Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


8. Stop it

Ok youe probably like the chapters are so short!im gonna change that i just really wasnt feeling to good :( and yet it gets better PROMISE! If you ever make it this far in the reading.. And your proandly wtf were is Audri's mom... At her grandma's :) she will show back up! ~ briana ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Audri's p.o.v It was cold this morning and Zoey decided she spend more nights over here for only god knows why. I am still pretty mad at what happened at the meet and greet. Shame they probably think im a mean bitch but i couldn't careless. Im not a fan anyway. But as for Zoey she probably is mad at me for being rude. I get out if bed and brush my teeth, i throw my hair in a ponytail not bothering to comb out the knots. I walk downstairs and but on a pot of coffee that will wake up Zoey out of her hibernation. Seconds later Zoey is running down the stairs phone in hand mouth wide open. "Audri get dressed" she barked orders at me I had no idea what was happening. I ran upstairs and slipped on skinny jeans and a white long sleeved v-neck with my ruffled scarf and boots. "whats going on?" My stomach is growling god dammit this better be good. "The boys are taking us for breakfast" she said it all slow like ime retarded. My stomach dropped she can't be serious I can't be around them after what I said to Niall. "Im not going and that is final." i sat on the couch crossing my arms. She peirced her lips " I don't care what happened at that meet and greet your doing this for me." She said plopping down beside me "and plus what are best friends for... I really really like harry fyi" she puppy eyed me. " fine." I sighed she jumped up and down. This is gonna be so damn awkward. She looked at me and motioned to my hair. Holy shit my hair.. I need to brush it. I ran to the bathroom and started tugging a comb through. Ughh it hurts. After several tuggs and flat iron miricles it was straight and full of life. I walked into the hallway and heard an american accent, 4 british accents, and 1 irish accent. Oh god help me now here goes nothing. I walked in the living room with smilei can put on. "hey" i said slipping on a coat. They all said hey execpt Niall he just stared I couldn't help but stare back. No Audri stop it. Zoey smiled at me with a look of 'good job' but it turned into 'talk to him'. "lets get going" louis said walking out the door. Harry clenched on to Zoey's hand Her eyes got wide. He moves fast. We drove for a good 10 minutes listening to the radio. Then one thing came on and the sung along while i kept my trap closed. We pulled Into the parking lot. We all hopped out and then a rush of fans came like a mob towards us. They were screaming all kinds of things but when i heard this girl looks like she could be at least 16 scream "Niall fuck me!!!" I laughed and i mean uncontrolably. We funally got through the mob and i was in tears of laughter. The bits looked at me like i was crazy. We got seated by then i was just giggling. " the angry one has a sense of humor" zayn said they all started laughing. Even Niall. " I am human aren't i?" I joked zoey shook her head no and i smiled flashing my deep dimples. Harry looked at me grinning at me "you have dimples?" Everyone turned to me "yawmp" i said I was sitting in between louis and zayn and niall was sitting next to harry who was next to Zoey. "take a picture with me and flash you dimples" he said pulling out his phone. I leaned over the table. Click. Done. "whats your twitter name?" He said "@Audri_Monroe" i said. My phone buzzed as the waiter came. Breakfast with the boys and my girl @Zoeyboo and my new dimple Buddie @Audri_Monroe x And it showed the pic if us flashing our dimples haha cute. I smiled and looked up Niall was looking st me. Everyone had order exept me. I just ordered whtaever xoey got. Niall's p.o.v Her laugh was mezmerizing even if she was laughing about some teenage girl begging me to have sex with her. We were sitting at the table in the cafe and everyone was getting along then she smiled a smile that flashed her deep dimples. Oh god. Harry noticed and took a picture. Him and Zoey seem to have been getting a little to close to fast after meeting a day ago. Thats none of my business anyways. I kept looking at her she qas smiling and laughing Along with everyone but I kept having flashbacks of what happen At the meet and greet. I've never felt this way about a girl at all she makes me feel all warm and tingley when i look at her. Even if i barely know her. But with the thing with harry and Zoey going on it can be my chance to change that. "what can i get for you today?" The waitress beemed at us. We all ordered and then glanced at Zoey who hadn't ordered she looking at her phone then smiling at harry. "oh.. Um... Can I get whatever she ordered" she said nodding toward Zoey. The waitress nodded her head and walked to the back. I kept staring at zoey the,way her blue eyes sparkled, her blonde hair flowing when she turned her head. She was perfection. "Niall so what do you think?" Liam asked. They all looked at me "yeah it alright." I said i was staring at Audri. She arched an eyebrow "you think that Adele is alright she is great." She said smiling a little. I think she is trying to make it less awkward by actually talking to me. When I remeber she said to leave her alone. She is all kinds of crazy. I cant tell just by looking but I like it. "oh no i mean she is great.. Sorry i kinda zoned out." I saix blushing probably a deep shade of red. Louis nudged me under the table. I guess that ment 'keep up'. Our meals finally arrived thank gosh. I chowed down staying out of most of the conversation to keep from embarrassment and awkwardness. I decided to pay the bill. We all walked out the cafe and headed for, no fans in sight. Everyone climed in before either me or Audri could try. She climed in and for the love of god i have no choice but to sit next to her. I climed in and shut the door. I could feel the tension between us with the long car ride of awkward silence . Luckily Zayn switched on the radio. About 5 mins later we pulled up in front of Audri's house. They girks jumped out and waved goodbye. The boys were cracking up from tue look on my face when Audri slid her bum across my lap not giving me a chance to move. But it just hurt ke more to know ahe wouldn't ever be mine and hearing it come from her mouth. We drove off . "who idea was it to sit me an Audri together?" I asked crossing my arms. Hardy turned to me "It was actualky Zoey's but the bum thing was just in the moment but your face was priceless." He said "well its not like i like Audri." I said I knew i was lying really badly right now "Mate its pretty obvious you like her i mean you practiclly drooling over her at breakfast." Zayn said whike the other boys nodded in agreement. "well so what if i do." I said sounding like a 5 year old "its not like she wants me" louis looked at me with sad eyes "what do you mean?" Liam asked the same time as Harry. I told them what I told louis that night. " it will bE fine mate give it time." Harry said. " yeah ok but look at you and Zoey." I sighed looking out the window. We pulled Into the hotel parking lot. I hopped out the van and headed straight upstairs ignoring all the girls calling my name and i locked myself in there. Audri has no idea what she is doing to me. She makes me want to chase her.
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