Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


28. Home Sweet Home?

LIAM'S P.O.V *a few hours later* "Niall and Audri are in the cab on their way home now are you sure you guys don't wanna sleep?" I ask Louis ignores me, Harry smirks, and Zoey gives me a blank expression. "Well this should be a great home coming." I mutter to myself dryly. I look over at Zayn who is sound asleep with a frown on his face. Who sleeps with a frown? I sigh and stare at the TV worrying about what is to come later on. "I never thought this would happen." I hear Zoey think out loud but at least she grabbed all of our attention. "Well Zoey we all get suprises in life that we don't agree with." I tell her she nods and cuddles back into Harry. I pull out my phone and scroll through twitter. All the fans are asking what is wrong and they want more info but I think this is a matter that they should stay out of. AUDRI'S P.O.V; I peer out the window of the cab a sweaty mess and stomach doing flips and making itself into knots. We are more than half way home and Im a nervous wreck. "Audri you sure you ok you have been awfully quiet." Niall leans over and whispers in my ear I sigh and turn to look at him "Niall im fine its just..." I felt guilty in so many ways and I wish I could just rewind what was going on. "what is it?" He ask he grabs my hand intertwining them "Just no matter what happens or has happened I still love you and always will." I say taking a giant breath a tear running down my cheek. I have never said or felt so strongly about what I've said to him just now. It actually scares me. "I love you too but you sure your good?" He ask I nod and lean my head on his shoulder seeing the cab driver smiling through his rear view mirror. Here goes nothing. LIAM'S P.O.V; *10 minutes later* Everyone is silently watching Tv with a load of tension in the room. Then I hear the jingling of keys outside the front door. I get up and open up the door seeing Niall amd Audri struggling with their luggage. I laugh and grab it placing inside "Hey Liam!" niall hugs me and walks inside the house greeting everyone I look over at Audri and give her a giant hug "Hey Audri." I say she laughs a little letting go giving me a weak smile "Hey Liam." She said dryly. She looked tired but nervous and kinda sweaty. "Is it that bad?" She asked me I nod and she sighs while I guide her inside. We all sit the tension rising way past normal. "So how was hawaii?" Zoey says breaking the weird silence. Audri looks at Niall than thinks for a moment "it was fun we ziplined , scuba dived, ate in the middle of the ocean.. You know that good stuff...." She trailed off putting her head down Niall jumped in "Yeah it was great but I couldn't help but notice the tension and I was wondering what the hell happened?" Niall stated looking at all of us. "why didn't you tell me Audri?" Zoey snapped out of no where I looked at her like she lost her mind "And Niall Deserves and has the right to know!" She almost screamed at her. Well this escalated quickly... AUDRI'S P.O.V; My mouth went dry. How could she put me on the spot like that? I love Zoey and all but right now I want to slap her! If she knew me she wouldn't do this I honestly didn't want to respond to her but I looked over at a confused niall and a furious Zoey. "What is she talking about Audri?" Niall asked I felt myself tearing up I couldn't do this I couldn't hurt Niall! i can't lose another person I love. "Niall can we talk in private?" I asked he looked at me for a bit and nodded "No stay we all know so what's the big deal we just need to inform Niall now."Harry jumped in Liam shot him a death glare and I looked at louis in the far corner who didn't make eye contact with anyone. "Ok remember the party we went to well the guy-" zoey started but Liam told her to shut up "Ok Niall you know the guy at the party well I guess its time to tell you um.. It was um..." I couldn't say I felt the tears pouring out my eyes and I started to hiccup a little. Niall came over and squatted next to me rubbing my back saying it was ok; but it wasn't none of it was! "oh for gods sakes! Audri fucked Louis, Louis fucked Audri vise versa dammit! Shit happens." Harry shouted he sat doen crissing his arms. Now I was in hysterics I looked up at Niall he wasn't rubbing my back anymore but he was staring at Louis. "Is this true audri?" He asked me he didn't look once at me. I sniffled "Yes but Niall.." Thats all I could get out before I saw a scene happen that I didn't like. Niall smashed his fist into Louis face and they were tussling on the floor Liam and Harry trying to break them apart which startled Zayn awake then he rushed over there Zoey was screaming her head off and I felt like I was gonna puke through the whole thing. Finally they broke apart "Niall what the hell is wrong with you!" I shouted at him he looked at me teary eyed "All I did was give you love." He said to me and he walked out the house I heard the car speed away. I looked at Louis his lip was busted. I ran over to him "Louis im so sorry." He looked at me and smiled weakly "Its fine let him cool down." He mumbled I felt infuriated I looked at Harry who was shushing Zoey "What the fuck what a nice fucking way to break the bad fucking news you jerk your fucking messed up you bastard!" I screamed at him and pushed him and ran upstairs slamming the door shut . I cried and screamed into my pillow and punched a giant hole in my wall. I curse to myself and threw my flower vase at the wall. Then I heard knocking. "Audri its liam open up now!" He said and sounded serious I let him in and shut the door behind him. I looked at his concerned face and held back tears "Are you ok?" He asked and that question popped my tear holder. I cried and cried and he held me and held me "Liam what am I gonna do?" I asked he looked down at me and smiled "What you need to do." He said I smiled a bit and wiped my tears "Thank you so much for being here." I said he shrugged "it was nothing im glad your doing ok." He said I nodded but then I felt swirling in my stomach. Oh shit! I ran into the bathroom tripping on my flat iron cord struggling to get to the toilet. I couldn't make it I coughed up everything into my bathtub. "Audri you ok?" I heard liam call. I anwered him with the echo of my puke. I felt my stomach muscles clench and jerk. I felt Liam hold back my hair and rub my back. I didn't stop for a whole five minutes before I calmed down. I sat up and Looked At Liam. "You ok." He asked I nodded and smiled "Bad plane food I guess." I said he crinckled his nose and handed me mouth wash "Here." He said I laughed and washed me mouth out "thanks." __________________________________________________do the chapters are getting good eh? Lol! Like comment.FAVORITE! Constructive criticism welcomed? Comment whatcha like :) More chapters later ;) ~BRIANA
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