Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


22. were did that come from?

Zoey's p.o.v I woke up snuggled up with Harry on the couch still asleep. I untangled myself from him turning off the movie that must have been playing all night. I looked around the living room seeing Liam curled up in the arm chair, louis on the loveseat and Zayn no where in sight. I walked into the kitchen putting on a pot of coffee I looked out the window. Oh, Bingo I found Zayn sitting outside on the bench in the garden on the phone yelling. I waited till he hung to walk outside. I walked across the grass till I got into the garden bench "Zayn are you alright." I asked he looked mad as ever till he looked up at me his face softened. "Yeah im fine." He said I didn't believe him I shook my head "Really." I said he sighed "whats up Zoey what do you want?" He said turning looking at me "to see if your ok." I said "I said im-" i cut him off " I don't believe you." I insist je tell me I have all day to sit here and bother him into telling me. "I don't think you wanna know Zoey." He said tilting his head back "Oh but I do Mr.Malik." I said he turned to me looking down "I think I like you." He said. Did he just say what I think he said? Zayn like me? But im with Harry. "Zayn what is going on you know im with Harry." I said he nodded "I know but I just thought I should tell you." He said I honestly don't know how to handle this situation so I just hugged him and kissed him on his cheek "you are brave for telling me Zayn." I said before walking into the house. Were did that come from? ________________________ Audri's p.o.v We had been standing on the balcony for awhile but now I wanted to do something fun. "Niall?" I asked "yes?" He mumbled into my hair "can we do something now?" I asked he laughed nodding his head "lets go zip lining and then scuba diving?" He sad I turned around jumping up and down "Really!" I asked I never been zip lining or scuba diving. "Yes really! Now go get a swimsuit to bring with you so when we go diving after lining." He said I ran into the hotel room stopping in my tracks. Sometimes I can't believe this is real. I felt Niall wrap his arms around me "whats wrong?" He asked me. I didn't want him to think something was wrong. "I am just still taking in all the beautiful views still suprised even if I seen them already. So nothing is wrong everything is great Niall." I said I smiled and turned "perfect.everything is perfect." I said then I went to my suitcase pulling out my turqouise bikinni and putting it in my small backpack I was going to bring. Then I threw in sunscreen, lip balm, a towel and scrunchies. I slipped my pack on turning to Niall "Ready." He looked at me and then at his watch "you know you get ready really quickly." He said and I nodded bouncing up and down. Niall had changed into shorts and a tank. Its good he changed I thought he might had end up having a heat stroke. he grabbed a few things before grabbing my hand and running out the hotel room and down multiple halls and into the elevator. Niall pressed the ground floor button while I hunched over breathing hard god Im so unfit! "Audri are you ok?" i heard Niall ask I stood up straight breathing regular again "I am totally fine!." I said leaning against the clear glass of the elevator. He shook his head laughing. Then the elevator doors opened and we walked off getting bumped by a few people rushing to get on. " rude!" I uelled at one lady who looked back at me and kept walking. Niall intertwined his fingers with mine pulling me through the crowded hotel till we got outside "Here you go Mr. Horan." A man with shorts and a flower shirt handed him a pair of keys. I looked around the lot guessing which rental was ours. I don't know why I did that when I noticed it was right in front of us. It was a jeep without a roof like you see in those beach movies haha a classic. I hopped in before Niall could open the door for me. Oops. Then Niall got in starting the car and pulling out of the hotel. We didn't talk much along the way because I was to busy sticking my freaking head out the window taking in all the views of wildlife and beaches. Then the car stopped and Jerked forward almost falling out the window. "Oh god Audri be careful." Niall said pulling me in by the belt loops of my shorts me stumbling back in flying across the front seat onto his lap. "haha I think were here Niall." I said giving him a peck on the cheek and sliding across the rest of his lap getting out the car. Hehe that reminded me of the first time I did it. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder guiding me over to a group of people watching and instructor talk. "this is how you zip line listen close." He explained alot of things and what not and handed us all harnesses to put on like he showed us. I slipped mine on getting tangled. I don't know how but I just did. "Niall a little help." He looked over at me busrting into laughter and pulling out his phone taking a picture. I frowned "Really Niall help." He laughed a bit more finally clearing his throat and helping me get out and in the harness. "There." He said I laughed shaking my head. Then the instructor handed out helmets and I slipped mine on. Then we walked through and almost jungle like place before climbing this post to get to the start of the zipline. Everybody went and it was me and Niall were left. "You wanna go first Audri?" Niall asked I shook my head "You go." I insisted he go I was a little scared to jump he shrugged kissing my forehead then turning back to me once more "see you at the other side." He said then jumped laughing and squealing like a little kid. Then it was my turn the instructor up reminded me of somethings and told me jump when im ready. I took a deep breath and looked ahead I jumped in taking a leap away from my bad thoughts and toward a good time with Niall at the otherside. I can't wait to Scuba. _____________________________________________________ LIKE.COMMENT.FAVORITE. :) SORRY IF ITS KINDA SHORT! FEEDBACK ME AND KATIE NEED SOME SERIOUS FEEDBACK GUYS!!!! Comment and we will love you forever <3 ~ BRIANA
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