Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


31. No goodbyes

Audri's p.o.v;.. I typed in Hawaii. I know right of all places Hawaii? But it has memories that I enjoyed there even if they were completely ruined. I looked at Liam who quietly peered at the computer screen wiping back a few tears. "Dammit Liam don't make it harder than it already is." I said to him he looked at me and nodded directing his attention back to the screen. I scrolled through Hawaii realstate looking at all their apartments, houses, condos, and town houses. "How are you gonna afford all this?" Liam whispered I smiled and got up sliding my hand into a big slit into the side of my mattress pulling out wads of cash. "This is how. I saved up for college but seeming that's not gonna be happening to soon, I will use it for a better future for my and this child." I say looking down at my stomach placing my hand on top. My god this is real. "So when do you plan on leaving?" He asks I plop down back on the bed scrolling through apartments. "maybe like tommorow or the day after." I mutter I mean it takes time I know but I wanna leave ASAP. " Audri are you sure you wanna leave to Hawaii or leave period?" He looks at me with sad eyes "you can't persuade me out of this but i will keep in contact with you. And you only liam. Don't tell anyone." I say he nods and I fill in a few applications online for 2 bedroom apartments. And i slam my laptop shut already sleepy. what time is it? I look over at me clock. 3:00 A.M. " Liam get some sleep its way Early." I say he nods and gives me a hug walking out the room. I sigh cuddling under my bundles of covers. Hawaii sounds nice. __________________________ I KNOW I KNOW! Shorts chapter of my life! Sorry katie :( but ive been ultra busy with cheer practice!! Did I mention I made the CHEER TEAM!!! Lol but LIKE. COMMENT. FAVORITE. Apology for the latebupdate! I will update tomorrow way longer!
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