Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


15. I need you mom

Harry's p.o.v "how could you do this Audri?" I said but she she didn't respond she just looked down into her lap.I was pissed when i heard audri er and lou next door. "What are you talking about?" She asked barely looking up at me "you know what im talking about don't play dumb with me" i said getting a little mad. Im no idiot she can't play that card with me! She sighed and looked up at me, her eyes were dull not there usual bright blue. "ok fine we did 'it' but Niall should't have been kissing that girl." She stated crossing her arms. It kinda sounded like she used Lou for revenge that was over the top. "you used lou?" I said my voice rising i was getting madder she had better not That was passing the line. "No.. Not exactly i l-love him and Niall.. I think." She whispered to herself but loud enough for me to hear. What the hell she meant by I think she needs to get herself together! " you think? Audri you need to make up your mind and stop playing childish games!" I yelled she looked at me stunned. " you hypocrite you have no right saying-" i cut her off " oh shut up this is about you freaking love triangle you have going on." I said clenching my fist she squinted her eyes at me then got teary eyed and but her head down. " ok Audri look" i said reaching for her. I couldn't stand to see her cry i didnt want to be the one to make her either. "no" she snapped at me looking up at me "your right and im wrong im sorry harry ill try to fix it." She said standing up smiling a little and walking to her room shutting the door. Man sometimes i wonder how zoey delt with this crap all by herself. Audri's p.o.v " you right im wrong and im sorry harry." I said getting up smiling and walking to my room. I closed the door locking it and curling up on my bed in a small ball crying. Ive never been the one to cry but i eventually do letting years of sadness go. I cried till i started making those crazy awkward noises. I needed to talk to someone but not zoey or any of the boys. I grabbed my phone and dialed my mom's number. It went straight to voicemail. I called like 5 more times with no luck of an answer which made me cry more because it made me worry. I dialed my grandma's number and called with no luck of an answer. I sighed and just texted my mom to call me. I curled up under the covers and cried more. There was a knock at my door. " audri are you ok?" It was harry. I did't reply and i heard him sigh walking away. My phone buzzed and i unlocked it finding a text from my mom - sorry Audri im dhfjdjcbdkls- what the hell? I texted her what and curled up some more waiting for a reply. But i didn't get one and why was she texting like that it looked like she ran her fingers across the keyboard and sent nonsense. Niall's p.o.v We went out for breakfast and now we were out at a park playing on the playground like giant kids. It was fun but I needed to talk to Audri and quick. I looked a Louis who was on the swing set competing with harry while zayn, liam, and zoey played on the monkey bars. Louis has been acting weird all day what was up with him and Audri and louis have been giving each other funny looks. I hope there getting along. " you guys ready to head back?" I yelled they all agreed and we hopped in the car and headed back to Audri's place. The car ride was pleasant just any normal day. Till Zayn started talking about the party and how great it was. I pulled up to the house and hopped out the car and strode into the house. Harry was sitting on the couch alone looking into the tv. " were is Audri?" I asked he pointed upstairs and i took off to her room knocking on the door. She didn't answer "Audri?" I said knocking hard. I heard shuffling inside then the door slowly opened. My eyes got wide Audri stood there eyes bloodshot and puffy and she was pale and she look like she saw a ghost. I knew it was more then something Harry might of said, harry wouldn't make a girl this messed up would he? "Audri whats wrong?" I asked stepping closer to her she didn't say anything she just walked back to the bed and laid back looking into space. I ran back downstairs super creeped out and worried at the same time i found them joking in the kitchen eating bagels. Wait they ate without me? "Aye! I mean you guys get upstairs quick something is wrong with Audri" i said turning around running up the stairs i heard steps behind mine. "Audri?" Zoey said walking over to her bed and shaking her. Audri started crying " Audri what happened?" She begged her friend to tell her. Audri sat up and pointed to the telly which was paused on something from the news. We all turned to to look at what was happening in the paused image. My eyes got even wider a woman found dead in her car that crashed into a tree on the side of the road identified to be 47 year old Joile Monroe reportes told that cause of accident was a texting while driving. I turned to her she was crying hard now she was shaking in her little figure. I went over and held her which only made her cry harder makimg her gasp for air. I looked up at the boys and they walked over all wrapping there arms around her. "im so sorry Audri." I said kissing her forehead but she didn't seem to notice. Audri's p.o.v I waited for a reply for ever and i was done venting out so i flicked on the tv. The news was on and i was to tired to change the channel. I laid back onto the headboard pulling the covers up to my chin. The reporter woman spoke "urgent news car crash on the side of the road car crashed into a tree the driver was allegedly texting and driving the woman found dead in the front seat with a snapped neck is to be identified as Joilie Monroe." I froze gasping i pressed pause on the tv and read the words at the bottom of the screen to make sure i heard her right. I choked on my spit gasping for air more tears rolling down my cheeks. Dammit this can mot be.happening right now. I looked at the picture on the screen of the wreck and went pale it was horrible the front of the car was smashed in like the tree karate chopped it. Then texting and driving the cause then I thought about it i picked up my phone and looked at the text my mom sent me. No wonder it was all fucked she tried answering while driving. I threw my phone against the wall and held in my scream not wanting harry to hear me. I laid back on the bed zoning out everything. Minutes later there was a knock on my door. I ignored it then i heard jis voice "Audri?" It was niall. Then i heard banging and i slid off the bed opening the door. He asked me questions and i just walked back to the bed and laid down. I heard him run downstairs then a moment later the whole freaking gang was in my room whoop dee doo. Zoey rushed over to me begging me to tell her whats wrong. I looked up and pointed to the screen then started wailing again. They all turned to the screen reading it. Niall rushed over to me wrapping his arms around me which only made me cry harder. Then they all came over wrapping there arms around me. I felt myself start to shake and we sat there like that for 5 minutes at the least. Out of now where i felt all this anger boil up inside me " get out." I said they all let go looking at me puzzled. "Get out!" I screamed at them , they all left but zayn looked back and i pointed out and he walked on. I slammed the door locking it. I turned to my room ripping posters and photos off the wall i walked over to my dresser sliding everything watchimg everything fall to my plush carpet. I went to my bed pulling everything off and stomping it. I went to my bathroom and grabbed my lotions and shampoos squirting them every where then i turned to my mirror. I heard bammimg and yelling at my door but i didn't respond. I examined my pale small figure and my blonde hair falling past my shoulders. I was even more upset looking at myself knowing that my mothers death was my fault. I think i got to worked up because i punched my mirror watching it shatter. I looked down at my hand know bloody with sprinkles of glass here and there. The sight of my own blood made me sick and queasy. I started seeing black patches in my vision before i felt my slef falling to the floor blacking out. _____________________________________________________ Did you expect Audri to go crazy guys?? Haha i didnt i just kinda happened but anyway Comment it would mean the world to me and katie see how you like and feel so far about the story. But im having fum! Ugggg the suspense what is gonna happen mext? Another chapter later or tomorrow guys <3 ~ Briana
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