Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


17. Trying is the hardest thing to do!


Audri's pov;

We pulled up outside the house, and i noticed a few men standing around outside with camera's. I sighed and Niall shot me a nervous glance. I almost forgot that if i was to hang around with these guys Id have to put up with thousands of fans that scream loudly and paps that almost constantly follow them around.  I waited for everyone to get out the car, and then Louis turned back and offered me his hand to take, I considered it and looked over at Harry, to see him nudge Liam. Liam walked over and slung my arm around his shoulder helping me out the car and walking me towards the door, I mouthed a thank you to Harry and he gave me a half struggled smile in return. I know I'd messed up just as much as he knew and I was going to make things right, I just needed to talk to Louis alone, and figure out my mind.

"Liam! Is the young girl okay? What happened?" " Liam, whats her Name? Which one of you is she dating?"  " Harry hows you and Zoey doing?" I frowned at put my head down as the guys flashed the camera's in my face and one of the paps got right up in front of me, I noticed how the others stopped to talk to them and Harry had his arm round Zoey.   "Liam i need to get out of here sorry" I  whispered as he nodded in understandment.  "Is your name Audri? Can we ask you some questions?" I felt Liam tense up in anger of the man in front of us. "Back of Mate okay! Not today!" He said sternly as the pap smiled and backed off walking over to the others yelling questions. I put my head on Liam's shoulder and he continued to walk me inside and sat me down on the sofa.

"thank you Liam" He sat down next to me and gave me a concerned look.

"your welcome, I know its hard to get used to...Audri..Harry told me about ..well what happened" He mumbled putting his hand on mine and staring into my eyes. I looked away outside to see them heading in.  "okay..Liam I promise im going to fix it okay? I just i need time to sort out my head..and I want my mum" i told him feeling tears start forming in my eyes again. I slapped my forehead with my hand over and over again, and cursed under my breathe. "Audri STOP IT" Liam shouted bending down on the floor and grabbing my hands. The others came running in and gathered around me as i sat forcing tears back, not wanting to see Louis or Niall's faces.

"I cant its my fault" I spat. "I shouldnt have rung her! I practicly killed her".  My voice went wobbly as I broke down yet again, I don't know what these boys were doing to me, since they had been around It's like i could feel myself getting weaker and having less control over myself.

"DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT!" Niall shouted at me coming and sitting down next to me. "Audri, she didn't have to reply to you, she could have waited, it's not your fault it was her choice" He told me putting his arm around me, I smelt his lovely scent and rested my head on his shoulder. He put his hand on my head and softly stroked it.  "Louis" I heard Harry call, I glance up seeing Harry shaking his head and looking around the room, and Louis wasn't in the place he was standing a second ago.

"I know, The fair's on! Audri, i know you better than anyone and the fair can just take your mind of something, show you that you have us and were not going to let you done" Zoey said walking over and taking my head as i managed to smile at her. She pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear, "Im always her for you Audri". we pulled away and i  looked around for a jacket.  "Here you can borrow my jumper that i brought round earlier" Niall said giving me a hollister jumper for me to put over the top. "Thank you".

Louis walked in and gave me a soft smile, "Needed a drink" He told the others as they all stared at him when he walked in. "Were going to the fair" Liam stated to him as his smile grew. I laughed as he looked like a child at christmas, and he laughed to.

A minute later we were all heading out the door. Once we opened it there was a lot more paps and a few fans outside. I stepped back away from the door, but felt an arm around my waist.  "its okay Audri, Im here I wont let anything happen, you can do this" Niall stated looking down at me and giving me a soft smile that made my heart melt. At this moment I new my mind, I new that Niall was the one I loved the one I wanted to be with, and I felt like i could scream it. I looked forward as we started walking and saw Louis with a little girl he picked her up and kissed her cheek and made her laugh, I felt funny in my stomach, almost proud and felt myself begin to be confused again. How can i choose from Louis and Niall? There two most amazing boys and I love them both so much, I just don't know who i see myself to be with.

I felt Niall squeeze my waist as we got near the car, and once everyone was in we drove off.


*after a 20 minute car ride to the fair*

We found a parking space and the boys jumped out.  "right where we all going?" Zoey asked looking around at everyone. "burger van" Niall shouted, "ghost train" Harry and Zayn shouted. "Rollicoaster" I shouted. Everyone laughed and then looked over at Zoey. "right..okay I'll go with Niall to get some food, Harry and Zayn go to ghost train, Audri can go rollocoaster, Liam where do you want to go?"  We all looked to Liam as he pointed over to a game where you could win teddys, and Louis said he didn't know where he wanted to go, and would probably just walk around. Everyone dispersed and made a meeting time and place, and I headed over towards the rollercoaster with Louis following behind. Maybe this was my chance to talk to him.  "you coming with me?" I asked as he sped up to walk beside me. "yeah..if that's okay?" He asked nevously. I laughed and grabbed his hand as we ran to the line. It wasnt that short and within minutes we were sitting in a cart waiting for more people. 

"Audri..we need to talk" he mumbled. "I know, Louis look im sorry about what happened, I do like you a lot...but well i was angry with Niall and I love Niall too" I told him looking at him as I saw his face frown and he rubbed his forehead with his hand.  " wasn't a mistake? You just need to sort out your head and you love me?" He asked putting his hand on mine. I nodded and sighed.

"Louis I love you more than you know, But I also feel the same about Niall..I just im not sure which one I feel more strongly for, I don't know whether to go with my head or my heart..Im sorry but we just have to be friends and it cant happen again" He nodds and puts his arm round me instead.

"Friends can still do this...Niall did it earlier, so I should be able to" He stated as the bar of the cart came down, and the warning to keep hands and feet in the cart the whole time came through the speakers.  "Hold on tight Its going to be a bumpy ride" He whispered as the cart started moving and we started going up a very steep and big track.


I closed my eyes and thought, It was certainly going to be a bumpy ride, with everything going on, Life was one big rollercoaster for me. It felt like I was constantly going up a very steep track, and only ever having a short going down. Thats when i made a promise to myself, to embrace the rollercoaster of life, and see where life takes me, no worring and living for the moment.



Hey Guys!!! I hope you like this chapter, I tried to make this chapter as long as i can, without putting other chapter idea's into this one chapter. Please give some feedback and continue to read, thank you so much for all the support and reads it means a lot to me and Briana. Please also , if possible could you recommend this story to friends, we would really love to get more reads and more feedback! :) Should be another chapter either later today or tomorrow. I may only be able to put a small chapter on, on sunday and Monday, because Monday's my 16th and tomorrow im spending most of the day with my whole family :). Anyway thank you all! Your all amazing!xxx

~Katie *.* x

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