Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


3. gamble your celeb skype chances

So you guys how do you like it so far???? COMMENT AND LIKE!!! Im making longer chapters now. I was in school bleh... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Audri Monroe your late go have a seat now or ill take back my niceness." Ms. Parker said squinting her eyes at me. She was the meanest teacher ever with her crows feet and long bony fingers. Ughhh thank god its friday! *VIBRATE* ONE NEW TEXT: ZOEY: SLEEP OVER AT YOUR HOUSE TONIGHT?? <3 TEXT TO:ZOEY: SURE DONT MIND THE.BUS DO YOU?? ;) *VIBRATE* ONE NEW TEXT:ZOEY: NOPE CANT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!! ^.^ I didn't reply, I slipped my phone into my pocket and wrote down the notes from the board and ear husstled the.convos around me another good lesson from my mom. *After School* I walked down the street to the bus stop with zoey by my side nagging on about the concert tommorrow. Sometimes she could be really annoying but it didnt matter she was the full package Brunette, tan,skinny, and green eyes.If one direction tried to hit on her at the.concert I could see why. She constantly trys to get a follow on twitter from one of them and maybe one day she will, she is really persistant with her directioner things. I just dont understand though you have to make them chase you not the other way around. Thats the diffrence between Zoey and I , she chases boys and the boys chase me. But in the end she still has a boyfriend. "Audri!" Zoe snapped at me "Huh?" I said how long have ive been tuning her out "the bus is here now get on dont just stand there!"she pulled me on the bus and into a seat. "Sorry.. I just been thinking alot." I mumble pulling out my phone. "Mhmmm I bet" she giggled and the bus.pulled off jerking my head back a little. "So guess what im gonna wear to the concert" she smiled."shorts and a american flag shirt." Ismiled flashing my dimples. " how did you know?".she put on a pouty face "you told me 10 times" then I turned and looked out the window. We sat there in silence till the bus pulled to my stop. We hopped off and walked up my walkway not saying a word. We walked in the house and my whole mood.changed I was happy. " mom im home me.and zoe will be upstairs." I practically ran to my room shutting the door dragging Zoey behind me. " preparation time Audri get your outfit together and make it look good!!" She said looking through teen vouge "and I wanna see!" She flicked a page of the magazine "why?" I said walking in my closet "Oh I forgot to tell you we are doing a meet and greet also" she said I.could see the smirk on her.face. I just sighed and planned my outfit High-waist shorts, Avengers muscle tank, and red converse. I walked out and heard a whistle " go Audri thats PERF!" She grinned and I returned the gesture. Then I walked in the bathroom to really examine I did look nice my blonde hair flowing past my shoulders, bright blue eyes sparkling. I smiled flashing my dimples again and slipped the outfit off and hung it up. I walked back to my room "Zoe wanna skype random celebs?" I asked grabbing my laptop and signing in. "omg yes!" She said plopping down beside me . We skyped katy perry. No answer. Justin bieber. No answer. Zac Efron. No answer. Alot of others.No answer. I handed the laptop to her "you pick" i said she typed in whatevee she did then it called. Then popped up on the screen Niall Horan. Holy shit he answered. Zoey sat there with a horrified look "hello?" Niall said in a super sexy irish accent. Oh god. I pressed end and his face disappeared. "Zoe I dont think we ever planned what we would do if they answered..." I said she just nodded her head. Then I got a skype call Zoey looked at the screen eyes wide." What!" I looked at she looked at me "Its him and dont accept!" She handed the laptop to me. I took a leap of stupidity an answered. His face popped up "hello?" I said arching my eyebrow "you guys skyped me and hung up how come?" He said smiling. Oh gosh. "it was an accident." I said "sure it was.. Audri" he said most likely pearing at my username "I dont chase boys by skyping them" i said zoe scouched closer "you must be the one who called the first time the one with the horrified face" he said smiling zoe just nodded. "Niall who is that" someone said in the backround "fans" he hollered back he looked at us "am i right?" He asked "No , YES!" Zoey and I said in unison. Im not a fan or a chaser. "whats your name brunette love?" He said "Zoey." She said smiling like an idiot. "nice. And Audri why you no fan?" He said "im no chaser." I said expressionless "were going to your concert tomorrow in california we live here." She said leaning closer to the camera. "thats great can't wait to see you there.but I have to go now." He said with a pouty face. I nodded and Zoey shouted bye then he ended the call. "we really just skyped NIALL HORAN!" She fell off the bed doing her pig squealing." I know." I said It took me awhile to process what happened. HOLY CRAP WE SKYPED NIALL HORAN. After all the we ordered pizza and fell asleep watching Breaking Dawn part. 2..
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