Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


33. Goodbye Old Life.


Audri's pov;

I sat cuddled under a blanket as the boys rushed out the door and pilled into the car. "Bye Audri" They all said apart from Niall who looked at me for a second and then looked away with tears still staining his eyes. I waved and forced a smile as they all left apart from Liam. 

"Are you sure you have to do this?" He asked, taking my hand as I made myself not cry. "It's for the best..but don't worry we will be in contact its not like your losing me for good" I tell him trying to stay positive and make sure I don't cave in and change my mind.

"I love you Liam thanks for being here for me" I told him as the tears escaped and he pulled me into a hug. "I love you to Audri, now don't cry or I will and hurry up you don't want to miss your flight" He told me pulling away and kissing my head. 

He headed for the door and looked back pulling out his phone and taking a picture before waving and walking out the house. I stood listening as I heard the car start up and leave. I pulled the blanket from wrapped around me. I was already dressed to leave and packed most of my stuff in a suitcase under my bed. I turned the television of and ran upstairs. Grabbing my suitcase, I have to leave in 5 minutes. I threw the last of my stuff into it and zipped it up carrying it down stairs and placing it by the door. I put my shoes on an my coat and left my key on the side with a note i'd prepared earlier;

Goodbye guys. I'm sorry for the mess I've caused. I hope  you can all move on and be Happy.

Look after Zoey for me. Im sorry its come to this but It's the only way. You don't deserve having me ruin your lives like this. I love you all and please don't forget that. You guys changed my life and gave me something amazing..a Family. 

Please don't forget me, I'll never forget any of you.

Niall...Im sorry..I love you xxxx


I checked myself in the mirror before leaving the house and walking down the path, just in time as the taxi pulled up. He put my bag in the car and i got in. "Where to miss?" He asked as I smiled. "the airport please" I asked glancing at the house and then down at my tummy. I put my hand on it and smiled even more. I would always have a peace of Niall..or Louis.. that would help me remember them. This baby was going to be my life and make my little family. I wrote down Liam and Zoeys number and then took the sim out of my phone. I wound down the window and threw it out.

When i get there I'd get a new phone, I'd only text Liam and call Liam. Other than that..I now have a new life starting. A New story to one day tell.

With a new life inside of me, everything was going to change, everything was going to be good and good times ahead. "Im going to be a mummy" I whispered to myself before smiling even more.


" Please put your seatbelts on and thank you for choosing to fly with us, I hope you enjoy your flight"  The pilot announced as I clicked my seatbelt in place and turned to the person beside me. It was an elderly women who smiled and offered me a sweet. "thank you" I said as i took one and then looked out the window as the plane started to take of.

It was getting higher and higher into the sky and with every depth i let out a sigh and a smile. 

Welcome to your new life Audri. I told myself snuggling down to get some more sleep.

I hope the boys will be okay, I hope this doesn't hurt them anymore and was the best choice to make.


Authors note;

Omg I cant believe this story is over now, I can't wait to also start the sequel. This story has meant so much to Briana and Me, We've worked so hard on it and She is an amazing writer and Im so grateful to have been a co-author for this story!. I loved writing it and I can only hope that you guys loved reading it as much! :) Thank you all for reading!x

~Katie *.* x

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