Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


26. Honesty.

Zoey's p.o.v "So how is Audri and Niall doing?" I walking into the room Liam jumped and almost dropped his phone. "There fine and they should be back tonight." He said I arched my eyebrow at him, is he lying? And whats up with everyone being so freaking jumpy or Mad, and just all those emotions. "Is there something your not telling me liam?" I asked he looked at me with a straight face. I peered deeper into his eyes making him wink a couple of times "You know I don't like secrets Liam so if you do have one and I will find out." I whisper to him he opened his mouth like he was gonna say something but then Zayn walked in and he shut his mouth."Hey." Zayn came in and sat down next to me... Pretty close to me. Liam looked aut us and I started to feel pretty uncomfortable till he shrugged and said hey back to zayn. "so wassap." I say breaking the long awkward silence that had started "Niall and Audri are coming back tonight." Liam says I nod ignoring the fact and urge to tell him that he already mentioned that. "Oh that's great I missed them." Zayn said almost but not quite leaning on my shoulder. Dude Wtf? Im with Harry! I, told you that like not to long ago? "So what is really up with you guys I mean Harry has been all kinda angry lately and Louis seems kinda sad and Liam your jumpy for only god knows why and Zayn well you have been being Zayn.. Kinda." I say they both shrug "Why don't you ask Harry I mean he is your boyfriend right?" Zayn says I sigh and flick on the tv when Harry comes out and sits next to me and Louis sits on the chair farthest from basically civilization. I look at Harry who is giving Louis dirty looks. What the hell is wrong with these guys? I run upstairs and pull out my phone and dial Audri's number waiting for her to pick up. "Hello?" She mumbles I sigh finally hearing her voice in what seems like forever "Hey Audri I have a question." I say she doesn't say anything for a while then asks me what. "I know you have been like in Hawaii and all but do you have any clue why the boys are acting so weird?" I say I hear her breathe into the phone a couple of times before she answers "Nope no clue Zoey but ask them... Kay bye." Then she hangs up the phone in my face. What was that all about? I sigh and Walk downstairs taking my place back on the couch. ____Audri's p.o.v____ I ended the call shoving the phone in my pocket. My mind was racing and and I felt confused... Audri why cant you make up your mind? Last night I could admit was the best night ever but why is things still starting to be complicated? I sighed while Niall kept apologizing and saying he would be more careful. I wish I could tell him that it wasn't a problem with all the paps and girls but the honest truth I feel he isn't ready for and Im not even ready for it myself. "Niall Babe its fine chill out." I said looking at him and he shut up nodding his head. "Its just that you started crying and I thought they did something to you and-" he stopped and looked at me "and what?" I asked he shook his head and grabbed my hand "As long as your alright now." H and he kissed my hand send a jolt up my arm. The cab driver pulled up to the hotel and Niall payed while I got out. "So we have like some time before our flight so what you wanna do?" I ask Niall looked at me grabbing me by my waist " up to you princess." He said I looked over at the pool then at the cafe and all the other places around here but nothing caught my eye "How about we cuddle and watch a movie?" I say he smiles and nods guiding me up to the room he pulls me into the elevator pushing our floor button and I lean against the wall tilting my head back. I almost have a head ache from all this overthinking about things in my life like gosh talk about stressful but I push that to the back of my mind and focus on Niall who is staring at me like there is nothing else better in life "what?" I ask he smiles and I brush hair out of my face "your just really beautiful." He says the elevator stops on the 3rd floor and an old couple walks out smiling at us. the elevator continues and Niall starts laughing "What this time?" I ask he shrugs and I roll my eyes the elevator suddenly jerks making me stumble into Niall before it stops completly. I sigh this cannot be happening! Like I hate being stuck in elevators! I look at niall whos eyebrows are creased together he turns scanning over all the buttons on the wall "Are we waiting for the doors to open in the floor or are we stuck?" I ask he mumbles stuck and I slid down the wall curling into a ball mumbling happy words to myself. "Audri Are you ok?" he ask me I shake my head rocking back annd forth "whats wrong?" He ask I look up at him "well we could fall to the basement floor and die from the cables snapping or we could be like killed by someone or something or some like hawaiin ghost or something." I say he lets out a small laugh patting me on the back "Seems to me you watch to many movies my dear we will be fine." He says I roll my eyes "they always says we will be 'fine'" I mutter he slides down next to me hugging me "trust me babe and If it makes you feel any better I rang them to let them know we are here." he says I nod trying to calm my self down snuggling into him. If I die I will die at least with him right? ______Zoey's p.o.v_____ we have watched at least 5 long movies including titanic at my request, ate pizza , and chased each other around the house with random household items or more like me chase them with a cookie cutter. Now we lay here waiting on Audri and Niall to come back with thick tension in the room so thick I can cut it with a chainsaw.. Not a knife but a starting to be uncomfortable so im gonna get to the bottom of this so Niall and Audri won't come home to this! "Hey Guys can we talk?" I ask they all turn to me "Yeah babe what's up?" Harry ask I let out a sigh here goes nothing "why have you all been so mad, sad, and jumpy?" I ask pointing to them Liam sighs and Louis puts his head down. Harry turned to Louis "Tell her louis." Harry says Louis looks at him shaking his head I turn to Louis knitting my eyebrows "Louis tell Zoey what you did." Harry started getting louder "Harry calm down I was just-" i started "No Zoey, tell her the fucking truth we all deserve to know why there is tension in the house." He was yelling and standing now liam got up and calmed harry down. My heart was beating fast and the hairs on the.back of my neck stood up. I turned back to louis "you wanna know the truth." He said "the honest truth?"he got a little louder "I had sex with audri at the party! Yep so called Niall's girl yeah her that one.. I fucked her and I love her and I can't even show her right now because she is in Hawaii getting treated by oh so great Niall!" He shouted getting teary eyed he looked like he would say more but he stormed out the house slaming the door. No one spoke but I was in shock. AUDRI HAD SEX WITH LOUIS! Wait she didn't tell me? "Harry you knew?" I asked he looked at me with hard eyes before shaking his head yes I turned to zayn he said no then Liam he said yes. This is why I hate secrets! " how could you not tell me about my best friend?" I yelled storming upstairs to the bathroom. _____________________________________________________ I know Im such a bad Author for the latest update ever but it is here now! Im sorry :( i was sick and super busy but im back! And LIKE.COMMENT.FAVORITE. please <3 and thank you for understanding my lateness but no more excuses !! ~BRIANA
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