Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


24. Let me love you <3

Niall's.O.V Audri slipped her phone back in her pocket. She looked like something was bothering her.Also I can't help but wonder who the other guy is I don't want to patronize her about it but I mean it can't be that bad right? It not like she would do any of the other boys they wouldn't do that to me. The thought of that made me laugh im worried for nothing she loves me she even said it herself. &quot;What's so funny do I have food on my face or something?&quot; She said her blue eyes glistening god she is so beautiful. Food on her face.. Really? &quot;Seriously.&quot; She said eyes getting wide I shook my head &quot;No nothing on your face Audri its just im happy im here with you right now.&quot; I said she smiled and leaned across the table kissing me. Her lips were soft like rose petals and she smelled sweet and like sea water. &quot;Im happy to be here with you to.&quot; She said IM happy to hear she feels the same. I want to show her How much I love her more than that bastard who had sex with her while she was drunk. That angers me every time I think of that but then I look up and see her and I relax. &quot;Audri ready to go its getting kinda late?&quot; I asked she nodded. We got in the boat and headed to shore. Audri's P.O.V Slowly Louis crept back into my mind on the way back to the hotel. Now he was fully just in there messing around, im crazy I know. His touch, his voice,even his smell was going through my thoughts as a constant reminder of guilt and lust. I needed to finalize it, my feelings. I needed Niall. I peered over at him his hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road, us surrounded by Hawaii. I felt guilty for having Niall in the blue for who I had done it with. Wait, Audri stop! Your in freaking Hawaii for gods sake enjoy it. I sighed Letting louis out of my mind again. Relax. Niall pulled into the hotel handing the car over to the valet. I felt him wrap his arms around me guiding me into the elevator. &quot;Have fun today?&quot; He asked me I nodded &quot;you sleepy?&quot; I ask him &quot;Nope.&quot; He says laughing I smile to myself. Perfect. The elevator stops On are floor and we walk into the bedroom hand in hand then I pull away dragging my whole suitcase in the bathroom like a maniac. You know how it is us ladies and or getting ready. I jump in the shower shaving every little strand of hair of my body (not my eyebrows or hair on my head for people who take things literally (: ) and wash with my vanilla bodywash filling the whole bathroom with the scent. I hop out slipping on my blue pajama shorts and cookie monster shirt and throwing my hair in a messy bun. Hmm I look like a big little kid... I walked out the bathroom seeing him laying on the bed in plaid pajama paints and a t-shirt. He turn to me &quot;whole suitcase for that?&quot; He asked I laughed and plopped down next to him &quot;Seriously.&quot; He said &quot;Yeah Its a girl thing.&quot; I said he shrugged somethings boys will just never understand. &quot;So were gonna share this thing?&quot; I asked bouncing up and down on the bed &quot;only if you want im not gonna make you do something you don't want to.&quot; He said that is sweet most boys would be like 'Yep and to make you more uncomfortable im gonna get a boner' &quot;its fine sleep here.&quot; I say I snuggle up against him looking out the window &quot;I promise I won't bite.&quot; He says laughing I look up at him &quot;What if I want you to?&quot; I ask he looks down at me and I bite my lip. &quot;What?&quot; He says &quot;What if I want you to bite me? Or more than that?&quot; I ask him I straddle his lap and peer into his eyes &quot;Could you do that for me?&quot; I ask I lean in closer to his face and he fills the gap kissing me. I kiss becomes deeper and our breathing became short. We kissed for a long time before he pulled away. I was confused till he whispered in my ear &quot;Let me love you.&quot; He says I look at him, I totally made my decision it was him I was looking for. I smiled and nodded. He rolled me over so He was on top of me and he started kissing me again deeper with lust and passion sliding my top over my head. I let out a small moan making a smile spread across he lips he slipped his shirt off then started leaving a trail of kisses down my tummy making me all warm and fuzzy inside then stopped at my pajama shorts looking up at me. I nodded and he slips them off with ease I sit up tugging at his pajama pants and he kicks them off. I unclasp my bra throwing it across the room and he stops for a second looking at me before kissing me again pinching them. I groan and slip my hand in his boxers taking him by suprise a moan slipping out his mouth. He was bone hard and it turned me on even more. I eventually had to let go because he slid down tugging my undies off. He kissed my inner thighs I tried to suppress my moan for the sake of the people next door but then he slid in one finger then two making me go crazy. Then he slid his boxers off &quot;Ready?&quot; He asked I nodded and he slid in giving me time to adjust before slowly starting then finding his rhythm. After some time I felt like I was going to completely loose it &quot;Oh god Niall!&quot; I felt my legs buckle the same time his thrust became sloppy. Damn. He rolled over us both catching our breath. &quot;I love you.&quot; He said I rolled over and smiled &quot;I love you to.&quot; I said I snuggled closer to him &quot;Movie?&quot; He asked me I smiled to myself &quot;How about a movie after round 2?&quot; I asked he looked at me and smiled kissing my lips. _____________________________________________________ Omg I need jesus if im gonna write like this.. Lol!!! Haha but LIKE.COMMENT.FAVORITE :* FEEDBACK Katie and I would love some of it :) but you guys were almost to the End and I said almost which means not yet.. Lol you guys know what I mean! But Katie and I have come so far and we thank you with your support by you actually reading it!! ~BRIANA
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