Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


5. Meet and great!

~Audri's p.o.v~ We sat and sat and we sat and sat forever! This hour wasn't going by as fast as I would like. The line is still not moving! Zoey is talkimg to some girl next to us about how they would act if one of the boys reached out towards them, I was tuning them out. I have a habit of doing that don't I? "Audri what wouldbyou do?" Zoey said glancing at me. "huh?... Errrr... Say hi?" I said hoping my answer made sense. The girl with us was all like "OMG! ME TOO!" She is a bit over dramatic. They continued to,conversate and I started to think about my mom. How she always helped me. The lessons. Don't chasw tje boys, ear hustle so you wont be in the blue about things, and never get married. It all made sense... Well I think it does. I peered down at my phone, 7:00. As soon as I stood up the line started moving. People were screamimg and jumping Zoey,got on her feet while the girl she was talking to walked away. We got inside and found our seats. Gosh front row! Zoey squealed and I followed aling to make her happy. I sat down watching the areana spill in about an uncountable amount of people. People started to,settle down till the lights went lower and the stage lights went on. Zoey pulled me up from my seat to stand with,her she was screamimg her lungs out like all the other girls. 5 minutes went by then everybody went wild one direction jogged out on the stage. "hows everybody tonight?" Harry said to the crowd. More screams. Then all the othera put in a little word and they started singing . They sung l what makes you beautiful, kiss me, moments, gotta be you , rock me and ended with little things. Zoey and the girl on my other side cried on little things then liam and zayn reached for hands and the girl beside almost knocked me down when liam came. Im still sore.. The show was done it was meet amd greet time. We stood in line the.very last people. Girls came waljking past us crying and sobning. God they were crazy chasing thesesl boys. Finally our turn came we walked up the security gaurd showed him our passes and he let us through. We walked in the room there heads snapped towards us. I looked staright at Niall who had a huge grinon his cute little face. Oh god what am I doing snap out of it! "Hey guys" zoey said in a high pitch exited voice. I just waved. "hey loves" liam walked over half hugging me and squeezing Zoey. Oh shoot does Liam like what he sees in Zoey? Zaun did the same but our hugs we equal . Followed by harry and lou. Last was Niall "well isnt it... Audri AkA no fan and Zoey AKA horrified face" he aaid smiling. Ugh he is a total chaser! He hugged Zoey and me l. " mmm I said. They others looked at us wierd. The security motiined us out but Niall looked at him shaking his head. The sercurity,shrugged. Wow. We were special.
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