri. I love Harry" She half shouts at me as I glare at her and get of the bed. "Fine okay I just asked. Don't take it out on me, we both have problems here" I tell her as she looked over to the window.

"Harry and Zayn went to find Niall..what if Zayn says something, he has been acting obsessed with me ever since he told me" She asked in a worried tone. She got up and walked up and down pacing the room.

"Calm down. He isn't stupid, he wont say anything with this going on okay. Just let Zayn no that your not interested. He will find someone else. I promise it will be okay" I tell her stopping her from pacing and she pulled me into a hug.   "I missed you, please don't leave me again" She mumbles as I feel myself smile for the first and last time for a while. 

I open the door and brace myself for whatever was going to happen next. Zoey came by my side and squeezed my hand before walking of in front. Liam came out of the next room and followed us both downstairs.  "are you sure you want to go down their, Louis is still down there" He whispered as I shrugged and continued into the front room. 

Louis immediately stood up and pulled me into a hug. "Im sorry it had to happen like that Audri, we should have told him straight away" He whispers. I don't hug him back, it doesn't feel right. Thats when I knew that I loved Niall and he was the only one I want to be with, but he hates me now, and I don't think we would ever be the same again. I feel the tears in my eyes again and force them back and step away from Louis. 

His soft smile goes to a frown and he sighs. "you chose him anyway didn't you" he asked harshly. Zoey sat down and Liam came over to us.  "Don't start now Louis, don't you think you've been in enough arguments today?" Liam pushed him over to the side and whispered a few things to him as I sat down by Zoey. 

"They said they would text when they find him" She told me as if she could tell what I was thinking and new i was worrying about him. Louis laughed and sat staring at me. 

"Whats funny?" I snap.

"Audri" Liam warns as Louis just laughs more.

"Don't you think its funny, I mean we first met you, you hated all of us and wanted him to stay away. You couldn't make up your mind and now all of a sudden your sure you want him? You never even gave us a chance Audri" He blurted out as Zoey sat mouth wide open shocked.

"You weren't meant to want a chance, Louis we agreed it was a mistake" I say shocked and confused that he confessed. He must have been feeling like i was, just now I know I only love Niall in that way.

"I said it was a mistake for you Audri, I didn't want you to feel guilty. Audri I love you" He shouted getting annoyed. 

"oh god" Liam mumbles as he takes a seat and stares into space.

"I c-cant deal with this right now" I tell them and get up and walk out. I head to the door and when I open it  Harry and Zayn are standing there. They step aside and Niall is standing behind them. His eyes are tear stained and he just looks up at me with a disgusted look on his face. Which just makes me cry again and feel like nothing I could ever do would make this any better.


"Don't cry Audri, It's not going to make me feel guilty...that's just what you and him should be feeling not me" Niall snaps nastily as he pushes past me. I see him wince as he goes past, and he goes to go into the front room but see's Louis.  "I'll be in my room" He tells Harry.

Harry and Zayn turn to me. "You okay?" Harry asks softly as I just glare at him.  "No thanks to you" I say grabbing my own coat and leaving the house. Harry opens it up and runs out after me. 

"Wait Audri..where you going..I've already been on one missing person hunt.." I don't let him finish his sentence.  "then don't come after me, don't try to find me. I'll came back when im ready, you've never bothered or worried about me before" I tell him leaving him standing in the cold and walking off in the direction I new was the park. 

I needed to just think what I'd do next, how I'd make things right. I feel a slight pain in my stomach and start to feel sick again. If i had food poisoning would it hurt like this? would it make me feel like this?


Like, Comment, fav, Feedback? I'm sorry its only a short chapter, Im still on holiday and took me ages to just write this chapter, as I had to go out in between writing it. I hope you like it anyway, Its more of a filler really. Its been really exciting writing this story and chapters for you. I hope your going to like the next few chapters and the Sequel were going to write!!!! :) Im so excited.

Enjoy Thank for the amount of reads, and likes this story has got so far. Me and Briana really appreciate your feedback and the fact that you just simply want to read this.

New Chapters soon!!!x

~Katie *.*x 


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