Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


12. gone way to far.

Harry's p.o.v I can't believe Zoey and I are doing so well I really love her. I chase her into the house and into the front room when I see Louis sitting next to Audri. I thought about what Louis told me before we left about him liking Audri and what not but he needs to back off she is Niall's. If he did anything with hebald be heartbroken. The thought of that made me frown at Louis . Zoey dragged Audri upstairs to help,her with her outfit for the party later on. They are such girls. I walked over to Louis "Can we talk" i said he nodded we walked into the kitchen . "Whats up mate?" He said leaning against the counter " Don't hurt Niall leave her alone Louis you'll complicate things" i said " i know but I really like her and well lets just say if Niall doesn't work i'll be here" he said looking down " But just nevermind consider what your doing here" i said and i was serious it could change everything. " you shouldn't be talking do you know how many girl-" i cut him off " I know i was a player blah bla blah bla blah." I sighed "just think about it" i said then i turned and walked back in to the front room. Zoey's p.o.v I dragged Audri upstairs as fast as I could and shut the door behind us. "Ok I was thinking a red tank and some cheetah print shorts?" I said pulling out the items from my overnight bag. She shook her head " make that a black tank and black converse with the same shorts" she said roaming through her closet throwing items for me to borrow " I want to be sexy Audri!" I whined flopping on the bed. She turned to me wide eyed "what are you up to?" She stated glaring at me " well um..." I got nervous I didn't know how she would react. " I want Harry to take my Virginity at the party tonight." I spat it out quick then winced " oh ok thats fine" she tensed up and her eye started to twitch.. She was lying " Stop lying" i halfway yelled she sighed and sat next to me " I love you your my best friend but be careful with you heart and remember you virginity is something you cant take back." She said then scrapped for something in the way back of the closet and tossed it to me. It was her lucky bracelet I looked at her and slipped it on. I was going to need it. We settled for a cheetah print tank top and black jean shorts with cheetah flats for me. It was simple I know but I usually over do it. Buy it was quite revealing and i like that and i thought Harry would to. "ok your outfit" i said running into her closet searching and digging. I pulled out her high-waist shorts and Beatles top that had no sleeves and you could see the sides of her Bra through. She shook her head no but I insisted she did. I dug through her shoes till I found her black converse and through them at her. "Now shower and change, we will do hair and makeup after!" She ran into the bathroom and shut the door. I heard a knock at the door " what!" I yelled cleaning the piles of Audri's clothes "Are you guys ready?" It was liam. "No and don't rush perfection" i stated i heard him sigh and walk back down stairs. I examined myself in the mirror before Audri came out she looked great and the bra I picked for nice touch with the lace. Im miracle worker. "ok now that what im talking about" i laughed walking into the bathroom. I lined my eyes with black liner on top gold on the bottom and brushed on mascara. Audri was next to me struggling to tame her hair I handed her the curlers " just make it look like fallen curls and use a a red bandana headband" i sighed i love her too much to help her. I straightened my hair and let it fall down my back. I grabbed my make up kit and tugged on Audri she turned around and I gasped "what!" She looked scared i just laughed " you look great now let me do you fucking makeup" i said sitting her down on the bed. I gave her a black smokey eye to make jer blue eyes pop and red lips to help bring out the little red she had in her out fit. Then I tightend her headband because it was basically falling off. "close your eyes " i said guiding her to the mirror i spun her around "open" i directed. She did so and a huge grin appeared on her face she turned to me "lets party" she said walking to the the top of the stairway. ___________________________________________________ Hey thanks for all the people who read this far! Thanks and please like and comment!! Is this chapter to short? There should be another one later on or tomorrow :) And isn't Katie such a great writer like omg! but thanks for reading<3 ~ Briana
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