Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


27. She Knows? Twitter messages?


Audri's pov;

By the time we got out of the elevator, we had to grab our bags and leave for the airport, as we didn't know how many fans were going to be around waiting for him. I try to stop myself from shaking still and Niall puts his arms around me whispering in my ear, that its okay and we are out. 

We grab our bags and he heads to the other elevator. I stop and stare at him as he turns and laugh. "Audri, we are in a rush" He stated pressing the button. I lifted my bag up and pointed to the stairs. "Fine, I'll meet you down then, remember we're in a rush, when you get stuck okay" I tell him, as he sighs and follows me to the stairs.

"Audri, there's so many stairs" he huffs out of breathe as I laugh and jog faster down them. 

"Hurry were in a rush" I tell him winking as he just groans. Finally we reach the bottom, I get their first but i just relax while Niall takes his time coming down. "The taxi's outside already" He says slowly getting his breathe back. I pick up his bags for him and walk on ahead smiling to myself. I really didn't want to leave this place, but i missed Zoey, and the boys. Louis jumped into my mind but i forced him back out again.

I got in the taxi as I felt my phone vibrate, pulling it out I saw I got a text from Zoey;

you should have told could you? your my bestfriend Audri :'( x

I start to feel sick and feel panicky, did she know? How? who else new? I felt like i couldn't breathe, and i pushed the taxi door wide open getting out and leaning over in case i was sick. I heard Niall call my name and he came running bending down beside me. "Whats a matter?" He asked I looked into his eyes seeing the fear in them. Which just caused me to cry..I couldn't do this to him, but how could i tell him? what if i tell him and it wasn't that what Zoey new?.

I forced the negative and worries into the back of my head and seated myself back in the taxi. Niall got in next to me, I closed my eyes as the taxi started to drive of. I felt like it was driving away from my happiness and into a desert of anger, sadness and betrayal. "Audri?" Niall said with a dull tone, as i opened my eyes and saw Niall holding my phone. I gulped and looked at him, his eyes intently staring into mine.

"Is this what was wrong?" He asked frowning as I nodded but didn't say anything, simply because i didn't know what to say that would help the situation. Niall coughed and then took my hand turning in his seat.

"what should you have told her? How could you what Audri?" He asks..I see the worried look in his face, and the Taxi driver staring at ours through his mirror. I couldn't tell him here, not know. I can't ruin what we have..I love him more than anything, and i can finally admit to myself that I can. Why does things always go wrong at the best times?

"I-I don't know" His face softens at my reply and he sits back pulling me into him as he kisses the top of my head.

"Its okay, Audri whatever it is im going to be here for you, I love you and im going to protect you. It's probably nothing" He states, I wasn't sure if he was trying to convince me or himself but i nodded and softly started crying.


Liam povs;

I sat in the front room, it was getting late, and Audri texted me saying she was at the airport getting on the plane. I sighed knowing if i sent a text to warn her, she either wont come back, or wont get it till late. I new this had to be sorted, this had to come out, it would just haunt her otherwise.

I felt tears in my eyes thinking of whats going to happen, all of us have been distant, the fans can tell to, they keep saying rumors that we're breaking up as a band. I promise myself and them I wont let that happen. I know this news is going to kill Niall but I couldn't help the truth from coming out. It was breaking Louis to. 

Zoey walked in sitting herself down opposite, she was in a tracksuit, had no make up on and just stared at the blank tv. "you should have told me Liam" she mumbled looking down at the floor.

"I couldn't I promised Audri, and I knew it will break Niall's heart" I tell her as she closes her eyes and sighs. "he doesn't know?" I see the panic in her eyes as she pulls up her twitter. I go over and sit next to her. "what?" I ask as she goes onto Harry's profile.

HarryStyles; Lies have a way of coming back and haunting you. You might learn from your mistakes now.

My mouth goes dry as i only hope Louis did not reply to it, didn't go for the bait that Harry has obviously set. With no such luck I see a tweet following it from Louis.

LouisTomlinson; HarryStyles; It wasn't a mistake, and they wouldn't if you kept quiet. Everything would still be fine.

She hands me her phone and runs upstairs to harry as I see she's to late and he reply's back.

HarryStyles: LouisTomlinson; WASN'T A MISTAKE? I can't keep quite about that Louis not if it hurts and involves others. It would have come out sooner or later.

I hear Louis run down the stairs, and sit himself opposite me. He looks at me and then sighs. "I dont know what to say anymore" he mumbled putting his phone down as I log onto mine.

LiamPayne; HarryStyles; LouisTomlinson; Stop it both of you, this isn't going to help anything, Harry get down here please, we need to all talk. Your worrying the fans!.

I look at some of the fans tweets about it, and see that most of them are saying that were not a band anymore and trying to help the situation. However i see a few that angers me and is trying to stir things between them, asking questions wanting more information. I know they would not let Audri get away with this. 

Zoey walks down pulling Harry with her. She sits him down next to me and apposite Louis.

"Look Harry, I know what Louis did was wrong, but it was Audri to, you cant put all the blame on him. Writing things on twitter is just stupid...what do you think their going to do to Audri if they find out?" I say as Louis looks up alarmed and Harry looks around the room and curses himself.

 "Sorry" Harry mumbles as Louis shakes his head. 

"It wasn't a mistake" Louis mutters as Harry stands up and looks angry with him. 

"LOUIS SHE ISNT YOURS!" He shouts as Louis stands up to. 

"BECAUSE SHE NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO BE" He yells sitting back down again.

I sigh and sit down putting my head in my hands, this isn't going to sort itself out for a while.

"there is no point in arguing now is there" I tell them as they quiet down a bit.

"yeah, Save your energy for when Niall and Audri get here, you going to need it" Harry spits as Louis just looks to the window and doesn't say anything. 

I look to the door as Zayn walks in, he smiles at Zoey, and i watch as she looks to Harry and cuddles into him. Zayn frowns and goes to sit by Louis.

Great when this is over, im going to have to have a word with Zayn to. Why can't anything be simply?.


Audir's pov;

We've been sitting on the plane for a while and its just taken of, Niall sits back putting his belt on and getting drinks and snacks of the trolley. "You okay?" he asks as I smile at him "yeah" I whisper as I watch him sit back and close his eyes. He looks so perfect, so sweet and content, I hope everyone at home doesn't know anything. I don't ever want this Niall to leave, I don't want to see the broken Niall.

I put my headphones in and play some music logging into twitter to confirm my nightmares are true.

I read Harry's tweets and Louis, finally seeing Liams. The fans know something really bad is wrong, they wont stop till they know. One fan already does, i bet shes having a good laugh at this. Thats when i feel sick again, I see her twitter name and click on her tweet to all three boys;

Oh, so truths out, Where is Audri and Niall again? xx

I close twitter quickly and look back at Niall taking in every moment that we can have now. I video him as he opens his eyes and smiles at me. "what are you doing Audri?" He asks turning the camera round, I laugh and tell him I love him. Then i put the phone down. "I just want to remember every minute" I tell him as he kisses my hand and then closes his eyes again. Slipping his hand into mine, in-twining are fingers. I look out the window to the clouds and think back to everything we have down while being here, the scuba diving, the dinner and just the sitting on the balcony in his arms.


Hey guys, I hope you like this chapter, things are really going to start getting interesting now. Sorry I haven't updated for a while to, I've been busy getting college interviews and stuff ready, My GCSE's come through soon too...Nervous haha. Anyway please leave some feedback we would love to know what you think.

Im currently on holiday so sorry if i only do a few short chapters at some points. I'll try be on about ever couple of days to check on the story or update :) Thank you all for reading and putting it as a favorite,  It means a lot to us! :)


~Katie *.* x 

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