Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


7. It hurts.

As'~Niall's p.o.v~ I watched Audri walk down the stairs and it hurt to see her like this. I only met her in person today and she thinks im some player. She glanced back at me with a sad look that turned to anger. Then the door slammed behind her. I tried wiping the tears falling down my cheeks but it wasn't helping. I cried and cried I knew it wasn't manly but I needed to vent. I felt like I had just lost the only chance I had with Audri. My princess. I dried up my tears and walked back to were the meet and greet was. Audri and Zoey were saying there goodbyes so I leaned against the wall, the boys glanced at me lou had a sad look and harry, zayn, and liam looked puzzled. There were only 2 girls left. They waved high and I waved back, I didn't want to be rude. We took a few pics and they walked out giggling. They were cute but not like Audri. I sighed lou walked over and whispered in my ear "you wanna talk?" I really didn't but I knew it might help. I nodded and we walked into the hallway. "what happened with you and Audri?" He said my stomach started churning. "well um we just talked." I said shrugging my shoulders. He crossed his arms "No really what happened." He said "we talked really we did its just she got mad and told me to stop and she will never like me ir be a fan." I slurred some of the words Choking back tears. Lou patted my back "Its alright mate You'll be fine" I shook my head "lets just get back To the boys" he didn't protest We walked back in the room they were headed out to the van. I grabbed a bag of chips and caught up. Harry glanced at me and smiled, I glanced at his phone he was texting... Zoey!?! " Dude you got zoey's number?" He nodded his head and looked down at his phone typing rather fast. We got into the van and the car ride seemed like forever but the views in california were nice. Everyone was on their phone mostly on twitter. I scrolled down my interactions mainly girls complimenting me and asking for a follow back. I didn't feel like following anyone or anything my thoughts were interupted by Harry's loud bursts of laughter. "Zoey and Audri said hi!" Then he continued texting. God he was lucky "someone is crushing?" Zayn asked. Harry just smiled and blushed. His dimples reminded me of Audri so much. Oh god she just basicaly turned me down and im still going crazy about her. "Niall you okay?" Liam said the boys glanced at me. "yeah ofcourse!" I said faking a smile. We finally pulled up to the hotel girls were outside screaming. What time was it? 10:00? They should be home. There crazy. I signed a few autograghs and posed with a few girls for pictures. One girl grabbed my ass and i shot her a look not to be mean but a 'don't do it again' look. We finally got checked in a settled down; I was sharing a room with liam i guess he was tired to because we both came in the room and passed out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys yall met KATIE the new co- author yay!!!! Katie a great writer! Yeah i know thats why i wanted to do it with her! Hey more comments!!!! :) OMG ALL DEM VIEWS THANKS IT MEANS ALOT ! But yeah hows ya day? I hope its AMAZAYN! See what i just did there haha im so corny. xD ~BRIANA

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