Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


9. I'm sorry, I don't no what i'm doing!


Audri's pov;

I laughed as Zoey finished telling me whats Niall's face was like when i got out, I downed most of the bottle of drink i had and felt a little dizzy as i got up to get enough. I just wanted Niall and the rest of them out of my head to be honest, they were driving me crazy.  "Audri are you okay?" Zoey asks me giggling from the sofa, I turn around and poke my tongue out at her. I hobble over to the kitchen and sink down on the floor, beginning to feel a lot worse than i had before. 

Zoey came into the kitchen, I could tell she was drunk too but she gave me a sad look and sat down beside me. "Whats up, Audri, I've never seen you like this, one minute your angry the next your crying?" She asks as I wipe the few tears from my face.

I stand up and just stare at my best friend, "I was not's dusty in here okay" I tell her looking out into the garden as i see it begin to rain. "I'm going to go dance in the rain coming!" I shout and run out the back door and into the garden and spinning around as fast as i could without falling.

Zoey's pov;

I stood watching Audri twirl around the garden and tried to find my phone. I finally found in in my bag and rang Harry;

Harry- Hey Zoe you okay?

Zoey- Sorry Harry...i need you to come round and bring the boys i need help.

Harry- What? Zoey calm down are you okay? . He asked sounding worried

Zoey- yeah..its just Audri, we drank and she got drunk and i cant get her in from twirling around in the garden...ive never seen her like this.

After a pause and a little chuckle Harry replied

Harry- Okay were on our way see you in a bit.

I opened the back door and watched as Audri sank to the floor on the grass with her head in her hands.

It wasnt long before i heard a knock on the door and I checked Audri was okay before walking to the door and pulling the boys into the hallway. "thank you all for coming..i dont no what to do" I said panicking. Harry gave me a soft smile and pulled me into his arms resting his head on mine "Its okay babe" He mumbled as I look to Niall and he just looked away to the floor.

"will you talk to her?" I ask him as he looks up shocked and backs away.

"No--i-i uhm i cant" He stutters as Louis shouts him a glare.  

"Where is she again?" Louis asks again taking Niall by the arm.  "Shes out sitting in the grass in the garden" I told them. As Niall's eyes widen. 

"But its heavily raining!" He states before looking around the room like he didn't care.

I walk Harry, Liam and Zayn into the front room and go sit with them as Louis pulls Niall into the kitchen.

Audri's pov;

I sat embracing the cold wind and rain as i felt like i was free and it washed all my thoughts away, I didn't care that it was muddy and wet i just wanted to live and have adrenaline running through my body.  I hear a cough and jump a little, it didn't sound like Zoey's. I look up seeing a figure walking slowly towards me, he looked god like in the dark and i began to feel like i'd died and gone to heaven. "Audri..are you okay?" I hear an Irish voice ask as I groan and know exactly who it is.

"God...WHY DONT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE" I scream and stand up, to begin twirling around again. 

"I told you why Audri..please come in your going to get ill being out here" He says softly stepping closer to me as i stop and stare at him.

His eyes bore down into my soul and i relent and start laughing, i know its only because im drunk that he looks so good and that i just want to be in his arms and him to be mine, but i dont care i want to just have a fun night while it lasts.  He stares at me like im crazy for a while but then just smiles at me as he takes off his jacket, and steps closer putting it round my shoulders. 

While he is close i wrap my arms around his neck and he puts his round my waist giving me a surprised look. "Audri" He whispers as I feel my mined start working again, the rain must have sobered me up a bit. I pull my arms back down my side quickly and step back.

"Um Im sorry...Im drunk Niall...I don't know what im doing. Forget it yeah." I tell him glancing to check no one inside saw. However with my luck I see Louis standing at the door. Niall steps towards me and i feel my anger inside and push him back. "GO AWAY" I shout at him as Louis comes running over.

"Hey..guys whats going on, all calm down yeah" He says shooting a glare at me but i just shoot it right back at him.  

 I wanted to drink to get these guys out of my head not in my head more and having feelings about them..or maybe just a specific one of them.

"Im not giving up on you..Audri..I don't care what you say I love you" He mumbles before walking off inside.

"Lets get you inside" Louis tells me as i give up fighting them and let him put his arm behind my back to guide me inside. We walk past the front room and up the stairs to my room and i mumble thanks as he walks down stairs and i hear him talking to Zoey.



Enjoy guys! :) I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it :) I would love to hear some feedback and to no if you like Brianna's  and my writing and the storyline :) Please keep liking and reading it all means so much to us both. <3

Katie *.* x

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