Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


14. The morning after! -.- x


Niall's pov;

"Morning mate" Louis shouted, waking me up from what must have been the best dream i've ever had, I was holding Audri's hand and we were running along the beach and we laid down in the sand and she was about to kiss me when Louis woke me. I groaned and sat up feeling the regret of drinking so much last night, and then remembered making out with a girl in the toilet. I slammed my hand against my forehead and cursed at myself standing up as Louis just sat laughing.

"Where's Audri? I need to talk to her" I ask him and watch his face full. "What?..but i were with a girl last night Niall...aren't you over her?" He asked looking around the room and then looking back at me and faking a smile. I raised my eyebrows and sighed.

"Lou..I love her man, I was drunk and i dont know but things happen and I need to talk to her, I need to tell her how much she means to me" I tell him desperately, He bits his lip and stands up. "Right, your right mate, You two belong together dont let anyone stand in your way, She's in her room, go get your girl" He tells me patting my back and then slowly walking out my room. I hear him stop before he carries on walking down the stairs. Whats got into him? I just don't understand his actions and what he says anymore?.


Louis's pov;

I was gutted as I left Nialls room, I couldn't tell him about what happened last night, I know she wanted it to happen as much as i did, but what if she changes her mind. I can't do it to my best mate. I walked past her room, and looked in noticing it was empty. No such luck for Niall then, I felt a small smile and felt guilty before carrying on walking downstairs. I walked into the room and everyone was sitting on the sofa's watching television. "Hey mate you alright?" Harry asks me as I feel his eyes bore into my mind and i just shrug and smile at him. He gives me a 'we'll talk later look' and puts his arm round Zoey. I look away and find my eyes land on Audri's and i gulp feeling my emotions rush into my mind and the feeling of her hands all over my body last night blowing up in my mind. "Morning" she mumbles before looking away and smiling at the television screen. Was this all a plan? Did she know what she was doing to me. Which one of us did she want?.

Audri's pov;

I woke up early and didnt want to face anyone so i went down and sat on the sofa with a cup of tea, thinking about everything, which wasn't good as i already had a headache. I feel guilt in my stomach but remember i don't have to feel guilty..Its not like i was in a relationship with was just some fun at a party right?. It wasn't long before Liam and Zayn emerged in the front room, laughing about last night. I noticed how they talked about everyone's actions at the party apart from Nialls. Which annoyed me and I don't no why..maybe it just felt like they were trying to hide things from me, protect me maybe but i dont need protecting I new what he was when i met him at the meet and greet and i'd prepared myself for this.

I laughed along.." yeah and when Niall ended up snogging the face of that girl who answered the door...the party was great" I added, before laughing again. I noticed how the boys wasn't laughing and were just looking at me as if they pitied me. "Audri" Liam said coming and sitting next to me. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a hug. "you alright babe?" He asked softly as I pulled away and moved his arm from around me.  "What? Of course...Hello this is me? and your all just some lame boyband" I told them smiling as they laughed but looked a little hurt. "but..your mine and Zoey's lame boyband..and your not bad friends" i tell them as well all laugh and Zayn comes over for a group hug.  "I think thats the nicest thing were ever going to hear her say" We snap our heads up to see Harry standing at the door with Zoey in toe. They took to the other sofa, and sat cuddled up as the boys put their arms around me and we all laughed around.

It wasnt long till Louis walked into the room, I noticed he looked a bit down...did he regret it, as much as i think i do?. I waited till he finished talking to Harry to say hello. "Morning" I mumbled as he gulped but stayed staring into my eyes. I felt the memories flooding back and looked towards the television, I couldnt help but smile as the memory of mine and his lips connecting flooded through my mind. For a while it was the only thing i could think off, until he took a seat on the opposite chair. 

It was quite for a while until Louis spoke, "so Harry..we heard you and Zoey had a good night" He winked at me and we both laughed, as Liam and Zayn frowned at looked at Harry, zoey's face went pale and she shot me a glare as Harry just chuckled and kissed her head. "yeah..we did, it was a good party" He said as Liam and Zayn joined us in laughing .

I saw Harry staring at Louis, who was staring at me. Which made things really awkward. "Whos we anyway?" Harry asked him giving him a look that could probably kill.. Louis looked at him and then went a bit pale before looking away.  "Me..and Audri..we heard you" He said without a tone in his voice. "right..and what where you two doing upstairs?" he asked faking a smile but still staring straight at Louis. I looked to Louis for him to say something and not tell anyone..didn't he say to keep it quite anyway? 

"We were..looking for you and Zoey actually" I blurted out quickly looking to Harry to see if he bought it. His head snapped so he was looking at me.  He shook his head and gave me a look to say he was ashamed of me. "huh..right" he mumbled as Liam decided to turn the television over.

"Niall will probably be down in a minute" Louis added fidgeting with his hand. I heard Harry laugh and stand up.  " right.. I'm sorry i was going to wait, but i need to talk to Audri...can you all just go out for a little while please?" He asked as Liam and Zayn jumped up and rushed to get their coats, i think they could sense something was up anyway. I sighed and curled up into a ball on the sofa as Louis stood up and looked at us both.  "Want me to stay?" He asked me as i just blinked at him. "Just go Lou..please" Harry snapped. As Liam slung his arm round Zoey and Harry gave her a smile before she frowned at me and walked out with the rest, at which point Niall come down the stairs and i heard Louis's voice. "hey mate, heres your coat come on where going out." I head Niall mumble something but then I saw them all get into Nialls car and them drive off.

I looked at Harry who was just standing staring at me like an over protective Dad, so i couldnt help but laugh.

"you think this is funny?" he spat as i winced at his behavior. He looked down at the floor, "sorry" he mumbled. 

"HOW COULD YOU AUDRI" He shouted, I felt all the guit again as i ran my finger through my hair and just looked at him not knowing what to say.




Woo! So i finish school next tuesday so will have lots of time to write because i dont start college till i think like some time in september! :) I will be so dedicated to giving you guys 1-2 chapters a day! :) I love writing this story with Brianna, she's a really good writer and we've had so  many great idea's for what to add to make this story interesting for you all! :) So please keep reading and liking it really does mean the world to us! Please could you also recommend this story to your directioner friends , we really would love to get even more reads. Your all so great thank you!x

~Katie *.* x

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