Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


20. don't think

Audri's p.o.v I pulled into my driveway making a hard stop making my tires screech. I checked to see if Niall's car was here but it wasn't I beat him here. I walked in the house spotting liam and dragging him upstairs to my room. "So whats up I got your text." He said plopping on my bed patting the space next to him "Ok so basically im gonna start from the beginning." I said seating down he nodded his head "ok so I kissed Niall and then we went to the party and I saw Niall kissing the blonde that opened the door and I well got revenge and cheated well not cheated but had sex with someone." I said fiddiling with the loose strings from my cover "is that it Audri?" He said its like he can read me or something but I sighed and continued "and then I went on.. Well.. A date with Niall and this crazy stalker girl took pics and just knows everything and is saying she will spread out I was playing the boys and what not." I said almost out of breath "and who was this boy you had sex with?" He asked I felt a lump rise in my throat and my eyes water I shook my head "Its ok Audri you can tell me I won't say anything." He said locking his pinkie with mine I knew I had to tell someone so why not him? "It was um L-Louis..." I said placing my face in my hands trying to hide my tears, he was quiet for awhile then I felt him wrap his arms around me hugging me. I looked him "im so sorry." He wiped my cheek "its gonna be ok." Then I heard the front door downstairs open and close. I got up wiping the rest of my tears from my face "we should head downstairs and thank you." I said opening the door "Anytime." Then he walked out past me heading downstairs. I really was gonna believe him when he said anytime because I think I really needed that. I switched into sweats and trotted down the stairs. Everybody was sitting at the tv watching a movie. I went and sat down by Niall who intertwined our fingers. I really wanted to pull away but I just didn't think about I sat there letting the moments flow. I felt someone's eyes on me and I looked around Zoey or Harry. No. Liam or Zayn. No. Niall. No. I craned my neck to look at Louis and Bingo! He was staring at my hand which was in Niall's his jaw tight. Oh god I thought we said we would be just friends. I sighed turning back to the movie squeezing Niall's hand. He looked at me and smiled pulling out his phone. My thigh vibrated and I picked up my phone 'New text: so you made up your mind on were you wanna go yet?' I really have no idea but i've always wanted to go to Hawaii I wonder if he would mind? 'HAWAII! xx' I heard his phone vibrate and he looked down at it laughing and he looked at me nodding turning his attention back to the movie. I needed to get a Vacay and Im finally gonna get it yay! This can give me time to get away from my stress. All of a sudden I felt my phone going cray cray with Notificarions I peered down at the screen. It was from twitter. I pulled up my profile looking at interactions. 4k followers?! Then I saw a mention a mention from this profile named '1D4ever' it was a picture of me and Niall kissing in front of the cafe. I threw my phone across the room it landing on the floor by the stairs. Zoey looked at me like I was crazy I just shrugged. I knew it was that girl from the fair and I didn't want to retaliate. _____ It was 10:30 and I was pooped I walked up the stairs to my room laying down in bed drifting off to sleep. I knew I was dreaming it was incredibly real though. Niall and I were on a beach in Hawaii laying in the sand talking and I just leaned over and kissed him getting in top of him and so on. It was strange was this something I wanted or was it sign or was it just some silly dream? Or will it happen in the future ? I knew most likely the boys and zoey were,passed out downstairs from staying up all night . I felt some one shaking me "Audri wake up." Niall said what does he want. "Audri wake up and get dressed." He said more louder My eyelids fluttered open and I stretched up out on the bed " Niall what time is it?" I asked pulling my covers closer to me "5:00 a.m" he said smiling. He did not just say that or wake me up this early! I turned over peering out my window it was still slightly dark "why would you wake me this early." I whisper yelled at him "Because our flight is in an hour now get packed and dressed." I was shocked he couldn't have let me prepare earlier instead of on the spot. I hopped out of bed grabbing my old pink suitcase from the closet throwing clothes and shoes and what not in there zipping it up and tossing it on my bed. "wow you work fast." He said sitting on my bed I looked him up and down. He had on jeans, a sweater, and a scarf and beanie. He looked so cute and warm. "dress warm its kinda cold this morning." He said adjusting his scarf I nodded running in my closet picking out some skinny jeans, a white long sleeved knit sweater, some brown uggs, and a brown sweater. I joghed to the bathroom hopping in and out the shower and slipping my clothes on. I brushed my hair putting it in a ponytail and not bothering to put on any makeup. I looked at the clock 5:30 not bad Audri. I walked back into my room not finding Niall or my luggage anywhere then I heard a horn. I peered out my window seeing Niall standing by his car waving for me to hurry. I ran downstairs tapping on Liam "Liam." He opened on eye glaring at me "what Audri?" He mumbled his voice sounded deep and tired. "im leaving with Niall for a few days to Hawaii just a heads up. I'll be back." I said patting his cheek " he told us boys already but ill update zoey kay Audri be safe ok." He said I nodded hugging him before he fell back to sleep and I ran out side jumping in the passenger seat. "so airport here we come." I said buckling in "mmhmmm and I'll finally have you to myself." He said winking at me. He pulled off onto the free way. 10 minuetes later we pulled into LAX. I got out grabbing my luggage him grabbing my hand pulling me to the gate he handed the lady or tickets she peered at us then said here little polite saying before we got on the plane finding or seats. "right on time." He said putting our stuff in the place above us. He sat down next to me intertwining our fingers once more. "please everyone fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take off." We did as told a few minutes later the plane off rising in the air. I looked at Niall who ended taking a few minutes to sleep a little. I kissed him on his cheek and peered out the window watching us move farther from the ground and farther from my worries. I laid back relaxed and decided to enjoy this actually for once. ______________________________________________________ Ok guys how do you like it so far? COMMENT.LIKE.FAVORITE. PLEASE! Katie and I would appreciate it :) update later or tomorrow :) i've been kinda busy lately... ~BRIANA xx
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