Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


25. Lost&in a struggle x


Audri's pov;

I woke up to my phone ringing, I stretched and grabbed my phone seeing that it was Liam calling, I looked to Niall and saw that he was softly breathing and still asleep. I gently kissed his head and smiled at memories of last night, the best days of my life have been being here with him and i'm never going to forget it. I quietly crept out of the bed and threw on some clothes before answer my phone whispering hello and exiting the bedroom and going to the elevator to get out of the hotel;

Audri ;  hey Liam whats up?

Liam: Hey..uhm everything's fine really..just wanted to check up on you two and ask when your coming home?

Audri: Okay good yeah were both fine, this place is seriously amazing, and i think we are leaving late tonight to come home. Are you sure everything's okay?

Liam; Okay look forward to seeing you both, we've all missed you a lot, and yeah Audri don't worry everything's going to be okay. Anyway I've got to go, see you soon.


I didn't get time to say bye before i heard the buzzing on the other line. What did he mean by everything's going to be fine? I was only outside the hotel and i stayed sitting there for a while, before i new it Niall was standing beside me smiling down at me. "Good Morning Beautiful" He whispered before kissing my head. I wrapped my arms around him and whispered Good Morning. 

"Why you up so early anyway?" He asked as I pointed to my phone and slid it back in my pocket. I saw him frown a little before he rubbed his neck. "anyone I should be worried about?" He asked nervously. I laughed and pulled him round so he was looking at me. "It was Liam, there is no one that you should be worried about Niall" I saw him relax from tensing and his smile came back as he took my hand and a Taxi pulled up. "Come on then. Shopping time to finish of the trip" I laugh as he drags me to the taxi and we both pile in, I watch Niall as he tells the man where we want to go and then sits back and looks down at me. He mouths I love you and i just smile at him and lay back into his arms. This is where i want to be forever, this feels safe, feels like heaven. Niall is perfect and I couldn't wish to be here with anyone else.

Once the Taxi pulled up we both got out and I looked up to see a very big and posh shopping mall. I saw flashes from around us and Niall just groaned. "great, how did they know we where going to even be here" He took my hand and rushed us both inside. "NIALL, NIALL WE LOVE YOU NIALL" I winced at all the screaming as we walked in. I looked up at him and he just sighed and mouthed sorry. I guessed it wasn't ever normally this busy. We walked in a bit further trapped by either fans or paps. 

It was all a bit of a blur one minute i was holding his hand the next we were surrounded by teenage girls, and some how we both got split up from each other, I couldn't even see him anymore, I could just see loads of girls around me. I decided to just stay put I'm sure Niall will find me at one point right?

Nialls Pov;

I cant believe this happened. WHY did i bring her here. I've lost her? What if she gets hurt? What if she gets horrible fans filling her head with rubbish so that she stays away from me. I shook my head and smiled at the fans in front of me. She wouldn't do that Audri wasn't like that. I signed the girls stuff and took some photos before pushing my way through the screaming girls. I will find her even if i have to search all the time. I stopped and looked around as a young girl just frowned she looked a little like Zoey. "Niall whats wrong?" She asked as i sighed. "I've lost Audri...I don't want her to get hurt" She smiled sweetly at me and put her hand on my shoulder. "I'll help you find her, you follow me on twitter so if i find her ill Dm you and tell you where to meet us, My names Heidi" She tells me as i nod and thank her and she disappears  in among the crowd. I hope she finds her.

I keep going among the crowd just in case i can find her first but the fans just move with me making it feel like a maze, where i just keep going the same way. I feel like giving up but i cant ill never give up when it comes to Audri.


Audri's pov;

I stood listening to fans conversations, as two fans took my attention the most they where on their phones and talking about the boys. "Have you seen the new photos of Louis and Harry?" The blonde girl asked. I looked over her shoulder seeing the photo. "yeah, I wonder whats going on, Louis been looking really down lately and Harry is always seen to be angry or annoyed with him". The other girl said back to her. I felt myself gulp. Maybe this isn't going to be able to keep secret from Niall for much longer, I don't think the boys can take the pressure.  "Have you seen Louis tweets as well?" Another fan asked getting involved in their conversation. "yeah, they all talk about love, and losing out, I think its defiantly about a girl" The blonde said. I had heard enough i couldn't take it anymore. I pushed my way through fans, I just wanted to find Niall and get out of here, I felt tears falling down my eyes and weren't sure why i was crying didn't i decide that Naill's the one, just hearing that Louis is in love with me...I cant it was one night he cant love me? Love is to much of a strong word he just think he does. 

"Audri!" I turned around but it wasn't Nialls voice it was a girls, she looked a little like Zoey and i had to blink twice to relies it wasn't her. "uhm Hi?" I say to her as she laughs and takes my hand. "Im glad i found you, me and Niall have been searching this whole crowd to find you" She pulled me out right at the back where the fans were not there and pulled out her phone I watched her go on twitter and message Niall.  "Found her, we are going to be outside Mcdonalds there is no fans their meet us there" She sent it and put her phone away before letting go of me and smiling. "Im Heidi its nice to meet you" She said smiling sweetly and pulling out a tissue handing it to me. 

I sniffed and thanked her before taking the tissue from her and wiping my tears from my eyes. "Why are you crying?" Heidi asked me frowning. I shrug and rack my brain to think of something, I know i cant tell her the truth. "I'm just not that good with big crowds and it felt never ending" I told her as he face softened and she just nodded.

"Omg Audri are you okay, whats wrong are you crying" Niall shouted running over to me he looked out of breathe. "i'm fine really" I told him as he pulled me into a hug and thanked Heidi. He signed some stuff for her and took a picture before she said goodbye and walked off. 

"Can we just get out of here?" I asked him as he took my hand and we headed to the back exit where the mall security was. "Of course beautiful im not going to risk losing you again" He told me as we ran to another taxi before paps could take pictures and Niall told the man to drive back to the Hotel we were staying at.


Hey guys sorry this chapter took some time, I've just been really busy with packing and getting things for college ready, as I'm going away for the weekend so wont be able to add any new chapters till Monday, but i'm sure Briana might add another chapter before then. Please could you give us some feedback me and Briana would just love it and really appreciate it. We worked so hard and love writing this story for you all, and we cant believe how many reads and favorites we have so far! please recommend this story to friends we would love if more of you could read it! :) Thank you all for supporting us both by reading this story! and commenting! <3 

~Katie *.* x 

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