Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


13. slam bam to the party jams

Audri's p.o.v I looked in the mirror it wasn't simple Audri anymore. It was a hipster punk goddess with long flowing blonde loose curls down her back, and smokey eye makeup making her eyes pop and red firey lips, and high waist shorts makeing her legs look model long. I looked like a rebel which i was with my attitude. I turned to Zoey and dragged her to the top of the staircase "lets party" i said she walked down the stairs in front of me . The boys looked away from the tv staring at us. Louis whistles remindimlng me of what he said earlier. Harry wrapped his arms around Zoey's waist whispering to her making her gasp and giggle. Im not gonna be miss attitude tonight im gonna take louis's advice. I decided to tese them a bit i slipped off my wristband and dropped it turning around and picking it up make sure they had a view of my bum. Zoey cracked up. "what?" I asked innocently with a devilish grin. Niall was red harry was laughing louis and liam were wide eyed and zayn bit his lip. "you know i change a few things about you outfit and your whole attitude changes." Zoey said i just rolled my eyes "so were is the party" i asked sliping my wristband back on "at a friends house" harry said waliking to the door pulling Zoey behind him "lets get this show on the road" louis said pushing past harry and zoey running to the car and hopping in the We piled into the back of the van and louis switched on the radio katy perry was playing. We sang along in horrible voices. We laughed and joked around. I felt like nothing could go wrong right now. I guess there not half bad for a boyband. Louis p.o.v We pulled up to the large house and i parked the car. They stumbled out the van laughing and gasping for fresh air. "niall that stunk" zayn said and liam fan the air. Niall blushed "i told audri not to tickle me or i would fart" niall said pointing to audri. I turned to her "you caused the stench" i screeched she laughed her head off nodding. We walked up to the door and Harry pounded on it. A random blonde opened it spilling her drink on herself "shit" she muttered before walking off. We walked in and there were bodies grinding everywhere and people making out in corners. "well im off" zayn said mixing in the crowd liam did the same. Zoey and harry started grinding Niall went someplace and audri talked to some random guy. I felt a ping of jealousy and downed a drink followed by 3 more. "hey handsome" i turned around to see a redhead chick smiling at me "hello love" i said grinning back at her "why you here alone" she asked i just shrugged my,shoulders. "dance with me" she said pulling me on the floor grinding on me. She wasnt an Audri but she will do. *2 hours later* Audri's p.o.v I stumbled through the massive crowd drunk as hell. My legs were sticky from the drinks spilled on them and it smelled pretty sweaty. I found my way to the kitchen and grabbed a counter for support. I dug through the fridge looking for any sign of what but apparently they know of no such thing because all i found is more liquor. I moved myself onto the counter playing with cups and sipping tequila and i mean im pretty fucked up. I felt a churning im the pit of my stomach. Oh no another episode of vomting coming on to me. I.hopped off the counter and ran though the house and into the bathroom before being slammed onto the bathroom floor by 2 bodies but i didnt care they didnt notice me anyway. I crawled to the otherside of the bathroom holding my hair back and letting it all go. I wiped my eyes and looked up to see who was in here. They ahd to be pretty drunk not to notice me. I look up and see niall sucking faces with the girl who anwered the door. I held in my gasp and grabbed mouthwash and crawled out. I was pissed i rinsed out my mouth and spit it out in the plant pot. I walked to and downed the rest of the tequila. I walked into the most hyped room and stumbled around looking for louis. Im gonna make niall pay. I saw louis talking to a redhead by the snacks i walked over to them. "louiss c-can wee talkk" i said slurring my words. He nodded and i dragged him upstairs before head could proccess what just.happened. I closed the door and locked it. "so whats up?" He asked sitting on the bed "well now is later so lets talk" i said sitting on his lap "Audri your pretty drunk" he said placing me next to him. "don't act like your not and i know what im doing" i said looking at him "really he said crossing his arms i didn't reply i just smashed my lips into his. At first he resisted but he gave in i put my hands through his hair pushing him back on the bed. He rolled over so he was on top of me us both kicking off our shoes. Damn i was drunk. I pulled his shirt over his head while he pulled mine. He kissed me again fighting for dominace amd ofcourse winning. I unbuckled his belt and tugged them down and he kicked them off. "no fair" he said tugging my shorts off. He nibbled at neck leaving marks. I let out a small moan running my hands down his toned chest. He pulled at my elastic and looked up at me i nodded and he pulled them off while i unhinged my bra. He he sat up looking me up and down. He didnt seem so drunk to me anymore but sadly i was. I pulled at his boxers and he kicked them off. I looked down and gasped and looked back up at him. he smirked " if it hurts ill stop" he said he entered me and i gasped letting a tear roll down my cheek. He looked at me and i motioned keep going and he found his rhythm making me clench the sheets. We both let out small moans then he started slamming into me "louis " i screeched digging my nails in his back. "hold it" he said and i did he slammed into me some more "now"he said and i let go exhaling as his thrust became sloppy. He layed next to,me us both cathcing our breath. He looked at me and smiled and we both got dressed. We were walking back downstairs when im pretty sur i heard someone scream out harry's name it sounded like zoey. I turned to louis and started laughing and he did to the he motion a zipper to his mouth and i did the same. I knew he ment about us. He returned to hte redhead and i started dancing with strangers. But the more i thought about the more i knew i was gonna regret what happen. __________________________________________________ So Comment whatcha think and like it would mean the world to me and Katie :
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